Investor Visa Renewal

An investor invests in a company with an expectation of earning a return on the investment made. The investment decision involves complexity and a huge risk but gives higher returns. A business needs investors for financial support and simultaneously an investor requires a platform to invest in. Understanding the need of both the sides, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have come up with free zones, different business opportunities in multiple domains so as grab global attention. The investors who invest in business becomes a crucial part of the business entity and are entitled to obtain an investor visa, also known as partner visa.

An investor visa or partner visa is a legal document issued to the investors of a company that allows them to stay, operate business activities, and leaves the nation. According to the Arabian business news, in May 2018, the UAE launched a 10-year residency visa for investors and specialist, which exceeds the normal validity of 3 years.  Are you an investor? Well, then you need to keep a check on the renewal status of your visa. Now, an investor visa needs to get renewed along with the residency visa before it gets expired. The process of visa renewal Dubai can be done through an online platform by providing the essentials. Let’s have a look and understand the renewal documents and the process.

How to Renew an Investor Visa?

The renewal process of an investor visa can take place through an online process of e-DNRD, as well as offline.

Renewal through e-DNRD Account

If your company has an e-DNRD account, the renewal process can be initiated at the typing centre with the help of e-DNRD User ID and Password. There is no need to visit the Immigration Office.

Renewal without e-DNRD Account

If your company doesn’t have an e-DNRD Account, the form needs to be collected from the Typing Centre, and the following documents need to be presented.

  • Original passport with a validity of almost 6 months
  • Two recent passport size photographs with white background
  • Original medical certificate
  • Valid Medical Insurance
  • Copy of Emirates ID renewal form
  • Accommodation: Copy of attested tenancy (a six-month hotel reservation can be accepted)
  • Copy of latest utility bill
  • Copy of company bank statement
  • Copy of Service Agent Contract (for professional license)
  • Immigration Establishment Card copy
  • International Bank Account Number (IBAN) of the sponsor

Upon submitting the documents stated above, a stipulated amount is required to be paid as a renewal fee.

Investor Visa Renewal Fee

The fee for the renewal of investor visa is as below:

Package Description


Normal (AED)

Urgent (AED)

Royal (AED)

Entire renewal package including Visa Renewal, Medical Test, Emirates ID Application, ID card for Investor/Employee





Other Employees




Renewal package without Emirates ID and Medical Test





Other Employees




* For employee visa renewal, labour card renewal is mandatory.

Duration of Investor Visa Renewal in Dubai



Normal (Days)

Urgent (Days)

Royal (Days)

Medical and Emirates ID





Other Employees




Visa Renewal (process after the medical test)





Other Employees




The medical examination charges are:

Normal (3 to 5 Working Days)

AED 320

2 Days

AED 420

1 Day

AED 540

VIP (3 Hours)

AED 750

Now, once the investor visa renewal process has been done, the investor will receive the new visa with extension validity. At the same time, it becomes a mandate to renew the residence visa as well. Now, you must be wondering what are the documents required for an Investor Visa Residency renewal? Well, the answer to your query lies below.

Documents Required for Investor Visa Residency Renewal

To renew the residency visa for a partner or investor, the following need to be presented:

  • Residence visa application
  • Passport of the investor
  • Previous residency visa
  • Trade license or establishment card
  • Medical Certificate
  • Health Insurance card
  • Emirates ID renewal Receipt
  • List of the sponsored from Ministry of Labour

The required fee for renewal of residency permit of an investor is AED 250. For an urgent application, an extra fee of AED 100 must be paid.

Thus, you have seen how important it is to renew an investor visa as failure to do so would lead to bigger issues. In order to avoid such mishaps, an investor should keep a track on the expiry date and should do the renewal process on time. It also becomes necessary that a business entity keeps a check on its current investors and notify them regarding the visa renewal process. If your company has got multiple investors you need to keep a check and help them with the renewal process. Are you wondering how to deal with this in a short time? Don’t worry. We have a solution to your problem.


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