All you need to know about Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone

by Zaara 28, Aug 2017

All you need to know about Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone

It has been mentioned in many articles that Dubai is the heart of the business world. Since we are talking about heart, how good is the health care system or business ecosystem which supports healthcare in Dubai? On little search as a business owner, specializing in the healthcare sector, the Dubai Healthcare City Free zone (DHCC) is one of the areas which comes to our mind.

DHCC was established in the year 2002 to provide high-end healthcare services and development possibilities for foreign investors. It is a particular area which is dedicated to healthcare excellence and patient care. It is also the first Medical Free Zone in the world. The types of licenses which are available are Service, Industrial and Commercial license. Healthcare professionals, who work inside DHCC, have to meet rigorous international quality standards to practice in Dubai Healthcare City. DHCC brings together a wealth of services in healthcare, medical education, research, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, wellness, and allied support through its strategic partnerships. DHCC is supervised by the Dubai Healthcare City Authority and has the following departments:

  • The Healthcare Department
  • The Education and Research Department
  • The Regulatory Department
  • The Investment Department

Since DHCC is Freezone, it has some advantages for the investors planning to start their Health Care business. Registration of business in DHCC includes several steps and depends on the type of license a company is acquiring such as commercial license, medical license or a service license. The corporations or business owners, who are aiming for DHCC, must have two directors and at least one shareholder. An auditor and a manager to manage the branch in Dubai Healthcare City are the other requirements. Apart from the suggested requirements, the shareholders must live in Dubai, and the company should hold a meeting of shareholders at least once a year. There are also various other rules and regulations for different types of companies, such as a limited liability company or a branch of an existing business. A manufacturing license is not issued in DHCC, and only certain operations are allowed to be carried out such as:

  • Supplying Services
  • Providing Consultancy
  • Offering Leisure Services
  • Property Management
  • Hotel Operations
  • Treatment Facilities Centre – the Professional license can be issued by the Dubai Healthcare City Authorities.

Some companies apply for Dubai Healthcare City Freezone for a variety of benefits, following is the list which suggests them in an orderly fashion:

  • Foreign investors are allowed own 100% and control the company.
  • A tax-free environment for new setups
  • Negligible Custom duties
  • Administrative support from the Dubai Healthcare City Authority.
  • Competitive rates for real estate purchases.
  • No trade barriers or capital movement
  • Skilled workforce

Many foreign companies and international ventures get free zone registered in places such as the Dubai Healthcare City with many advantages. Among the many benefits, the prime is that you get an exemption from income tax or any other tax businesses for nearly 15 years period. Besides, there is no fare charged, and companies have full ownership. Companies from Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone are entitled to support from the Government of Dubai and looking for good business opportunities. They can also get qualified to work here for their work.

Requirements for Opening a Company in DHCC

Here are the basic requirements for business setup in DHCC Free Zone –

  • The minimum capital to open a free zone company is 300,000 AED, for setting up a clinic facility
  • The minimum capital to open a commercial office is 50,000 AED

One must also apply for one of the following businesses licenses with the DTMFZA:

  • A commercial license which must be renewed on a yearly basis
  • A facility license which must be renewed every 2 years
  • Individual licenses for doctors and nurses which must be renewed every 2 years

Licenses Available in DHCC Freezone

There are three types of business licenses available in DHCC freezone –

  1. Professional License
  2. Clinical License
  3. Commercial License

Procedure to Setup a Business in Dubai Healthcare City Freezone

The steps are similar to business setup process in any other Dubai free zones –

  1. Submit an application for provisional approval
  2. Submit a copy of the business plan to the free zone authorities
  3. Submit legal documents for company registration
  4. Provide the board resolution of natural shareholders
  5. Pay the requisite fee
  6. The license will be issued after analysing every document and will be given to you within 2-4 weeks

The documents required are as under –

  • The prescribed application form for the business license
  • The company’s memorandum and articles of association
  • A board resolution, if the shareholder is a company
  • Passport copies of the founder, in the case of natural persons

Business setup in Dubai Healthcare City free zone provides immense opportunities. The free zone is a healthcare community that is built across an enormous stretch of 4.1 million square feet in the heart of the city. The first phase, which mainly consists of hospitals, medical institutes, wellness centres and the second phase is announced over a stretch of 22 million square feet at Jadaf near the Dubai Creek. DHCC plans to be an area for mix development targeting wellness with luxurious hotels and apartments.

The Dubai Healthcare City bids on high-quality, mixed-use healthcare and wellness centres with suitability in the residential and commercial enterprises. DHCC is the best place to start a free zone business setup in Dubai. Dubai Healthcare City ensures the optimum land use to integrate the network of UAE medical community.

The Role of Commitbiz Business Setup Consultants Dubai:

At Commitbiz Business Setup Consultants Dubai we strive to provide the optimum solution to our clients. If you are a professional or a business owner in the field of Healthcare and would like to tap DHCC for setting up your business, Commitbiz Business Setup Consulting services would ensure the smooth procedures for your business set up. Starting a company requires connections, local information and the network with the local regulatory authority. The local authority or the economic board measures the quality of business being set up in Dubai. Hence if you would like to know further on DHCC or the procedures for setting up your business in Dubai Healthcare City Freezone, contact us today. We will be happy to assist further.


Who governs the DHCC?

The Dubai Healthcare City Authority governs DHCC and offers an enabling ecosystem that supports company establishment.

Is there free healthcare in Dubai?

Emirati nationals have access to free or extremely low-cost public healthcare services in Dubai.

Do ex-pats in Dubai have access to public health care?

 Ex-pats in Dubai can utilise public healthcare, but they must first get a health card and then pay a charge each time they use it.

Is Dubai Healthcare a good option?

Dubai boasts one of the greatest public health care systems globally, providing high-quality medical treatment in state-of-the-art facilities.

Is the DHA exam compulsory?

Healthcare Professionals are mandatory to pass a DHA exam to obtain a professional license and practice their profession in the Emirate of Dubai.

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