Intellectual Property Services in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is popularly known for its growing economy, advanced technology, and favourable policies. This attracts businesses from all around the world and opens the door to innovation and creativity. 

An individual wishes to protect their belongings, whether tangible or intangible objects, and this is where the concept of intellectual property comes in. With the high demand and growing entrepreneurial system, intellectual property has gained equal importance for companies. It is an essential factor in securing the rights of innovators, creators, and unique business operators of Dubai.

What is Intellectual Property?

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) defines Intellectual Property as “Creations of the mind such as inventions and artistic work, designs and symbols, names and images used in commerce”. 

Examples of Intellectual Properties are logos, music works, inventions, books, designs, etc.


Difference between Traditional Property and Intellectual Property in Dubai


Traditional Property

Intellectual Property

1. Time Period of Protection

The ownership rights don’t have a fixed time period. It lasts forever until the owner gives up or transfers the right.

The protection depends on the type of intellectual property. They are time-limited and have their own conditions.

2. Types of Property

Traditional property includes assets that are tangible, like vehicles and physical objects that have ownership.

Intellectual Property is a concept that protects creations of the mind like inventions, literature, art, designs, etc.

3. Ways of Protection

Traditional property is protected by legal concepts and laws issued by the government.

Intellectual property is protected through patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc, as it provides certain benefits for a period of time.

4. Contribution to the Economy

It contributes to economic activity.

It increases the importance of innovation and encourages creators and inventors. This helps economic growth.

5. Uses

Traditional Properties are transferred through sale, gift, etc. Their ownership rights are also transferred to the new owner.

Intellectual Properties can be bought, sold, used, or given to someone for commercial purposes.


6. Regulatory Framework

Property laws and legal regulations related to ownership and possession are imposed on Traditional Properties.

Specified laws and regulations are imposed to protect intellectual property. 

Types of Intellectual Property in Dubai

Intellectual Property in Dubai is divided into categories, and each category has various methods to protect their respective intangible assets. Each one of them is suitable for different reasons, and they are as follows –

i) Trademarks:

According to Federal Law, Trademarks refer to distinguishable forms of words, letters, figures, seals, marks, logos, graphics, signatures, letters, titles and all types of other marks that are used to distinguish services, goods, and other products from competitors. It defines the inventor’s uniqueness and helps customers distinguish between products due to their exclusive characteristics, manufacturing, selection, or trading.

ii) Copyrights:

According to UAE’s Federal, Copyrights are used for authentic work in the fields of literature, arts, or science regardless of the description, the way it is expressed, significance or purpose. The following are protected under the copyright law –

  • Original work of books, articles, booklets, and other literary works.
  • Computer programs, software and applications, databases and other work defined by the Ministry of Economy.
  • Original lectures, speeches, sermons, etc.
  • Plays, musicals, musicals with dialogues, pantomimes.
  • Videos, Audios or Audio-Visual work.
  • Architectural work, plans and drawing.
  • Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures, Etchings, Lithographs, Screen Printing, Reliefs, and Intaglio Prints etc.
  • Photographic Work.
  • Applied Art and Plastic Art.
  • Plans, Maps, Charts, Designs etc.

iii) Patents:

According to Federal Law in UAE, patent protection is granted for any new authentic invention resulting from an innovative idea or any kind of innovative improvement of an invention in all the fields of technology, subject to the condition that such an idea or innovative improvement has scientific backing and is useful and can be applied in one field or the other. The invention shall be considered applicable with respect to the industry sector in its broadest term if used or utilised in such fields as agriculture, fisheries, handicrafts, and services. Industries in the UAE can grow immensely due to such protection.

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Intellectual Property Services in Dubai

The intellectual property services in Dubai offer numerous services to safeguard and handle intellectual assets. These services must be availed by the business members because they help in the reduction of fraudulent activities and incorrect usage of the protected objects. 

Here are some of the key intellectual property services in Dubai provided by consultancy firms –

1) Registration Services of Trademark:

Trademarks can be registered through the Dubai Intellectual Property Department (DIPD) in the emirate. It is registered by submitting an online application through the Ministry’s official website. Service providers will help in the registration process, collect required documents and issue the trademark to protect the required object.

2) Registration Services of Copyrights:

Copyrights are registered by filling out an online application to the UAE Ministry of Economy. Service providers guide you in every step of registering the copyright, from submitting the form to submitting documents to acquiring approvals and then the copyrights. 

3) Registration Services of Patents:

Patent registrations are completed by the International Centre for Patent Registration (ICPR), which is a body under the UAE Ministry of Economy. An online application with the required documents must be submitted to the authorities with the help of the service providers to avail of the patent.

4) Services for Design Registrations:

There are unique designs made by the company which need to be protected to avoid misuse of the visual appearance of the products. The service providers will take care of the registration process with the help of the UAE Ministry of Economy. 

5) Legal Services:

There are legal regulations and certain laws for intellectual property called Intellectual Property Rights that issue various rules, procedures, etc., so that individuals and companies safeguard their intangible assets.

However, these legal regulations might seem complex to understand and follow, and that is when service providers are your one-stop solution. Their guidance and help will make your work easy and hassle-free.

6) Licensing Services:

Businesses choose to make licensing arrangements so that the public of Dubai gets to use their patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc, for commercial purposes in exchange for fees/royalties. Therefore, intellectual property services in Dubai help in contacting with legal firms that can help prepare and fix the terms and conditions of the contract.

7) Audit Services:

Auditing is an important factor in all types of companies, and these companies choose to carry out intellectual property audits to handle related data and information. It helps in reviewing existing IP assets and identifying and developing strategic ideas for business and protection.

8) Other Services:

The intellectual property services in Dubai provided are miscellaneous business activities such as intellectual property strategies, documentation, PRO services, etc., to develop better company security.

Intellectual property services in Dubai are an essential factor and are highly helpful in promoting innovation, creativity, and a growing economy. Guidance of the service providers is a huge help in the steps of registration, legal regulations and obtaining respective protection methods. 

Speaking of service providers, consultancy firms like Commitbiz have one of the best team members who provide top-quality services for most of the business activities. They help establish companies, register intellectual properties, and provide expert knowledge to the members of the company. Contact us now and avail yourself of intellectual property services in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the benefit of intellectual property (IP) management program?

The program helps a company to work with ultimate motivation, confidence, and undivided attention to achieve its targets.

What are the laws of UAE’s IP services?

The laws are:

  • The Patents and Industrial Design Law No. 44 of 1992 
  • The Trademarks Law No. 37 of 1992
  • The Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Law No. 40 of 1992


Mention the types of intellectual property.

They are trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and copyrights.

What is the term duration of utility model rights in the UAE?

10 years from the filing date according to the patent law.

What is the term of protection for patents?

20 years from the filing date.