Intellectual Property Service

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property (IP) can be defined as the original and innovative product of human intelligence, creativity and/or mental labour that has some market value, and therefore warrants protection under the law. What comprises intellectual property is a tricky question, as it includes ideas, logos, literary works, inventions, names of services, products or companies, or processes related to computer, business or chemical, and much more.

Primarily, intellectual property can be classified into four categories:

  • Copyright (Art, Literary works and Music)
  • Trademarks (Names (Company, Service and Products) and Logos)
  • Patents (for Inventions and Processes)
  • Trade secrets (for Codes and Processes)

Why Do You Need To Safeguard Your Intellectual Property?

You need to be aware of your intellectual property rights, and safeguard it using legal expertise so that your competitors don't copy your success formula, or in dire scenarios, claim it to be their own. Therefore to ensure that your brand and reputation does not face any harm in the future, it's important to avail the services of a company that can protect and register your trademarks, assets and intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Services We Offer

Commitbiz offers a complete range of intellectual property services that aim at protecting and registering your creative outcomes, as well as tackling any possible infringements.

Our range and scope of intellectual services includes:

  • Copyright Registration and Protection
  • Trademark & Logo Registration
  • Patent Registration
  • Trade Secret Protection

1. Copyright Registration and Protection

Original and innate authorship works comprising artistic, dramatic, literary, musical, and other such intellectual compositions by authors are provided protection as per the UAE law. Such a form of protection is known as Copyright, and is applicable to both published and unpublished works.

Team at Commitbiz has complete knowledge of the Copyright Act, and protects its clients against any copyright violation by making them aware of their rights and assisting them with copyright registration and protection. The Section 106 of the 1976 Copyright Act provides the copyright owner an exclusive right to prevent others from:

  • Reproducing and creating copies of their copyrighted work
  • Preparing derivative compositions based on their copyrighted work
  • Lending, leasing, renting, selling, transferring ownership or distributing copies of the copyrighted work to the public without prior approval
  • Performing the copyrighted audio-visual, dramatic, choreographic, graphic, literary, musical, motion picture, pantomimes, pictorial, or sculptural works publicly
  • Performing the copyrighted digital audio transmission publicly, in case of sound recordings

2. Trademark & Logo Registration

Any name, logo, symbol or word used or intended to be used to distinguish services and products of a company from one another in interstate commerce is known as Trademark (Letter TM written in superscript style) or Service mark (letter SM written in superscript style). Additionally, any device that differentiates the source of goods or services from the other also forms a part of trademark, and can include color (like pink for insulation) or sounds (like NBC's chimes).

Though it's not mandatory to register a trademark or logo, doing so has distinct advantages, these are:

  • Trademark or service mark is the legal testimony that provides you the exclusive ownership rights to use that particular mark in the country of its registration
  • Registering your service mark or trademark is the official notification to the public to claim your ownership for the mark that represents your service or product
  • Trademark registration allows and sanctions you to apply for legal protection in foreign countries as well
  • You get all legal rights for any violation pertaining to the improper usage and infringement of your mark

Commitbiz professionally undertakes the registration of Logos as Trademarks or service marks across the globe and in the United Arab Emirates by assisting our clients with all the related legal formalities. Out team registers your trademark in UAE by submitting an application to the Trademark Section of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, along with a specified fee, and finally getting the Trademark Registration Certificate issued to the applicant.

3. Patent Registration, Protection and Enforcement

A right granted to an inventor for creating a new solution, or inventing new ways to solve a certain technical problem, is known as Patent. The patent is granted for an invention only if the discovery is new, can solve an existing technical problem, and has a practical application in the industry. Once the inventor is granted patent, it confers protection to the owner for 15 to 20 years. Except a few special cases, the protection period of a patent is not renewable.

We offer complete range of patent registration, protection and enforcement solutions that are tailored to our customers' needs. Our services include:

  • Defending and opposing grant of patents
  • Maintaining patent protection rights and annuities
  • Offering legal translations of patents
  • Prosecuting patent applications
  • Searching and analyzing the availability of patent

4. Trade Secret Protection

Commercial, industrial or manufacturing secrets that contain confidential business information and provide a competitive edge to an enterprise are known as trade secrets. These include:

  • Advertising strategies
  • Consumer profiles
  • Distribution methods
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Sales methods
  • List of suppliers and clients, and more

Trade secrets are of two kinds, namely:

  • Manufacturing processes, customers' lists, or inventions that do not meet the patentability criteria, and therefore can only be safeguarded as trade secrets
  • Inventions that fulfil the patentability criteria and could be treated as patents as well

Some of the reasons (advantages) why clients prefer to register and protect their intellectual property as trade secret are:

  • No time limitation (patents at max last for 20 years)
  • No registration costs (although high costs to keep the information confidential)
  • Trade secrets have immediate effect
  • No requirement of compliance with government formalities (e.g. information disclosure to a Government authority)

Team at Commitbiz helps you prevent your trade secrets from unauthorized access, unfair competition, breach of contract, breach of confidence, or espionage (commercial or industrial) of any nature, thereby safeguarding your confidential information.

Commitbiz to Protect Your Intellectual Property Services

Commitbiz has the domain expertise and presence of IP consultants that allow us to handle diverse Intellectual Property related issues with great elan. We represent some of the world's top corporations in patent, copyright, and trademark related matters.

We have the expertise and the skills to safeguard your intellectual property. Feel free to contact our IP consultants, in case you have any IP related query, we will be glad to assist you.