Trade Name Registration in Dubai

Dubai is a prominent location for investing in a successful venture in the United Arab Emirates. Its economy and the ease of doing business has gathered the attention of businesspersons around the globe. That is why the procedure to start a business in Dubai, and complete several other requirements are made smooth and hassle-free by the authorities. The government’s pro-business initiatives have made this Emirate a hub for many industries.

While registering a company in Dubai, one of the first and most crucial steps is to register a business name. It is important to know the laws and regulations involved in selecting and registering a trade name. If not followed, there are severe repercussions. That is why one must take help from a business setup consultant to complete these procedures.

How to Register a Trade Name in Dubai?

The Department of Economic Development (DED) Dubai is the governing authority for registering anything related to business. The DED can reject a trade name if it doesn’t comply with the prerequisites. One can apply for the trade name registration online if they have access to Business Registration and Licensing (BRL) or simply go through an authorized service centre or law firm.

Once you have chosen the name for your company in Dubai, you have to cross-check if it is available and you can do this via a public service offered by the local Ministry of Economy. You can submit the trade name written in Arabic or English. Checking the availability, registration, and payment can be done online on the website of DED. The name of your company is essential because it is representative of your business and your brand and it will help differentiate your business from others.

Before finalizing a trade name to send it to the DED, there are a few rules to be noted.

Rules for Registering a Trade Name in Dubai

  • It is not allowed to start with “middle east”, “international”, “global.”
  • The name should reflect the business activity
  • A trade name that is obscene or has indecent words that may offend the public is not allowed
  • The names should be translated into Arabic
  • It must not include the word Dubai
  • It must not conflict with Arabic and Islamic traditions.
  • Must not refer to God or Islam

Procedure to Register Trade Name in Dubai

This procedure is when one chooses e-services of DED.

  1. Search at to check if the trade name does not already exist.
  2. Submit an application form to the DED, often at the same time as you apply for a trade license
  3. If every document is correct, you will be issued with a Trade Name Certificate
  4. A Trade Name Certificate is valid for 60 days
  5. It can be renewed online just once
  6. It must be renewed within one week before it is due to expire

Documents Required

  • Trade name application form
  • Fees depending on the content and language of the name
  • Valid ID

The process is relatively simple. But taking advice from a business setup consultant can be useful if you are not aware of the guidelines provided by the DED Dubai.

How can Commitbiz help?

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