Incorporating a Business in Dubai South Free Zone

by Zaara 16, Oct 2019

Incorporating a Business in Dubai South Free Zone

Dubai South Free Zone was formerly known as Dubai World Central (DWC). Currently, it is one of the strategic business hubs developed by the Government of Dubai. Today, the South Free Zone is the largest and leading global trade, business, and aviation hub. This free zone is located on 140 square kilometers of multipurpose space right next to the Jebel Ali Sea Port. It is headquartered close to the Al Maktoum International Airport, Logistics District, Business Park, Aviation District, Commercial District, Residential District, Exhibition District, and Humanitarian District.

Apart from this, one more strategic advantage of this free zone is that it is located closer to the World Event – Expo 2020, which has created hype amongst the potential investors. At Dubai South Free Zone, you will discover the ideal urban ecosystem that enables your business to save significantly on time and money. Setting up your business in Dubai South Free Zone will give you a unique advantage as being established in one of the most promising projects of the Government of Dubai.

The vision of Dubai South is reflected in the themes of Dubai Plan 2021 which is as follows-

  • To become a city of creative, cheerful, and empowered people
  • To build a cohesive and inclusive society
  • To become the most preferred place to live, work, and invest
  • To create a sustainable and smart city
  • To become a central hub in the world economy

Types of Industries Available in Dubai South Free Zone

  • Aviation Industry
  • Retail Industry
  • Food and Beverages Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Education, and
  • Information Technology

Activities Prohibited in Dubai South Free Zone

  • Banking business, and
  • Any financial/investment activities on behalf of third parties

Licenses Available in Dubai South Free Zone

  • Industrial License – It allows the holder to carry out specified light manufacturing activities
  • Service License – It allows the holder to carry out specified services in the license within the Dubai South free zone
  • Commercial License – It allows the holder to carry out specified commercial services including general trading and logistics services
  • Education License – It allows the holder to carry out educational and social services, educational aid training, and educational consultancy services

Flexi Desk Services Available in Dubai South Free Zone

  • Smart Desk
  • Permanent Smart Desk
  • Smart Office
  • Permanent Smart Office

Features of Incorporating a Business in South Free Zone

  • The number of shareholders and directors required is 1-3
  • The manager of the company must be a UAE resident
  • The minimum capital required for FZ-LLC is AED 30,000
  • An audit report must be filed while renewing the license
  • The details of the director, manager, and the shareholder must be provided to the free zone authority. However, this information is not revealed publicly

How to Register a Business in Dubai South Free Zone?

The process to register your business in Dubai South Free Zone is simple and straight-forward. The steps are mentioned as under-

  1. Register your trade name with the free zone authorities
  2. Get an initial approval to start the process of registering your business
  3. Fill in an application form, gather all the required documents, attach them to the form and submit it to the concerned department
  4. The documents and the application is reviewed, and the decision is communicated within a few days
  5. Get your license after paying the fees
  6. Open a business bank account and submit the share capital of the business
  7. Get a visa for your employees

Documents Required to Open a Business in Dubai South Free Zone

  • Application form
  • Three options of the company name
  • Passport copies of each shareholder
  • Copy of Entry Stamp of each shareholder
  • NOC from the sponsor if applicable
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • DWCBC Terms and Conditions

Why Dubai South for Your Business Set Up?

There are many reasons why you must start your venture in this Dubai free zone. Some of them are listed as under-

  • Official home of Expo 2020 Dubai
  • On-site license and visa authorization
  • Fast and effective business registration, with flexible commercial lease terms
  • Opportunities to expand
  • A wide variety of cost-effective office solutions
  • Accessibility to major thoroughfares
  • State-of-art facilities
  • No public disclosure of information
  • Proof of share capital is not required

If these benefits seem to change your mind and make the decision of setting up a business in Dubai South Zone, then Commitbiz can help you. We at Commitbiz, provide you with business incorporation services and expert business solutions. Our advisors have years of experience in this field and can make the incorporation process hassle-free.  Contact us today- we’d be happy to assist you.


What should one do to set up a business in Dubai South?

If one likes to set up a business in Dubai, one must register as a Freezone enterprise and hold a Dubai business south license.

How long would it take to set up a Dubai South Free Zone company?

 It requires 7-10 working days to incorporate a Dubai South Free Zone business.

What are the amendments provided by Dubai south free zones?

The amendments provided by Dubai South Free zones are 

  • Name change

  • Activity change

  • Shareholder/manager/director/secretary change

  • Upgrade of facility

How long does it take to cancel a Dubai South freezone company?

 It takes one month to cancel the Dubai South Freezone Company.

What are the procedures to be followed before liquidating a business in Dubai South?

The following procedures must be completed before the liquidation of a business:

  • Visas are being cancelled

  • Closure of the lease agreement

  • The bank account should be closed

  • If you had a trade operation in the license, you needed to get clearance from Customs.


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