Patent Registration in UAE

The critical concept of the invention has modified the business scenario to help it grow to unimaginable heights. Over time, it has come to be crucial for businesses to invent and introduce new technology. If we take the example of the IT enterprise, we can see that every other day there is the birth of a different kind of modern technology.

The excessive usage of technology has raised the standard of IT enterprise to what it is today. In another instance, if we think about any manufacturing industry, we can see that revolutionary changes have taken place to ease business operations. The UAE has ended up being a sturdy platform for all sorts of enterprise invention. With the elasticity of presenting the opportunity to businesspeople to set up a business in the UAE, the Middle Eastern nation additionally requests the corporates to avail the patent services from patent experts to safeguard the inventions, designs and processes.

An entrepreneur looking to start any industry or technology-based business in Dubai is always advised to take maximum advantage of the patent services provided by the UAE. This can help the business grow tremendously and attain fame as well.

What is a Patent?

We can say that a patent is a form of exclusive ownership of something you invented. It’s a type license or a governmental authority that's utilised by industries, enterprises to safeguard their innovations. A holder of a patent has the exclusive right to promote, import, and transfer the invention for a confined period. This holder is also given complete credit for the invention and has all the right to sue if someone copies the technology or the invention and makes financial gains by selling it or using it.

For example, if today you invented the car that could fly, you could patent the technology and no one would be allowed to use that technology for further make flying cars. You would have the exclusive right to produce the flying cars, sell it. If someone wanted to use the technology they would have to buy the rights from you ( for which you would receive royalties) and only then would they have the right to sell or manufacture. Without this permission, any sort of activity relating to the above-mentioned flying car would be illegal and can results in a court case, fine and compensation. The intellectual property

Now, in terms of patent submitting, it includes procedures, machines, the composition of any matter. however, patent can't be availed for the following:

Patents with respect to the UAE

UAE’s Federal law No. 44, which was published in the year 1992, deals with applicability and protection of patents. Now, a holder or owner of a patent can have exclusive rights to the invention for a legitimate period of twenty years but cannot be extended.  When it comes to registration of patents in the UAE, there are certain international bodies as well as conventions like:

  • World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Convention
  • Paris Convention
  • World Trade Organisation
  • TRIPS Agreement (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights)
  •  Gulf Co-operation Council

It is mandatory to receive approvals and become signatories or members of the above-mentioned organisations. Apart from this registration with the MoE (Ministry of Economy) and IPPD (Intellectual Property Protection Department) is important.

Patent Registration

The registration of the patent system in UAE gets with the submission of the required documents and reports.  A gist of these documents would be

  • Patent registration application (filled out)
  • Description regarding the process/design/invention and has to be both in Arabic as well as English
  •  Science backing of the design/ process/invention to be provided in both Arabic and English
  • An abstract of the process/design/invention
  • Industrial structural drawing of  the newfound invention or process
  • Contact Details
  • Standard commercial registration papers
  • Emirates Identification of the patent holder

Other documents, as requested by the office, have to be provided as well.

Supporting Documents

  • A Certificate of Incorporation is required if the applicant is a body corporate or a company.
  • A legalised Deed of Assignment to the UAE Consulate
  •  Power of Attorney legalised to the UAE Consulate

 Also, an important factor is that the supporting files are to be submitted within a span of 90 days from the date of filing. Non-submission of the documents could cause the cancellation of the patent system.

The Entire Process

  1. The first step is to fill and submit the application for patent and pay the specified fees
  2. The application if accepted, is then sent for examination. This process can take about 2 years.
  3. The patent is then tested for the required criteria, and additional information and documents may be asked for.
  4. If the patent application is approved, then the MOE will publish the said application along with additional info in the Official Gazette of the UAE. This is for hearing objections and comments.
  5. After considering the objections and comments, the final decision for the patent is made.

As soon as the registration process is complete, you will be capable of holding a patent on your new invention. Now, a patent holder should have knowledge of the perks, benefits and advantages of having a patent.

Advantages of a Patent

  • Freedom to monetise the invention
  • The exclusive right to work on the invention and further make modifications. These modifications can be further patented.
  • Can sell patent rights
  • Massively increases the brand value of the company
  • Option to license thereby giving regular income to the patent holder through regular incoming payments (Royalties)

The scope for a new invention is beyond limits. One certain invention can change a life. With the new patent laws, there is no need to worry about someone stealing or copying your invention as the law prevents this. It would be right to say that patent law in the UAE is efficient.

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1. What is a Patent?

A patent is a legal document that grants you exclusive ownership of something you created. It's a kind of license or governmental authority that industries and businesses use to protect their innovations.

2. What are the rights of a patent holder?

The patent holder has the right to import, promote, and transfer the invention for a limited period.

3. Do we need to register with the Ministry of Economy (MOE), UAE for patents?

Yes, registration with the MOE is required.

4. Does the Certificate of Incorporation essential for patent registration in UAE?

Yes, this document is important as a supporting document.

5. Do we need to register with the Intellectual Property Protection Department (IPPD) for the UAE patent registration?

Yes, we must register with the IPPD.