Intellectual Property in Oman and its Services

Nowadays, it’s all about innovations and creativity in the world. People look for uniqueness, whether it’s any activity, including business, art, science, etc.

One such destination, highly popular for inventions and new creations, is Oman. It is a country on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula which is actively promoting the creation of minds. 

However, individuals wish to protect their assets, and that is how the concept of intellectual property rights came into the picture. This concept helps in protecting intangible assets to avoid fraudulent misuse of the goods and services made by people. 

Let’s look at this article that covers everything important about intellectual property in Oman. 

What is Intellectual Property?

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) defines Intellectual Property as “Creations of the mind such as inventions and artistic work, designs and symbols, names and images used in commerce”. 

Examples of Intellectual Properties are logos, music works, inventions, books, designs, etc.

Benefits of Obtaining Intellectual Property Services in Oman

Availing intellectual property in Oman can be highly beneficial for companies because it allows them to stand unique in the market. The benefits of obtaining these services are as follows -

  • It is highly helpful in brand protection. 
  • Registering intellectual property rights provides legal protection against people who violate the rights. It allows the owner to control the distribution and reproduction of their creations.
  • Companies must register intellectual property rights because it provides legal protection against any exploitation of the regulations of the properties.
  • The regulatory framework for intellectual property in Oman must be followed by the people to protect the rights of the intellectual property owners. It offers legal remedies like compensation, confiscation of the goods, etc.
  • The introduction of intellectual property in Oman promotes innovation and creativity due to its competitive advantage. 
  • It offers an identity to each business, helps differentiate between businesses and highly attracts entrepreneurs and investors from around the world.
  • These rights facilitate market expansion, which eventually benefits the potential partners, investors, and the licensing process. 
  • The intellectual properties provide various other benefits like adding value to the assets, serving as the surplus for individuals, offering licensing opportunities, and being internationally recognised.

Regulatory Framework of Intellectual Property in Oman

The legal regulations of the intellectual properties are issued and majorly governed by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion for the Sultanate. These laws offer numerous opportunities in the field of safeguarding intangible assets to the population of 3.6 million people of Oman. The country has been a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). 

Since 1995, Oman has been a member of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPS), which is an agreement on international IP rights.

Types of Intellectual Property in Oman

Let’s discuss the types of intellectual properties, their purpose, and other requirements. Acquiring these rights is highly useful in starting a business in Oman and protecting the business’s interest.

 The types are as follows –

a) Trademark Registration in Oman –

  • A trademark is defined as any mark, symbol, or sign that is capable of identifying and distinguishing the goods and services of the individuals/companies, respectively. 
  • The primary purpose of trademarks is to design brands and offer recognition to the company. 
  • Trademarks include various forms such as words, symbols, names, logos, sounds, etc.   
  • The trademark registration in Oman is valid for an initial period of 10 years and can be renewed accordingly.
  • To register a valid trademark, goods and services must be distinguishable. It cannot be applicable on the basis of smell, taste or use of commonly used words. 
  • The trademark owners can enjoy certain rights, such as taking legal action against anybody misusing the property.
  • Certain marks that are offensive, uncertain and similar to logos of government bodies are banned from registration.
  • Lastly, you must read how to register a trademark in Oman to understand the process of registration, the documents required and other factors needed.

b) Trade Secrets in Oman –

  • The manufacturing and production entities deal with specific processes, designs, formulas, commercial methods, etc., which must be confidential in the company. 
  • Intangible Instruments are essential to safeguard the privacy of the company, and they are called trade secrets. 
  • The Sultanate of Oman has established certain industrial zones for the manufacturing industries that need to register their trade secrets.

c) Copyrights in Oman –

  • Oman is a member of the Berne Convention for copyrights. 
  • It has three international copyright agreements –

                i) Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.

                ii) Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.

                iii) WIPO Copyright Treaty.

  • The Law of Protection of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights regulates the copyright in Oman. 
  • The objective of introducing copyrights in the country was to protect the rights of writers, creators and individuals in the field of art and culture.
  • The means of expression must be in writing, sound, drawing, images, etc. 
  • This right is granted for the lifetime of the copyright holder plus 50 years following his/her death.
  • To obtain approval, the work must be deposited at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. 
  • Protection will not count on mere ideas, procedures, working methods, mathematical concepts, principles, discoveries and data.

d) Patent in Oman –

  • A patent is a legal document that provides particular rights to the holder of an invention, product, or process for a certain time period. 
  • In other words, any individual (also called patentee) wanting to use the invention needs to obtain approval from the patent holder with some fees if necessary.
  • An invention is eligible for a patent only if that invention is new and includes an innovative step. It must be industrially applicable and must adhere to the Islamic Shari’ah. 
  • The invention must not be revealed to anyone; it shouldn’t be an obvious idea, and it should be possible to manufacture and use in all kinds of industries.
  • Certain things like scientific discoveries, theories, mathematical methods, mental activities and playing games, medical and surgical activities and plant and animal types are not regarded as inventions and hence cannot be patented.
  • Twenty years of time period is granted to every patent from the date of filing.
  • Existing patents in Oman can be viewed on online websites to verify the validity of the patent request.

Therefore, the registration procedure, obtaining approval certificates and meeting all the necessary requirements are the services provided under intellectual property services in Oman. Service providers make sure to help applicants in each of the needed steps, and that is why reaching out to a consultancy firm is an essential step for the company. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property refers to the intangible assets that a business entity holds. It helps in creating and holding a brand name.

What are the types on Intellectual Property in Oman?

Intellectual Property in Oman are,

  • Trademark registration
  • Trade secrets
  • Patent registration
  • Copyrights registration

What are trade secrets?

Brands have their own secrets to manufacturing, trading, etc. These are called trade secrets.

What are the benefits of holding copyrights in Oman?

Certain benefits are granted to copyright holders and they are.

  • Right to reproduce work
  • Right to translate, create different versions, rearrange them
  • Right to rent the work for commercial purposes
  • Right to perform work for the public
  • Right to broadcast the work

Is it possible to search for patent in Oman?

Yes, you can search patent online.