Investor Visa Renewal, Dubai, UAE

Dubai has become a fantastic destination for economic activities, growth, and development. The Emirate offers various investment opportunities and paves the way for establishing successful businesses.

Speaking of investment opportunities, being an investor takes work. You need to take care of the registration process, visa application and renewal of your investor visa in Dubai. Here, we look at the latest regulations, requirements, procedures, benefits and other essentials of investor visa renewal in Dubai, UAE.

What is an Investor Visa?

Investor visas are a type of visa that allows you to live in another country as you have invested money to build a business there. The visa encourages investment in foreign countries, thereby resulting in economic growth and creating job opportunities.

The investment visa in Dubai is valid for three years, and you must renew it at the expiry date. To renew, you need to comply with legal regulations and follow the detailed process laid down by the authorities. 

Documents Required for Renewing an Investor Visa in Dubai

If you wish to renew your investor visa in Dubai, the documents listed below need to be submitted –

  • Emirates ID
  • Your passport.
  • Renewal receipt.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Health insurance card.
  • Previous residency visa.
  • Residence visa application.
  • Trade license/Establishment card.
  • List of the sponsors from the Ministry of Labour.

You will also be required to pay registration and application fees to the authorities along with the documents.

Process of Renewing an Investor Visa in Dubai

According to the Government of Dubai, there are three ways to apply for an investor visa in Dubai. Each of the steps is as follows -

I. Renewal through digital channels -

Step 1 - Login through the Smart Services System:

You need to log into the smart services system using the UAE pass or username. 

Step 2 - Apply for the Service:

After logging in, search for the services you applied for. In this case, investor visa renewal in Dubai.

Step 3 - Fill the Application Form:

Fill out the application form for renewal of the visa.

Step 4 - Upload Documents:

Upload the necessary documents and continue.

Step 5 - Make the payments:

Complete the process by paying the requisite service fees. Once the application is approved, you will receive a renewed visa. 

II. Renewal through Centres -

Step 1 - Visit the authorised centre

When you choose to renew an investor visa in Dubai offline, you need to visit the Customer Happiness Centre or Amer Service Centre.

Step 2 - Collect Ticket

You need to collect an automated ticket and wait for your turn.

Step 3 - Fill up the Form

You need to submit your application to the authorised person. 

Step 4 - Attach Required Documents

You need to attach the required documents and submit them along with the form.

Step 5 - Pay the fees

You need to pay the requisite service fees.

Benefits of Investor Visa Renewal in Dubai

For renewing an investor visa in Dubai, we can avail certain benefits like –

i) It allows you and your family members to live, work, and earn in the Emirate without any legal issues. 

ii) It helps in the continuation of business activities without any roadblocks. 

iii) You get access to various services in Dubai, such as banking, healthcare, and education.

iv) You get to enjoy a high standard of living in a safe environment with access to modern infrastructure.

v) You enjoy other benefits, such as a favourable tax regime, lower corporate tax, and a business-friendly environment for expansion.

Factors Affecting Investor Visa Renewal in Dubai

Certain factors play an integral part in the renewal of an investor visa. Let us look at them –

a) Entry Permit:

You incur costs for renewing an investor visa when applying for an entry permit. However, this depends on whether the individual is staying in the country or outside.

b) Change of Visa Status:

Another factor that affects the cost of investor visas in Dubai is the change of visa status. 

c) Visa Stamping Fee:

Visa stamping fees are an additional expense that must be paid by you for renewal of investor visa in Dubai.

d) Emirates ID:

An Emirates ID card acts as proof of address and validates you as a UAE citizen.  

e) Medical Tests:

Lastly, you need to go through certain medical tests for investor visa renewal in Dubai.


Renewal of an investor visa in Dubai is essential and involves specific legal regulations. We can guide you through the process, ensuring compliance and getting the renewal done fast without any hassle.  

Our top-quality visa services in Dubai will help you meet the requirements and maintain high standards. Connect and let us take care of the legalities.



Can I transfer my investor visa to another business or investment in Dubai during the renewal process?

Yes, it's possible to transfer your investor visa to a new business or investment within Dubai. However, this process involves certain criteria and paperwork, and it's advisable to seek guidance from relevant authorities or legal advisors to ensure a smooth transition.

Will my visa renewal be affected if my business faces financial challenges or changes in ownership?

Facing financial challenges or changes in ownership of the business may impact the investor visa renewal process. It's essential to address any such issues transparently with the authorities and provide the necessary documentation to demonstrate continued commitment to Dubai's economy.

Can family members included in my investor visa also renew their residency permits simultaneously?

Yes, family members included under your investor visa can typically renew their residency permits along with the primary investor. This streamlined process allows families to maintain their legal status in Dubai without additional hassle.

Can I travel outside of the UAE during the investor visa renewal process?

While it's possible to travel outside the UAE during the renewal process, it's essential to consider the potential implications. Depending on the duration of travel and the stage of the renewal process, it may be necessary to coordinate with relevant authorities or legal advisors to avoid any disruptions or delays.

Are there any special considerations for investors who wish to diversify their investments into different sectors during the renewal process?

Dubai encourages diversifying investments into different sectors, reflecting the emirate's commitment to economic diversification and innovation. Investors pursuing such strategies during the renewal process may need to provide additional documentation or justification for the diversification plan to the authorities.