Event Management License in Dubai

When talking about the most profitable businesses in Dubai, event management is among the top. The Emirate has become the global hub for events like music festivals, sporting events, live performances, business conferences, and stand-up comedy shows, among others.

It goes without saying that these events are global thereby highlighting the fact there are good opportunities in the event management industry.The first step towards realising this is availing an event management license in Dubai.

Read on to learn about the complete process of availing of an event management license in Dubai.

Activities Permitted for Having an Event Management License

Event management companies are allowed to handle both corporate and personal events. For availing an event management license in Dubai, the following activities are permitted-

  • Purchasing/issuing tickets for an event
  • Organising events 
  • Hotel reservations

How do you Apply for an Event Management License in Dubai?

To start your event management company in Dubai, you will first need to secure an event management license. The process to obtain the license involves the steps listed below:

  1. Decide on a Business Structure

Dubai offers entrepreneurs like you a variety of business structures to choose from. Some of the structures are limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, and limited partnerships, among others. Experts at Commitbiz can help you understand these business structures in detail. 

  1. Pick a Trade Name 

Pick a trade name for your business. Before submitting the name for approval, ensure that the trade name adheres to the naming regulations of the UAE.

  1. Select your Business Activity

Decide the kind of business activity your company will engage in. This step is essential  as the authorities need to know what is the purpose of availing the license.

  1. Apply for the Event Management License

Fill the application form and submit it to the Department of Economic Development or the relevant freezone authority along with the necessary documents. 

  1. Pay the Fees 

The last step is to pay the requisite fees to the authorities.

Once you have secured the event management license, you will be allowed to start your event management company in Dubai.

What is the Cost of an Event Management License in Dubai?

To understand the cost of securing the license, you will need to understand the factors associated with it. Some of the main factors involved are application and processing fees, rent for location, kind of business activity and type of business structure.

Commitbiz business consultants can help you with securing an event management license in Dubai. They are well-equipped to handle the legalities and can ensure hassle-free company incorporation. Reach out to us now and get started.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will it take to receive my event management license in Dubai?

The relevant authorities will issue your license within one to two weeks from the date of application.

Are there any specific regulations that an event management company needs to follow?

You will need to ensure that you abide by all the local rules and regulations and comply with the Emirate’s cultural guidelines.

Do I require any additional permits to organise events in Dubai?

Yes, you must apply for specific permits based on your event activity and requirements from the relevant authorities.