Event Management License in Dubai

The Event Industry is booming around the world. The United Arab Emirates, in particular Dubai, is said to be one of the event capitals of the world. This sector brings a massive investment in the country; it hosts hundreds of events, from international trade fairs and consumer shows to corporate functions and conventions, welcoming millions of global visitors annually. 

This is where Event Management Company comes into the picture. To start which, you need an event management license in Dubai

How to Start an Event Management Company in Dubai?

Applying for an event management license in Dubai is the first important thing to do if you want to start an event management company. With the help of this license, you will be free to conduct a wide range of activities such as event production, hospitality management, event promotion, etc. along with this there are several other reasons to start an event management company in Dubai.

Scratching your head on how to start an event management company in Dubai? Well, knowing all the legal formalities is a piece of cake. If not, you can always take the help of a business consultant to make things easier.

Under the event management license in Dubai, there are a few activities that are not permissible by the government and you must be aware of them.

Permissible Activities Under Dubai Event Management License

  • Organize and encourage gala events, award ceremonies, conventions, product launches, conferences, meetings, seminars and other business-related activities
  • Selling tickets for events
  • Hotel reservations for the attendees of the events

Non-Permissible Activities Under Dubai Event Management License

 Carrying out any civil / construction workings, for example, building stages, scaffolding, exhibition stands, or any extra construction work

 Trading activities that also include the import and export of products

 Training Activities

 Organize and sponsor events lacking the approval of the appropriate authorities

 Talent Agency’s Activities

 Venue Management

Procedure to Obtain Event Management License in Dubai

The steps to obtain an event management license in Dubai are as follows:

 1. Application Form

Fill an application form for obtaining the license. The form includes personal and professional information. 

 2. List The Business Activities

Once you have decided what your business activities are, list them in the application and submit it to the Department of Economic Development (DED)

 3. Check for The Rules

The second point must be followed if your setting up your company in Dubai mainland. There are different rules for getting an event management license in Dubai free zones. It depends on the freezone you are opting for

 4. Documents Submission

Attach all the necessary documents and submit the application form. Once you submit the application with the attached documents, you have to wait for a reply from DED.

 5. Get Your License

Once your application is approved, pay the fees. Your license will be given to you in a few days after the approval. Once you start, plan on how to grow your event management business.

Key Points to Note Once You Obtain Event Management License in Dubai

  1. You will be entirely responsible for complete ticket money back in the case of event withdrawal. You must also go into and secure accurate Insurance policy to shelter any charges and refunds in case of event withdrawal. The Authority has the right to examine the activities, files, and affairs of the Licensee at any instance of time.
  2. Sale and promotion of tickets for events detained outside the any Free Zone are subject to the guiding principle of proper authorities (i.e. DED, DTCM, or the DM)
  3. Sale and promotion of tickets in the other state or Countries are subject to the laws, rules, and regulations, as well as guidelines of the related authorities in the respective Emirates or Countries.
  4. Tickets, websites, posters, banners, leaflets, and every marketing material linked to the event management; should at all times clearly state any related general public information.

Dubai E-Permit

To host an event in Dubai, you must acquire an E-permit from Dubai Tourism Commercial Marketing (DTCM). To register for the same, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit e-permit website
  2. Click on register for an account button
  3. Read and accept the General Disclaimer.
  4. Select the Registration Type (Organiser, Venue) and fill the required fields.
  5. Enter contact information by clicking on Add New button.
  6. Upload the organisation’s trade licence.
  7. Submit the application and note the registration number.

Get Your Event Management License in Dubai with Commitbiz

A raft of entrepreneurs is waiting to dive in and make the most of it in the event management business. There has never been a better time to plunge in this profitable business. Naturally, your skills will help you climb the ladder of success in this competitive market. So why wait? We at Commitbiz can help you acquire an Event Management License in Dubai and help you start your company. Contact us today- we’d be glad to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is an event management license in Dubai valid?

It is valid for 1 year and you can renew it later.

How long will it take to get an event management license in Dubai?

You will get your license in 6 to 7 working days.

What is the cost of getting an event management license in Dubai?

It will cost around 16000 AED to 17000 AED.

What is the benefit of obtaining an event management license in Dubai?

You can work in the potential land of Dubai, which has a huge scope for event management business.

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