Patent Registration

The key thought of invention has changed the business scenario to a great extent. In due course of time, it has become essential for companies to invent and come up with new technologies. For instance, if we consider the IT industry, we can see that every second day a new technology gets born. The massive usage of technology has raised the standard of IT industry to the next level. Similarly, if we consider any manufacturing industry, we can see that innovative processes have been built to carry out the business operations in a smooth way. The UAE has become a robust platform for all types of business invention. With the flexibility of providing the opportunity to businesspersons to set up a company in the UAE, the nation also demands the companies to avail patent services from certified professionals to safeguard the inventions and processes.

If you are a business person or an entrepreneur who possess business in the industries where invention is the key, then having a knowledge about patent can lift your business to the next level.

What Is Patent?

In simple terms, we can say that patent is a form of intellectual property. It is a license or a government authority which is used by business industries to safeguard their inventions and processes. A patent holder has the complete right to sell, import, transfer its invention for a limited period.

Now, when it comes to patent filing, it includes processes, machines, composition of any matter. On the other hand, patent can’t be opted for the following:

Patent in the UAE

In the UAE, Federal Law No. 44, which was issued in the year 1992 deals with the Industrial Regulation and protection of patents. Now, a patent holder can hold its invention for a valid period of 20 years and is non-extendible.  When it comes to patent registration in UAE, there are a number of international bodies such as:

  • WIPO Convention
  • Paris Convention
  • Member of WTO & Signatory to the TRIPS Agreement
  • Member of Gulf Co-operation Council

Apart, from the above-mentioned registered bodies, registration with the Ministry of Economy (MoE) and Intellectual Property Protection Department (IPPD) is essential.

Patent Registration Process

The registration of patent process in UAE gets initiated upon the submission of certain essential documents. Let’s have a list at the essential documents followed by the core registration process.

  • Patent registration application form
  • Description regarding the invention/ process (both Arabic and English)
  • Bibliography Information
  • Claims of the invention/ process (both Arabic and English)
  • An abstract of the invention/ process (both Arabic and English)
  • Industrial drawing or the drawing of the invention/process
  • Copy of the representative image
  • Commercial registration papers
  • Emirates ID of the patent holder

Supporting Documents

Apart from the above stated documents, there are certain supporting documents that needs to be presented.

  • Company certificate of incorporation
  • Deed of assignment legalized from the UAE Consulate
  • Power of Attorney legalized from the UAE Consulate

It is to be noted that the supporting documents are to be submitted within a span of 90 days from the date of filing. Non-submission of the documents would lead to the cancellation of the patent process. Let’s move on to the registration process.

The patent registration process in the UAE involves the following steps:

The patent registration process

Once the process gets complete, you will be able to hold a patent on your invention and processes. Now, a business owner should be aware of the advantages that he/she can get by holding patent on the owned creations. If you hold the patent on your company creations, you can possess the following benefits. Let’s have a look.

Benefits of Availing Patent Services

  1. Provides you the flexibility to monetize the invention
  2. You possess the sole right to make any kind of modifications to the creations
  3. If required, you can sell the patent rights
  4. Enhances the brand value of your company
  5. Provides a gateway to opt for licensing

Thus, you can see that dealing with the intellectual property services is a tedious task. An in-depth of legal knowledge is required. Apart from that, the process involves a lot of complexities at every step. One of the preferred decision that every business owner avails after incorporating a company is to seek for a professional expert who is well-versed with the Emirati laws and can help in the process of acquiring patent. If you are searching for the same, then look no further. Your guide is just below.

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