Dubai Production City (International Media Production Zone)

Dubai Production City, formerly known as International Media Production Zone (IMPZ), was established in the year 2003 as an evolving replica of Dubai Media City. IMPZ is a Dubai free zone which is leveraged towards the dedicated media and production companies in the UAE. IMPZ is an ideal Dubai free zone for nearly media companies, including broadcasting, internet, and others. The IMPZ free zone is located near Jumeirah Village South and provides many benefits for companies which are involved in printing & publishing, graphic designing, and other media-oriented activities.

Dubai Production City (DPC) is spread across an area of 4 sq. km. (about 43 million square feet) on Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, near Dubai Sports City, Jumeirah Golf Estates and Jumeirah Village. The government of Dubai has planned to make this Dubai free zone a logical off-shoot of Dubai Media City and increase the investment in the media production industry. IMPZ has become the business hub for global and local media publishing, printing, and packaging companies to develop.

Benefits of Business Setup in IMPZ Free Zone

Dubai is scaling great heights, and Dubai International Media Production Zone is poised to create and encourage the special clustering environment for media industries from across the UAE and the world, in order to give rise to an ecosystem of inter-collaboration. Being an entrepreneur or an owner of a foreign firm, you will get a growth-oriented environment in IMPZ, with the following business facilities:

  • Exemption of personal and capital taxes
  • 100% ownership of the business
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • No currency restrictions
  • Low-cost operations
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Reliable support services like visa, taxation, VAT, and others
  • Simplified incorporation mechanism
  • Hassle-free business setup laws and legal framework
  • Infrastructure built in accordance with media production
  • Wide transport connectivity
  • A friendly business environment specially designed for media and printing companies

The process of Business Setup in IMPZ

The business setup procedure in the International Media Production Zone is easy and straightforward. But there are certain steps which you need to follow before you can start with your business activities.

The first step in starting your business in IMPZ Dubai is selecting a permissible business entity for your company. There are 3 types of legal entities permissible in IMPZ or Dubai Production City:

1. Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC)

An FZ LLC is a separate legal company which has shareholders as an individual or a corporate body. The minimum capital required depends on the business activity.

Steps for Company Formation with Individual as Shareholder

Step 1: Apply

  • Application form for the license
  • Business plan
  • Valid passport copy(s) of the shareholders, managers, directors and legal representative, if appointed

Step 2: Submit Documents and Payment

  • Submit the documents as per the checklist
  • Select a suitable commercial space
  • Pay the necessary fees

Step 3: Sign and Collect

  • Sign and collect the lease
  • Sign and collect the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Collect your license and certificate of incorporation

Steps for Company Formation with Corporate Body as Shareholder

The entire procedure remains the same as that with an individual as a shareholder, but you need to submit an additional document viz. a copy of the certificate of incorporation.

2. Branch of a UAE or Foreign Company

A branch is not a legally separate entity as it is connected to its parent company. The parent company can be a locally registered company or a foreign company. There is no minimum capital required for the company incorporation of a branch. It carries out the same function as its parent company.

Steps for Company Formation of a Foreign Branch

Step 1: Apply

  • Application form for the license
  • Business plan
  • Copy of the certificate of incorporation
  • Valid passport copy(s) of the manager and the legal representative, if appointed

*Step 2 and 3 remain the same as that for an FZ LLC.

Steps for Company Formation of a UAE Established Branch

Step 1: Apply

  • Application form for the license
  • Business plan
  • UAE license copy (only companies that have been in operation for 2 years qualify to set up as a branch)
  • Valid passport copy(s) of the manager and the legal representative, if appointed

*Step 2 and Step 3 remain the same as that for an FZ LLC.

3. Freelance Permit

A person who is self-employed and generates his or her own revenue by providing services is called a freelancer. IMPZ is regulated under the Dubai Creative Cluster Authority (DCCA), which also provides a freelance permit.

Steps for Obtaining a Freelance Permit

Step 1: Apply

  • Application form for the license
  • Business plan
  • Valid passport copy of the applicant
  • Personal reference letters (minimum 3)
  • The sample of work or portfolio of the applicant

*Step 2 and 3 remain the same as that for an FZ LLC.

Licensing and Business Activity Options

DCCA is the regulatory body which provides the necessary license as per requests. Here are a few licensing options you can choose from:

1. Printing Press License

A license granted for publishing activity.

2. General License

This license can be availed to carry out activities like travel, insurance, courier services, legal advisory, marketing, and others.

3. Designer License

The license holder of this license can take up the profession of graphic designing.

There are other licensing options available in IMPZ which companies can choose from. The business activities which can be carried out in IMPZ under the rules and regulations of DCCA are:

  • Marketing
  • Import and export
  • Support services
  • Digital and newspaper printing
  • Commercial and industrial printing
  • Online publishing and electronic content

Our Role

International Media Production Zone is the best place to start your media production company and broadcast your work to the world and we will assist you in doing so. Commitbiz can help you with your business registration process, including getting a license, opening a bank account, providing visa service, handling VAT registration of your business, and taking care of all other legal formalities of your company. Contact us, and our team of experts will be glad to assist you in your venture.