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by Zaara 30, Jul 2018

Dubai Design District

Every design holds a story in itself. Designing is far beyond making a logo, or a symbol, or a mix-match of different color combinations. A design is an outcome when creativity blends well with strategy and displays one’s thought process. Be it fashion, graphics, website development or the jewelry industry, it’s a blend of creativity and design. Today the creative industry has occupied one of the highest position and has been competing with the other industries at the same level. Dubai, the second largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates, has become the first city that holds the title of a creative hub. Dubai Creative Clusters (DCC) has been investing a huge amount to set Dubai as a creative hub by the year 2020.

Dubai Design District (d3)

To encourage and uplift the design industry, Dubai has established a design center to attract the best creative talent. Dubai Design District (d3), built in the year 2013 by the TECOM Group, aims to foster the design community. It is located near Dubai Mall, an amazing hub for shopping that gathers an annual audience of 65 million from every corner of the world. d3 Dubai has successfully established itself as a pioneer that serves as one of the widest platforms for creative thinkers in creative and luxury sectors. The Design District of Dubai is divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1

Commercial and Retail: completed in 2015.

Phase 2

Dedicated to Creative Community: to be completed by 2019.

Phase 3

Waterfront Promenade: to be completed in 2021.

The main segments include Fashion, Luxury, E-Commerce, Beauty Care, Arts, Event Management, Interior, Furniture, Import, and Export. d3 also acts as a part of the projected plan Dubai 2021 that connects the platform to the other creative clusters of the city.

Dubai Free Zone and its Benefits

One of the most attracting features that Dubai holds in its lap is the Dubai free trade zones. These zones attract international investors to invest more in the gold city as they don’t require to pay any taxes. Moving forward in this article, we will also have a glance at the various benefits of the free zone. Dubai Design District (d3) is also located in the free zone area and this serves as one of the key factors in collating the creative minds available across international borders.

The key benefits of Dubai free zone are:

  • 100% ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits gained during the business tenure
  • Tax exemption for almost 50 years
  • Easily available visa options and sponsorship
  • Provision to own a local bank account
  • One can hire employees from any corner of the world

Types of Businesses in Dubai Design District

The design industry is a collation of many types of businesses. Designing plays as one of the major factors in multiple businesses. Let’s have a look at some of the business grounds and design related activities, falling under the twelve main segments, that can be carried out in d3.

Sales and Marketing

Modeling Agency

Architectural Design


Industrial Design


Concept Design

Beauty Advisors

Sales Promotion

Fashion Design Consultancy

Graphic Design

Image Consultancy


Company Formation in Dubai Design District

The design district offers its investors to establish or set up their own companies in the district premises. Let’s have a look at the different types of companies that can be formed in the arena of the design hub.

  1. Free Zone Liability Company
  2. Branch Office of a UAE Company
  3. Branch Office of a Foreign Company
  4. Freelancer Permit

The minimum capital requirement for setting up an FZ-LLC is AED 50,000. For a branch office, there are no criteria of minimum capital that it needs to hold.

d3 zone provides commercial spaces and is charged according to the view type chosen by the client.

View Type

Charges in AED (annually)





Burj Khalifa



Types of Licenses in Dubai Design District

The bay of creative business offers two types of licenses for company formation in Dubai Design District:

  1. Service License
  2. Commercial License

Setting up a company in Dubai Design District

The creative platform offers creative minds to come forward and establish a business in d3 Zone. The process of setting up a company in d3 zone is the same as other free zones. The key factor is commercial co-space with and without business licenses are available. The flexibility of opting for a workspace by day, month, or year is available.

Process of Setting Up a Company in Dubai Design District

The process of company registration in Dubai includes a series of steps that are to be followed accordingly. Let’s have a look at these steps.

1. Submission of the Application

The first thing you need to do is get an application form to register your company and get a license. Once done, you need to handover it to the Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone.

2. Document Submission and Payment Process

All the important documents need to be cross-checked. It should contain the necessary seal and signatures as mentioned in the form. Once you submit these, you need to pay the required fee.

3. Collection of Registration Certificate and License

After completing the payment process, you need to collect the registration certificate issued by the registrar and also your valid business license.

Documents Required to Set Up a Business in Dubai Design District

Obtaining the registration certificate and license can happen only when you submit the required documents:

  • Application of Company Registration
  • Board Resolution
  • Registry Identification Code (RIC) Form
  • Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Post-dated Checks

Industry Highlights

  • Phase 2 of the Design District shall be completed in 2018.
  • An additional area of 2 million square feet of office space will be delivered by TECOM Investments.
  • Dubai Design week will be held from 12th to 17th Nov 2018.
  • Jameel Arts Center, the first art museum in Dubai, will be inaugurated in Nov 2018.
  • Fashion Forward 10th edition shall be held in Oct 2018.
  • Hayy, a creative hub in d3, will be established by mid-2019.

In a nutshell, we can say that d3 is a massive platform that attracts a mass audience from all around the world. It stands as a destination for designers to showcase their talents. Are you a designer? Do you aspire to become a famous designer at an international level? Do you deal with creative arts? Yes? Great! So, what’s stopping you then? You are heading on the right track, and now to give a physical form to your dream business you need a business setup consultant who will help you in building your dream business in the dream city. Commitbiz can guide you in the entire process of company formation in Dubai. Our business experts will aid you in clearing the legal proceedings. To know more, do contact us – we’d be glad to assist you in establishing your creative business foundation.


What does the Dubai Design District consist of?

D3 is a hub of the design, art and fashion industry.

When was Dubai Design District established?


How many global and local retailers are there in Dubai Design District?

More than 50.

What was the vision behind creating D3?

To build a community full of local and global designers.

Will I get 100% ownership in the D3 zone business?

 Yes, you can.

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