Application of Patents in Businesses

Technology over the years has seen immense growth. From all-electric cars, ultra-realistic picture quality, 3D technology all the way to state of the art manufacturing equipment. It is evident that technology is the future. The UAE runs on technology. It is home to some of the biggest tech companies in the world. Patents have served as a motivation to scientists and inventors all around the world protection inventions designs etc.  Anyone wishing to start a tech company in the UAE requires thorough knowledge in the field of patent law.

Technology-based companies sometimes have one of a kind equipment. This makes them stand out amongst competitors. These unique technologies, however, have to be protected from being used by competitors. Fortunately, the legal protection given by patents helps tech companies earn revenue and recover costs as well for the effort of research and development in inventing the technology.

How Businesses Use Patents

All kinds of innovative designs and technology are patented. But different firms use patent protection differently

Information Tech Industry in the UAE

A lot of IT enterprises patent various kinds of technology ranging from

  • Business Methods
  • Data Compression
  • Video and Audio Compression
  • Data Encryption
  • Game Engines
  • Search Engines

There have been many instances where firms have sued competitors for violating the patent protection laws. Google violated the famous Pay-Per-Click patent, and they had to pay damages to Overture Services, Inc., for the infringement. For those who wish to start an E-commerce company in the UAE, it is vital to have knowledge of the patented technology as well. This would avoid accidental infringements.

Medical Industry in UAE

Pharmaceutical companies have made an immense amount of money by patenting drugs, processes as well as the software used to manage patients. These include patents for prosthetic arms, legs. These patents are solely the right of the inventor firm. However, through licensing, other firms are being allowed to use and sell the same. The patent allows for the medical firm to earn back the money used for the development of the innovative drug or process.  A famous example is the invention of the blood rocker to prevent sample blood from clotting. 

Architectural Firms in the UAE

Architectural firms use both design and utility patents to protect buildings and designs. The utility patent protects the functional features of design while the design patent is said to protect the ornamental features of designs. Architects heavily rely on design patents to prevent duplication of buildings by imitators. For the utility design, the functional aspects are protected. For example, one building was protected by a patent for its wind energy dissipating design.

Automobile Industry in the UAE

UAE is home to every big car manufacturer in the world. Every car design is patented. Utility, as well as design patents, are used. Different designs make significant differences with respect to the performance of the car. Majority of the patents are with respect to

  • The automobile itself ( No one is allowed to create a replica of the car)
  • Automobile components
  • The combustion engines
  • The micromachines and the other functional engines
  • The power distribution system of the automobile
  • The insulation system
  • Testing and measurement system
  • The braking system
  • The arrangement of the suspension system
  • All the tyres and wheels ( all components of a  tyre including grip, width, pattern play a huge role in performance)
  • Fuel Emission component ( factor in Mileage) 
  • Lighting and Signalling designs as well as the technology used for the same
  • Cooling, heating as well as air treatment systems
  • Electric vehicles and electric components
  • Vehicle dynamics (E.g. Aerodynamics)
  • Vehicle bodybuilding components (Screws, bolts etc.) 
  • Noise, vibration and harshness engineering
  • *Vehicle electronics ( Music system, video system) 
  • Emission control systems

In simple words, almost every car is unique, and every component is patented. This is why it is almost impossible to see two similar cars manufactured by two different car manufacturers. A famous example is the invention of the seat belt by Nils Bohlin.

Fitness Industry in the UAE

Various exercise equipment can be patented.  A lot of multi-purpose fitness apparatus are patented and are licensed to various fitness centres to use.

Aviation and Defence Industries in the UAE

The aviation industry is an industry with over 29000 patents.  The technology used in aeroplanes and helicopters for electronic Digi-Data processing as well as velocity and speed determiners by use of radio waves is most patented.

All patents are valid only for a period of 20 years. While the design and utility protection is valid for 10 years each, it is important to note that for any patent to be used by any enterprise in the UAE, it is a must to have a non-obvious innovative factor to the new invention.

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