Patent Registration in Dubai

by Zaara 09, Jul 2020

Invention is an integral part of growing and moving forward. Innovation is generally the first step towards forming a company. You invent something new, which has a novelty factor attached to it, and then you try to sell it in the market. In order to protect the invention from everyone, we have patent rights.

Dubai is a hub for new companies and many of them are based on their own ideas and inventions. Every country has different laws and procedures for patent registration in their jurisdiction. For patent registration in Dubai, you should have an element of novelty and non-obviousness.

Why is Patent Registration in Dubai Needed?

Patent registration in Dubai prevents others from using your invention without a license and also gives the owner of the patent many opportunities and rights. A patent in Dubai can be given on different mechanisms, but the sole purpose for the same is to protect the invention from getting commercially exploited. There are rights to protect intellectual property like a trademark, copyright etc.

Process of Patent Registration in Dubai

For patent registration in Dubai, there is a certain step that you need to follow and some documents you need to submit. They are mentioned below.

The application should be filed in English and Arabic. Along with the application the details which are to be submitted are-

  • A request to grant patent
  • Details of the owner of the patent like name, address, and nationalities.

Documents that are to be submitted along with the application are-

  • Power of Attorney
  • Deed of Assignment
  • Priority document which should be in English and Arabic both.

Check if the Idea is Patent-Worthy

The first step to finding if anything can be patented or not is to check if it is new and inventive. If it is not, then the patent application will be rejected.

Patent Examination

Once the application is accepted, the patent is sent for examination. The process of this examination can take time which can extend up to two years and also it requires you to submit additional fees.

Patent Publishing

When the application is accepted, and the examination is cleared, then the Ministry of Economy of UAE publishes the application with all the required information in their official gazette.

Sometimes the application is filed, claiming priority; then, the application should be filed within 12 months from the priority date. All the documents required to file a patent should be submitted within 90 days from the date of filing.

The Following Cannot Be Submitted for Patent Registration in Dubai

Even though patent protection gives a lot of privileges to the owner and is based on invention and innovation, but then there are some things that cannot be patented in Dubai. Some of them have been listed below-

  • Mathematical methods to solve any problem, scientific theories, discoveries and principles cannot be patented.
  • Treatments for animals and human beings which consist of therapy, diagnosis or surgery cannot be patented.
  • The business method, a procedure used for operation, can also not be patented.

Choose Us for Your Patent Registration in Dubai

Patent registration gives you the authority to manufacture the product you have invented. As Dubai has a lot of scope for companies nowadays, a person forms of company in Dubai and then use the patented product to manufacture it there. This will help him grow as an entrepreneur and will also earn him profit.

In order to set up a company in UAE, the procedure is a little time-consuming and takes the energy of a person who is not familiar with all the laws and processes. Therefore a person needs to seek advice and consult an expert. If you need any advice or help with setting up a company, feel free to contact us.


What is a Patent?

A patent is a legal document that grants you exclusive ownership of something you created. It's a kind of license or governmental authority that industries and businesses use to protect their innovations.

What are the rights of a patent holder?

The patent holder has the right to import, promote, and transfer the invention for a limited period.

Does the Certificate of Incorporation essential for patent registration in UAE?

Yes, this document is important as a supporting document.

Do we need to register with the Intellectual Property Protection Department (IPPD) for the UAE patent registration?

Yes, we must register with the IPPD.