Dubai Car and Automotive City Free Zone - Start your Business here

by Zaara 24, Nov 2021

Dubai Car and Automotive City Free Zone - Start your Business here

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about Dubai is the lifestyle. While we talk about lifestyle Dubai is one of the cities with the most number of supercars in the world.

There's no doubt in that because Dubai has the lowest fuel prices and is a tax-free city which makes the number credible.

The main objective of DUCAMZ is to sell cars in the local market and re-export cars to the Asian and African markets. The automobile industries contribution to the UAE economy is massive. It is located at Ras Al Khor, which makes it accessible to the Jebel Ali Port and the Dubai international airport, which makes trading easier.

The vehicles sold inside DUCAMZ are of two types :

  • Left-hand driven cars to be sold in the local market
  • Right-hand driven cars to be sold mainly in Asian and African markets.

Jebel Ali, free zone Authority, maintains DUCAMZ. Boeing International Corporation, Emirates Post, AGMC are a few of the big automobile companies incorporated here. Apart from trading cars insurance, maintenance and banking are the only activities permitted within the zone.

Benefits of Setting up a Business in DUCAMZ

The main aim of DUCAMZ is to gather more foreign investors to boost the automobile market.

Hence the government has been lenient with the rules and regulations to set up a company in Dubai by providing the following benefits :

  • 100% Ownership
  • No income or Corporate Tax
  • Exemption from import duty
  • No restrictions on hiring foreign employees
  • No limits on the number of cars imported
  • Transfer of ownership within the zone
  • No restrictions on currency

How to Set Up a Company in the Dubai Car and Automotive City Free Zone?

The below mentioned are the steps to set up a company in the Dubai Car and Automotive City Free zone:

  1. An application form to be submitted.
  2. Company name has to be established
  3. The Articles Of Association has to be drafted (AOA)
  4. Partners ID proof, residential address and bank details ahs to be submitted to the Dubai registrar's office.

Types of Company Formation

  • Free Zone Company
  • Local Partner not Required
  • 100,000 AED is the minimum capital Required
  • Maximum 5 and a minimum of 2 shareholders


The value-added tax was introduced on January 1st 2018 in the whole region of the UAE at a rate of 5 %.

DUCAMZ offers the below-mentioned buildings for lease :

  • Warehouses
  • Workshops
  • Showrooms
  • Office Space

Why Commitbiz?

Automobile Industry is growing at a massive pace every day and would expand even faster in the future.DUCAMZ would attract even more investors in the coming year even with the Expo2020 and would be the right time to set up a business in the DUCAMZ.

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What are the business activities permitted in the DUCAMZ freezone?

The business activities allowed in the DUCAMZ freezone are,

  • Trading

  • Sales

  • Banking

  • Insurance

  • Maintenance

  • Repair

What license does it require to set up a DUCAMZ freezone company?

 Trading license

What is the cost of a trading license in the DUCAMZ freezone?

 It costs around AED 14,000

Is the owner's physical presence required for a business liquidation in the DUCAMZ freezone?

  Company liquidation doesn't need the physical presence of the owner. The entire procedure can be done through an agent.

How many days does it take to earn a DUCAMZ business license?

In DUCAMZ, obtaining a business license takes less than a week.

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