Representative Trade Office in Qatar

It is well-known that Qatar has been one of the breeding ground for business entities. It serves as a full-fledged business destination that grabs the attention of millions of investors. Not only does it provide a platform for established business, but it has got equal opportunity for entrepreneurs. Setting up a company in Qatar turns out to be way profitable, irrespective of the corporate structure one chooses to establish. This article will take you through one of such corporate structure known as Representative Office.  Let’s begin…

What is a Representative Trade Office?

Some of the core activities carried out by a RTO are as follows:

  • Trade offices turns out to be beneficial to overcome the obstacles related to distribution
  • Drives to increase the overall trade
  • Act as a catalyst between the Parent company and the client

A Representative office doesn’t stand in the initial front of grabbing business. It supports the core business by diving deeper into the other domains such as research, distribution domains etc.

Highlights of a Representative Trade Office in Qatar

  • Can operate business activities without commencing import, export, or any trade activities
  • It has the restriction to create customers
  • Corporate tax lies between the range of 10%-35%
  • 100% Ownership is offered to foreign investors
  • No bar for minimum capital
  • They are subjected to Ministerial Approval

Now, let’s focus on the documentation process.

Documents Required to Set Up a Representative Trade Office in Qatar

  • Duly filled application form
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company
  • Certificate of Commercial Registration
  • Official address along with the proof

Once all the documents are gathered, you can proceed towards the company registration process.

How to Set Up a Representative Trade Office (RTO) in Qatar?

To setup an RTO in Qatar, the below-mentioned steps are to be followed accordingly:

1.Application Submission

The very first step that you need to undergo while setting up a Representative Trade Office in Qatar is to duly file an application form to the Ministry of Business and Trade.

2.Submission of Documents

All the aforementioned documents are to be submitted accordingly to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce

3.Obtain Commercial Permit

Once the documents have been submitted and approved, the next step is to obtain the commercial permit from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture

4.Obtain Commercial Registration

The last step is to obtain commercial registration number from the Immigration Office.

In short, you can see that setting up a Representative Office can help you bridge the gap in between the parent company and the target destination. An RO can help you in providing the information about the target market, can help you in getting done a market research. If you are planning to expand your business in Qatar, you can choose to initiate an RO. To proceed further, it is recommended to have a word with a business consultant who can help you in dealing with the incorporation process and also look at the legal proceedings. Commitbiz, one of the top business consultants in Qatar delivers the same. We are a team of experts who look into the company matters starting from the registration till covering the core domains such as accounting, legal, taxation, visa services etc. To know more, do contact us-we’d be glad to assist you.