Qatar offers an excellent environment for doing business in the country. It has registered high GDP figures and excellent economic growth for the past few years. The country also acts as a gateway to enter other Middle-Eastern countries. 

Qatar has continuously provided opportunities for business investors to explore, invest, and expand in numerous ways. Different corporate structures can be established according to business needs. 

Company formation in Qatar is a good option for overseas investors and company owners because the country is on its way to becoming one of the world's major business setup centers.

Categories of Qatar Business Setup

Qatar business setup can be done in different categories of business by law. Some of them are:

Company Setup in Qatar – Complete Process

Company setup in Qatar requires the following procedure

Start with the Application Process

Identify a Qatari partner, or apply for a 100% owned business at the Ministry of Business and Trade.

Finalize Trade Name and Activity

Company name and activity registration at the Qatar Company Registry

Open Bank Account 

Deposit a minimum amount of QAR 200,000 for the initial bank account opening

Submit the Application

Application for registration needs to be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce.


Preparation of Articles and Memorandum of Association, and other necessary documents are to be drafted and presented to obtain Municipality License, Immigration Card.

Get the Company Seal

Company Seal needs to be designed and obtained

Get your License

Activity approval is required to obtain a trade license

Obtain Registration Certificate

After the clearance of the above processes, the Company Registration Certificate needs to be collected.

Benefits of Qatar Business Setup

Both Company formation in Qatar free zone and mainland holds many benefits, and some of them are listed below.

Excellent Business Infrastructure

Qatar has a well-developed and extensive commercial infrastructure that links numerous locations and is one of the most appealing reasons for company investment.

Reduced Corporate Taxes

With a corporation tax rate of 10%, Qatar is among the world's lowest.

An Energy Generator

The country acts as a natural energy platform. It also offers subsidized rates on oil, gas, and electricity.

Complete foreign ownership

Qatar offers international investors the opportunity to possess 100% of many business fields.

Assistance from the Government

The Qatari government has taken several initiatives to give numerous advantages to international investors and to build Qatar as a commercial platform.

Stable Financial Markets

Qatar's highly robust financial foundation helps the nation's economy significantly.

The existence of free zones

Qatar, like the UAE, has free zones that attract business enthusiasts and make it simple to start a firm.

Avoiding Double Taxation

Qatar has signed around 30 agreements with several nations to enable them to avoid tariffs on imports and exports.

Let’s Talk About Business Setup Costs in Qatar

Business setup cost in Qatar depends on the location, activity you choose, etc. However, the minimum capital required is QAR 200,000, and the company formation cost in Qatar, i.e., the incorporation is approximately QAR 30,000.  

Apart from this, a yearly fee of QAR 5000 needs to be paid every year.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many free trade zones are there in Qatar?

There are two free zones in Qatar and they are 

  • Qatar Science and Technology Park 
  • Qatar Financial Centre (QFC)

What is the Company formation cost in Qatar?

The incorporation cost is around QAR 30000.

What are the types of offices that can be set up in Qatar?

The most set up business types are 

  • Branch Office in Qatar
  • One-Person Company in Qatar
  • Limited Liability Company in Qatar
  • Public Shareholding Company in Qatar
  • Representative Trade Office in Qatar

What is the required minimum deposit for Qatar company formation?

The minimum deposit required is QAR 200000.

Can foreigners do business in Qatar?

Yes, Qatar encourages foreigners to open their businesses in the nation.