Dubai Customs Registration


Businesses wanting to import or export goods to Dubai need to register their company in Dubai Customs and procure a code for clearance of goods. In order to obtain a code, it’s mandatory for companies to have a valid trading/commercial license issued by a competent authority in U.A.E. Businesses can register for more than one service provided they have a valid license for carrying out the service in Dubai.


Getting the Customs Code in Dubai

The Department of Dubai Customs is one of the leading government departments in the region as it makes sure the trading services are undergoing smoothly in companies around the city. The business, before going for customs registration is required to make sure their trading product does not come under the list of banned items. As the norms in the UAE dealing with the trading of banned items are very strict and can impose high penalty fees.

Custom code can be obtained by submitting an application through the "Dubai Trade Portal". The following documents need to be furnished to obtain a code

  • Valid trade license copy
  • Passport copy of the authorized person
  • Chamber of commerce certificate
  • An undertaking letter

The code is generated electronically after the application is reviewed and payment collected by the customs authorities. The code obtained after registration with Dubai customs is renewed annually after the annual renewal of the commercial license by the concerned authority.

Licenses Permitted in Dubai Customs

  • Commercial License
  • Industrial License
  • Professional License
  • Intelaaq
  • Free Zone License
  • Governmental Notification

Dubai Customs Code Renewal

For Dubai customs renewal, businesses need to submit an application through the Dubai Trade Portal.

Customs Code Registration Assistance in Dubai

Commitbiz has been helping its clients with Company Registration in Dubai Custom since its inception. We specialize in providing the following services:

  • Company registration in Chamber of Commerce
  • Generate new import & Export code
  • Renew import & Export code
  • Company registration in Dubai municipality
  • Item registration in Dubai municipality

Restricted Products in Customs Dubai

  • Pets and Domestic animals – A pre-approval is required from Dubai authorities as well as a medical test of the pet animal
  • Food Items
  • Medicines and Drugs – Tourists needs to be cautious with what they are carrying with them into the country and might need to carry a doctor’s prescription
  • Publications – Electronic or physical artwork which clashes with the beliefs of Islam
  • Technical Equipment – Certain equipment’s require pre-approval form Dubai authorities
  • Alcohol and Cigarettes – One needs to be aged above 18 to carry items and the amount should not increase the permitted amount.

Allowed Entities in Dubai Customs Registration

  • Importer (commercial)
  • Exporter (commercial)
  • Broker
  • Free Zone
  • CTO
  • CH (Cargo Holder)
  • Overseas Company
  • Private Individual
  • Airline Agent
  • Shipping Line Agent
  • Importer (professional)
  • Importer (industrial)
  • Exporter (professional)
  • Warehouse
  • Gate Control Authority
  • Courier

Commitbiz with its experienced team assists the client in obtaining the Dubai customs code in a most efficient and hassle-free manner. Our team will also advise and assist with the renewal of the custom code along with the license renewal of the company.  Please contact us for cost details and quick assistance on Dubai Customs registration


What exactly is the customs import code?

 A custom import code is issued by Dubai Customs that allows a business entity to import and export goods from the rest of the world or from a free zone to the Dubai Mainland.

Is it necessary to have a custom code for importing and exporting goods?


How long does it take for custom clearance in Dubai?

Customs clearance will take place in Dubai for 5-10 days.

What documents must be submitted to obtain a custom code?

The documents required to be submitted to obtain a custom code are,

  • Valid trade license copy

  • Passport copies of the authorised person

  • Chamber of commerce certificate

  • An undertaking letters