Company Liquidation Services in Dubai

UAE Company liquidation calls for a qualified approach with strict adherence to formal procedures. Our specialized services provide you with an easy exit strategy.

Now that you have taken the painful decision of liquidating your company, it’s time you get your final acts together and dissolve your company in accordance with the laws of the land. Company liquidation is a long tedious and contentious process, involving filling of myriad application, initiating the de-registration process and negotiating with employees and several government departments. To get off the hook, you need proper completion of application forms, meticulous deregistering of certificates from various government agencies.

Company liquidation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi requires a qualified approach with strict adherence to formal procedures. Only a complete understanding of the existing legislation can help you meet the liquidation requirements as mandated by the law of the land. Commitbiz has been providing highly specialized Liquidation Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, to limited liability companies, free zone companies, and offshore companies across UAE. With many successful closures under our belt, we have acquired the expertise to guarantee hassle-free liquidation to our clients.

Our specialized services include determining a solution and advise you on objectives such as costs, time and risks of participating as one of the independent third-party liquidators for finding a quick-fix solution. During the process, we liaison between you and the governmental authorities to find an easy and mutually acceptable exit strategy.

Our distinctive approach involves three stages

Analyzing the Scope of Involvement

In this stage, we sit with you to review your company’s liabilities, commitments, and assets. A proper understanding of this helps us get insights into issues such as:

  • Debt recovery
  • Claims management
  • Asset disinvestment
  • Intimate creditors and debtors
  • Perform compliance due diligence
  • Assess liquidation costs

Once a thorough analysis of all these is done, we move on to planning the liquidation strategy which involves:

  • Outline the liquidation timetable
  • Consider possible advance payments to shareholders

Managing the liquidation

After the completion of the first stage, we initiate the liquidation process. This stage consists of the following:

  • Asset disinvestment
  • Debt recovery and creditors payments
  • Liaison with Notary and Government authorities
  • Preparing documents
  • Preparation of accounts for the liquidation

Final Closure

The steps in the final closure stage include:

  • Termination of contracts
  • Final settlement of payments
  • Information and publication
  • Deregistration

Why Choose Commitbiz

With the help of our competent staff, we have been handling liquidation services in UAE with great efficiency. Unlike most other agencies we do not pass your case to third party service providers and handle it in-house from start to finish. In fact, we will assign your case to an expert who will be assisting you through the entire process. This has guaranteed our clientele additional confidence and peace of mind.

We believe every client deserves an opportunity to consult with our professionals without worrying about costs. It is precisely because of this that we take time to hear you out and advise you on the steps to be taken without charging any consultation fee.

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