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Every corporate organisation holds an identity separate from its owners. It carries specific symbols or logos that represents it and helps it penetrate the minds of consumers. Over time, these human creations hold the brand value of the company and ultimately become synonymous with the entity to protect. The Emirates have been a perfect platform for the businessperson, be it an entrepreneur or an experienced professional. Now, it is to be noted that along with company incorporation in the UAE, the nation also demands the protection of these intellectual properties held by business entities.

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, holding knowledge of IP Services and their implementation could benefit your business. By the end of this treatise, you will have clarity regarding Intellectual Property and how availing for its services can boost your business empire.

What Is Intellectual Property?

The term 'Intellectual Property' refers to the legal rights that an individual or a business entity holds on the creations of the human mind that represents the entity. The concept of Intellectual Rights was established in the year 1970 by the World Intellectual Property Organization with an aim to:

  • To give a statutory expression to the creators
  • To encourage and promote creativity, which would ultimately contribute to economic and social development

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

WIPO stands as a Government Body that looks into the matters of Intellectual Properties and to protect them. The organisation works closely with its Member States to ensure that the IP System in the nation remains adaptable.

WIPO provides global registration systems for the primary categories of Intellectual Property that includes:

1. Copyright

Includes Art, Literary Works, Music

2. Patent

Used to protect Inventions and Processes

3. Trademark

Protects Names, Company, Service, Products and Logos

4. Trade Secret

Protects Codes, Processes and Formulas

Intellectual Property Services in the UAE

The Emirates after Independence in 1971 holds a Federal Law Regime. Rapid urbanisation of the Emirates gave birth to many business platforms in the late 20th century. With the unprecedented growth, the nation attracts the foreign investors and entrepreneurs dealing with different business industries and provokes them to set up business in MainlandFree Zones or Offshore, which ultimately increased the need of Intellectual Property in the nation.

1. UAE Patent Law

The Federal Law Number 44 issued in 1992 relates to the Industrial Regulation and Protection of Patents, Industrial Drawings, and Designs. The Patent Law in UAE provides validity for a term of 20 years.

2. UAE Trademark Law

The UAE Federal Law Number 37 of 1992 relates to trademarks. It includes registration, cancellation, transfer of ownership, mortgage, and penalties of trademarks. The trademark registration in UAE provides validity for a term of 10 years.

3. UAE Copyright Law

The Federal Law Number 7 issued in the year 2002 protects copyrights. The Copyright Law requires every author to submit their work to the Intellectual Property Protection Department (IPPD) of the Ministry of Information and Culture to avail protection under the law.

4. UAE Industrial Design Law

The UAE Patent and Design Law is under Federal Number 44 of 1992 that is provided for the registration of Industrial Designs. The term of protection for Industrial Design in UAE is for 10 years.

Why Do You Need Intellectual Property Services?

The need for Intellectual Property Services arise because of the following reasons:

  1. To protect the creations from competitors
  2. To have a claim on the company's creations
  3. To build a significant revenue stream for the future
  4. To construct one's own brand in the competitive market
  5. To be used as a security against loans

Intellectual Property Services We Offer

Commitbiz is one of the premier business consultants in UAE. Apart from the business incorporation services, we offer the below-mentioned IP Services with an aim to benefit our clients to protect their creations.

1. Copyright Protection and Registration

The original creations of a company comprises of artistic, dramatic, literary, music and other productions are intellectual compositions and are required to be protected under the UAE Law. The team at Commitbiz holds complete knowledge regarding Copyright Act and defends its clients.

2. Patent Registration, Protection and Enforcement

Any invention or process invented by any company needs to be protected accordingly. The patent validity ranges from 15-2 years. At Commitbiz, we provide a complete solution to Patent Registration and Protection. Our patent service includes:

  • Prosecuting patent applications
  • Maintaining patent protection rights and annuities
  • Searching and analysing the availability of the patent
  • Offering legal translation of patents

3. Trademark Logo and Registration

Business entities use a logo or symbols to differentiate themselves in the market and stand-out of the competitive market. These symbols need to be protected. Our team of experts will help you to deal with the protection process and clear the legal formalities ranging from the application submission to finally getting the Trade Registration Certificate.

4. Trade Secret Protection

When it comes to Commercial, Industrial or Manufacturing industries they deal with Trade Secrets. These secrets are to be protected as they provide a competitive edge to the company. Our team of experts will help your business to protect your Trade Secrets and stand-out in the competition.

Commitbiz | Your IP Helping Hand

Commitbiz stands as an expert when it comes to business establishment process. By now, you might have got clarity as to why these intellectual properties are to be maintained. Now, continuing the same with the help of professional experts turns out to be much feasible. Our team of experts is well-versed with the legal laws of UAE and can guide you at every step. If you want to avail IP Services for your business, do contact us - we'd be glad to assist.


Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration

The UAE opens its arms to businesspersons and working professionals. It has got something for everyone be it in any industry.

Patent Registration

Patent Registration

The key thought of invention has changed the business scenario to a great extent. In due course of time, it has become essential for companies to invent and come up with new technologies.

Trade Secrets Registration

Trade Secrets Registration

Innovation and thinking out of the box is what makes a company stand in the competitive market. Every company focuses on the ultimate goal of achieving profit.

Trademark & Brand Registration

Trademark & Brand Registration

In this competitive business world, every product or service has got its substitute.