Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones (ZonesCorp)

The capital of the emirate has so much to offer when it comes to business. It brings out innovation in every aspect to support entrepreneurs who believe in Abu Dhabi, and one such innovation is ZonesCorp.

Things About ZonesCorp Abu Dhabi

A visionary leadership, attractive incentives from the government, state-of-art infrastructure, and a pro-business environment make ZonesCorp a favourable place for investors to choose this location for company formation. The Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp is a hub for several training centres; therefore, the companies registering here are assured of getting skilled, trained staff and team members.

  • The free zone has attracted considerable foreign direct investment and has been a huge helping hand in developing the industrial landscape of the Emirate.
  • This Abu Dhabi free zone is home to over 600 of the world’s biggest and most well-known global companies from many sectors.
  • The Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones (ZonesCorp) was established in 2004 to develop industrial cities throughout Abu Dhabi.
  • ZonesCorp has developed six first-class industrial zones that account for half of Abu Dhabi’s manufacturing GDP.

One-Stop-Shop (OSS) Program

The One-Stop-Shop (OSS) program of ZonesCorp aims to provide all necessary services such as industrial land acquisition and other related procedures and services from one single point of contact.

Types of Entities Allowed in ZonesCorp

Before getting into the types of entities one can form in ZonesCorp, Abu Dhabi, it is essential to know that unlike other free zones of Abu Dhabi, this free zone offers only one type of license, i.e., an Industrial License. There are many kinds of entities one can start in ZonesCorp:

  • General Partnership Company
  • Limited Partnership
  • Partnership Limited with Shares
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Private Joint Stock Company
  • Public Joint Stock Company
  • Branch Office
  • Local Establishment
  • Joint Venture Company

Business Activities Allowed under ZonesCorp Abu Dhabi

It is essential to be aware of the business activities allowed at ZonesCorp. The list of activities accommodated at ZonesCorp is as follows:

  • Chemicals
  • Food and beverage
  • Oil and gas
  • Leather and textile products
  • Construction materials
  • Engineering and metals
  • Assembling products
  • Wood and paper products
  • Fibreglass and plastic products

Industries falling in other sectors may be considered following an assessment from an economic, environmental and synergy perspective at the application stage.

List of Zones in ZonesCorp Abu Dhabi


  • This zone is ideal for heavy to medium manufacturing, processing, and engineering activities total area is 14 sq. km.
  • It is close to Musafah Sea Port, Abu Dhabi International Airport and Abu Dhabi City Centre.
  • The investment volume is over AED 6 billion.
  • The infrastructure and warehouses built are according to international standards.
  • Government departments are located together for a swift and straightforward business setup


  • This zone is ideal for medium to light manufacturing, processing, and engineering activities.
  • The total area covered is 11 sq. km.
  • The investment volume is over AED 11 billion.
  • There is a road network of 27 km, 21 km of gas piping, 21 km of drainage and 60 km of rainwater piping


  • This zone is ideal for oil and gas industries, construction materials, wood and engineering.
  • The total area covered is 12 sq. km. The infrastructures and warehouses have been built according to international standards

4. Al Ain Industrial City- AAIC (I and II)

  • Located on the eastern borders of the UAE. The cost of infrastructure is 125 million.
  • The total area covered is ten sq. km.
  • It is connected with Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah with a network of modern highways


  • Located on the west side of Mussafah Industrial City.
  • It will cover a total area of 24 sq. km.
  • The zone is dedicated to technology and light industries.
  • The zone will be specifically consigned to the Logistics Hub Support Services area and linked to the upcoming freight railway network


  • Dedicated to the automobile industry, it will cater to Abu Dhabi’s automotive value chain, creating the ideal one-stop-shop destination for auto-related products and services.
  • It will cover a total area of 11 sq. km.
  • The cluster aims to help resolve the Emirate’s parking congestion by providing an alternative hub for taxis, buses, used cars and rental cars parked and displayed in the city centre

7. Construction and Building Material Zone

  • Located in Al Faya.
  • The total area covered will be 34 sq. km.
  • For construction and building industries

How to Set Up a Business in Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones

Abu Dhabi free zones business set-up is quite simple. To start a business in Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones, one has to obtain a relevant license. To get the permit, one must fill out the application form online or by visiting the ZonesCorp office. The remainder of the process is done by the ZonesCorp authorities, which is as follows:

Submit the Application

After choosing your business activity and trade name, please fill out the application form and forward it to the relevant department.

Lease Contract

Choose a business space, and It is essential to reserve the land and prepare the lease contract

Initial Approval

To proceed further, you need to obtain initial permissions from the Environment Department.

License Procedures

Make sure you arrange for the construction permit and also arrange the necessary documents to get your industrial license approved.

Documents Required to Set Up a Business in ZonesCorp

Below are the essential documents

  • Authorized company contract
  • Document of contract modification registration in the Ministry of Economy
  • Environment license
  • A factory site plan indicating manufacturing and services areas
  • Feasibility study
  • Land plan
  • Membership certificate in the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Passport copies of the partners
  • Power of attorney (if available)
  • Valid and approved trade name
  • Valid lease contract
  • The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) technical information
  • Additional information for environment authority

We at Commitbiz aim to simplify the ZonesCorp business license and registration process for entrepreneurs seeking to start a business in Abu Dhabi efficiently and effectively.

Contact us for a hassle-free setup.


Does ZonesCorp has natural gas network?

Yes, they do have one in the Abu Dhabi Industrial City.

What is one-stop-shop (OSS) program?

It is a program of ZonesCorp that aims to provide services like industrial land acquisition and related services from one point.

Can I purchase land in ZonesCorp?

No, you can only lease it.

What is the maximum lease period in ZonesCorp?

You can lease for 30 years, and it is renewable.

How many operational industries are currently located within ZonesCorp’s cities?

There are more than 600 manufacturing units presently.