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Masdar City Free Zone

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Be a Part of Masdar City - An Arcology Project in the Abu Dhabi Offering Creative Entrepreneurial Environment for Your Business to Thrive!

Masdar in Arabic means 'the source', and was established in 2006 in an area around 6 sq. km in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, close to the Abu Dhabi International Airport. It is a project by Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (subsidiary concern of Mubadala Development Company) and is backed by the Government Abu Dhabi to make the community energy efficient.

Masdar city, a carbon neutral city is an emerging global hub for clean technologies and renewable energy that wholly runs on renewable energy sources like solar energy.

Masdar City free zone is one of the most dynamic technology clusters that offer an excellent platform to develop, implement, research, market, test, and showcase current and future green technology products and services in the lucrative and growing markets of the Middle East and Asia. Business-friendly government policies, presence of top-notch research university, and high-skilled graduates make Masdar City a cherished global hub for innovation and research in the field of green technologies.

Masdar City offers a business–friendly, commercial, and entrepreneurial environment to companies associated with the clean technology and renewable energy, and bestows upon them all the benefits associated with the free zones. Masdar City was created with an aim to make Abu Dhabi the prominent global centre for renewable energy, and provide a harmonious environment for development, advancement, investment, commercialization, testing, and implementation in the field of renewable energy solutions and technologies. Located 17km from Abu Dhabi, Masdar City free zone is a part of broader vision to foster knowledge-intensive industries and enable viable economic diversification and continued development in the region across a living and working community comprising over 40,000 residents, and hundreds of businesses.

There are four components in Masdar City they are Masdar power, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Masdar Carbon, and Masdar Venture Capital. The Masdar power is a renewable energy power project which would be in charge of the power project of Masdar City and also has projects in UK and Seychelles. Masdar Institute of Science a non-profit educational institute developed with the support from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) aimed at advanced alternative energy resources. Masdar Carbon is an investment in clean development mechanism projects and carbon capture and storage. Masdar venture capital which targets investments in sectors like clean energy, environmental refocuses energy and material efficiency and environmental services.

Global players in the energy sector have already recognized the benefits of the unique environment that Masdar City free zone offers, and have setup their operations in the region. Prominent names from the renewable energy and sustainability industry in Masdar City are Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Korea Technopark Association, GE, Siemens, SK Energy, Bayer Material Science, General Electric, BASF, The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Swiss Village Association, and Schneider Electric among others.

Company Setup in Masdar City

The Special Economic Zone status of Masdar city offers an assortment of benefits to the entrepreneurs/corporates who want to set up a business in Masdar city. Commitbiz facilitates company formation in Masdar City by providing the structure that best suits your business apart from providing strategic inputs, developing business plan, and handling legal documentation formalities.

Company setup in Masdar City is easy when focused on six prominent areas related to renewable energy and sustainable technology, comprising Business, Education, Finance, Research and Development, Retail and Light Industry. For free zone company setup in Masdar City, business organisations should operate within any one of the areas mentioned below:

  • Air and Environment
  • Energy Efficiency Equipment
  • Energy Production
  • Energy Storage
  • Energy Transmission and Distribution
  • Green Building
  • Non-Profit Organisation
  • Organic Products
  • Recycling and Solid Waste
  • Renewable Energy
  • Transportation
  • Water and Waste Water

Cleantech and ICT

  • IT Service
  • Network and Infrastructure
  • System Applications


  • Consultancy
  • Regional Headquarters
  • Service Providers

Marketing and Events

  • Advertising and Communications
  • Business Information
  • Content Development
  • Event Management
  • Event Support Services
  • Human Resources Development
  • Marketing Services
  • Media Consultancy
  • Media Support Services
  • New Media
  • Training and Development
  • Water and Waste Water

Advantages of Setting up Business in Masdar City

Masdar City forms a major consumer market for technology products & solutions companies, and provides them a pro-business environment to test technologies and reduce tax footprints. Additionally, its strategic location in the heart of growing markets like Asia, Middle East and North Africa (MENA region), government supportive regulatory environment, and strong economic and demographic growth makes it a lucrative business hub for clean technology companies.

Additional advantages of setting up business in Masdar City are:

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital, investments, and profits
  • 100% exemption from personal income and corporate taxes
  • 0% import tariffs
  • No restrictions on currency and recruitment
  • Fast-track visa processing and Government services
  • Strategic location connecting local, regional, & international markets
  • A safe, friendly working environment with high-quality of life
  • One-stop-shop for government relations, registration, and visa processing
  • A world-class media hub with business-friendly regulations and customized office space solutions
  • Superior infrastructure, logistics network involving air, rail, sea and road

Business Set Up Process in Masdar City Free Zone

Proper planning and decision making through different phases is critical to set up business in Masdar City, which includes choosing appropriate legal business structures, depositing minimum capital in the bank account mandated by the Masdar City, deciding the type of business activity to be performed, hiring skilled staff, acquiring residential and office space, etc. Team from Commitbiz takes care of the entire Masdar City company formation process and get the shareholders to sign legal documents in the presence of Masdar City representatives to complete the process. Additionally, we help our clients with:

Availing Operating and General Licenses

Three types of operating licenses are available in Masdar City. An individual or a corporate entity can register business in Masdar City in any of the following forms:

  • A special economic zone limited liability company - with individual shareholders or corporate shareholders
  • Branch of a foreign company
  • Branch of a UAE based company, including those incorporated in other UAE special economic zones

Licensing and Company Registration with Masdar City

The licensing and company registration process at Masdar City is streamlined, timely, and efficient if you fulfil the documentation formalities properly. CommmitBiz's team ensures that the following things are taken care of well in advance so that the entire Licensing and company registration process is smooth:

  • Consultation with local attorney to make you aware of your rights & obligations after registering an organization in the Masdar City
  • Opening company account in the local bank
  • Answering inquiries (if any) pertaining to legal documentation and company registration

Registering a Branch Office in Masdar City

It takes 5 business days to complete the registration procedure in Masdar City, which is a four step process:

  • Submitting Legal Documents for branch office registration to Commitbiz's Business Development Associate handling your legal documentation formalities
  • Reviewing your legal documents by our registration team to ensure that the parent company information provided is accurate
  • Getting branch office licence & lease agreement issued after your legal file is accepted by the registration team, and fixing an appointment to get duplicate license and sign your lease
  • Opening corporate account with a local bank by showing licence copy and ensuring your post-dated cheques are issued to cover first-year lease

Once branch office registration is complete, down payment has to be made towards:

  • Annual Licence Fee – Based on the number of activities listed in the business licence
  • Leased Office Premises – Which equals 50% annual rent
  • Registration Fee (one-time)
  • Rent Deposit (two months' rent)

Commitbiz for Company Incorporation in Masdar City

Commitbiz has been facilitating company incorporation in Masdar City from scratch to end by taking care of entire business plan and legal documentation formalities. We strive to provide a business structure that works best for your company. Our dedicated team ensures that you get perfect ambiance and amenities for unhindered business growth in this free zone.

Vast industry experience, local knowledge, world-class infrastructure, client centric procedures, and operational transparency, are the hallmarks of the business setup process at Commitbiz, and we take pride in providing the best business solutions that meet our clients' business requirements precisely. Our specialized business development team ensures that company formation experience in Masdar City Free Zone is hassle-free and delightful for our clients. Contact us for business setup in Masdar City, our team will be glad to assist you.