All You Need to Know About Dubai South Free Zone (DSFZ)

by Zaara 27, Sep 2019

All You Need to Know About Dubai South Free Zone (DSFZ)

Dubai, the most promising international business hub, has been a hot-bed for entrepreneurs and business investors across the globe. With a per capita income of USD 69,500, the region adopts macro-global business models paving out a way for start-ups and established business across different business domains. To uplift the economy’s revenue to the next level, by concentrating on the other business domains, the Government of Dubai has launched another Free Zone, termed as Dubai South Free Zone (DSFZ).  Starting a business in Dubai has turned out to be an easy process down the line. The Government has taken numerous initiatives to provide high-end benefits to global investors, which has inclined positively. This article will give you a complete picture of DSFZ that will help you to understand the essentials required to start a business in the DFSZ Free Zone.

A Gist on DSFZ

Previously regarded as the Dubai World Central, the Dubai South Free Zone stands as one of the strategic business hubs that attract millions of business investors to come forward and start their business. Located right next to Jebel Ali Free Zone, the DSFZ turns out to be the largest and leading global business centre, providing world-class commercial infrastructure, free zone environment, office solutions ranging from smart desk to executive office etc. Within an area of 140 km2, the region serves to be a home to nearly 9,45,000 people to live and work. The Dubai World Central comprises of eight districts namely,

  • The Al Maktoum International Airport
  • Logistics District
  • Aviation District
  • Residential District
  • Commercial District
  • Humanitarian District
  • Exhibition District
  • Golf District

Business Opportunities in DSFZ

The Dubai South Free Zone provides a wide range of activities when it comes to carrying out business operations. Some of the core domains that possess a high probability of business opportunities under its umbrella are stated below:

  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Logistics
  • Light Industry
  • Ancillary Services
  • Manufacturing, Mining, Quarrying
  • Construction and Contracting
  • Finance
  • Health and Social Work
  • Real Estate
  • Trading Services
  • Transport, Storage and Communication

If you have a business idea in any of the business domain mentioned above, then you can go ahead with DSFZ as your business ground. Before heading on to the incorporation proceedings, it is to be noted that relevant business licenses are to be obtained from the concerned Government Authorities to get a legal permit to carry out the business operations. Dubai South Free Zone offers a wide range of business licenses that includes:

  • Industrial License
  • Logistics License
  • Trading and General Trading License
  • Service License
  • Education License

Once you obtain the preferred permission for your business, you can carry out the operations effectively.  To know more on DSFZ business licenses, click here. Now, let’s move a step ahead and have a look at the cost structure of starting a business in Dubai South Free Zone.

Dubai South Free Zone License Cost

The cost structure for obtaining a license in DSFZ is stated below:



Smart Desk

Permanent Smart Desk

Smart Office

Permanent Smart Office


AED 10,000

AED 10,000

AED 10,000

AED 10,000

Establishment Card

AED 2,000

AED 2,000

AED 2,000

AED 2,000

Setup Fee

AED 2,000

AED 2,000

AED 2,000

AED 2,000


AED 16,900

SD 5hours/week

AED 31,900

PSD-Exclusive Bases

AED 26,900

SO- 5 hours/week

AED 72,000

PSO- Exclusive Bases

Visas Allowed






AED 30,900

AED 45,900

AED 40,900

AED 86,000


Benefits of Setting Up a Business in DSFZ

Since you are planning to invest a considerable sum of capital in incorporating your business in Dubai South Free Zone, you must be well-versed with the benefits that you will be deriving by setting up one.

  • Complete ownership of the business
  • 100% Repatriation of Capital invested and profits earned
  • No tax-burden
  • No requirement for proof of share capital
  • Ease physical office setup process
  • Wide range of business activities can be carried out
  • Is set to be the future centre by 2020
  • Plug-and-play office solutions
  • Direct access to Jebel Ali Sea Port and Al Maktoum International Airport
  • Customized built infrastructure for different business activities
  • Easy availability of business licenses

We can say that possessing knowledge on the points mentioned above turns out to be very beneficial for a business investor. Starting a business in the Dubai South Zone results in accumulating more benefits to the investors. Once you make your mind to set up your business, you also need to make sure that you are well-aware of the legal proceedings of Dubai South Free Zone. Knowing every information in a particular way turns out to be time-consuming and a tedious task. To play smartly, you need to go ahead and approach a business expert who can guide you accordingly in implementing the process in an error-free way.  Commitbiz Consultants is where you can rely on, as we provide error-free and customized solutions for our esteemed clients.  Our business experts will take the respective incorporation proceedings, while you can focus on building business strategies. In case you hold any query, take a step and have a word with our business experts. Contact us today-we’d be glad to assist.


Can Freezone companies do business in Dubai mainland?

Companies registered under freezone are not permitted to do business in Dubai mainland.

What are the documents required to set up a business in Dubai South Freezone?

  • Application form

  • Sample signature of all shareholders involved

  • Passport copies of shareholders and officers

  • Visa copies if necessary

  • External approvals if any

How long it will take for licenses to be approved in DSFZ?

Approximately 10 to 12 working days.

What are the businesses that can be incorporated in DSFZ?

Aviation Industry, Retail Industry, Food and Beverages Industry, Hospitality Industry, Education, and Information Technology.

What are the activities prohibited in South Dubai freezone?

Banking business, and financial/investment activities on behalf of third parties are prohibited.

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