8 Reasons to Start an Event Management Company in Dubai

by Zaara 12, Aug 2019


In today’s era, one can see a massive development in every sector. Be it industrial, business commercial or e-commerce, people are keenly interested in starting up a company in all these sectors. In the past, event management was only limited to weddings and parties or even some small scale ceremonies and events. But over the past few years, this sector is on the verge of exponential rise.

Event management business in Dubai certainly makes a good start-up. These events can range from small private parties to big corporate setups. One can start from small events like birthdays, weddings or anniversaries or go to some significant events like graduations, concerts etc. apart from these private events there is a massive demand for the corporate events as well like product launches, sales meetings, or end-of-the-year events.

Starting an event management company in Dubai can be a beneficial step for any young entrepreneurs. Dubai has this amazing liberal system wherein they welcome business investors from different parts of the world. Dubai attracts a large number of investors from worldwide as they have an attractive legal system with minimal costing, including some significant beneficial incentives for the start-ups.

Following mentioned are some ten reasons why one should start an event management company in Dubai:

Affordable Start-up Cost

Among many other start-up ideas, the event management business is one of the tops and is hard to beat. To obtain an event management license, the rate is affordable as approx. AED 17,500.For such a business you don't need an office at the start, and you can hire contract employees as a needs basis. One major advantage as that you don't need to carry major stock like other business sectors. All you need to do is to plot out the major activities performed and invest minimally. 

Unlimited Income Potential

No matter what time of year is, there is always something exciting happening in Dubai. One of the reasons why a business investor or entrepreneur wants to start up a business is to earn money. Dubai has a success rate for newly emerging entrepreneurs. Business investors from all over the world want to set up business in Dubai. In relation to event management, there is no place better than Dubai from such a company. Dubai hosts n number of events every year. The potential client availability is enormous. Now you are only limited to your imagination.


Dubai has a significant advantage in terms of its location. It is located near all the major spots of the world. Dubai's proximity to Iran, Europe and India have made it one of the top a global destination in the world. With a fantastic location advantage, Dubai has smooth accessibility of resources. For an event management company, it is can be significant advantages as Dubai has got visitors and corporate individuals from worldwide. These corporate expats would require a good event management company to arrange events, ceremonies or meeting and hence thus providing an excellent opportunity to the event management companies in Dubai.

Minimal Risk

An event management business ranges from small term investment to long. A start-up entrepreneur can start the said business with a minimum capital as well. You don't need to invest in many different types of fixed costs, such as office equipment and office space. Your downside risk is always kept to the absolute minimum.

Repeat Business

The success of every business is to have a good and positive relationship with the clients. Event management involves the talent of excellent communication and then the clients who come back time to time again. In such type of business, it is easier to repeat the business with the existing clients than to have new ones every other time. Corporate individuals being one of the highest repeated clients for the event management business if you do well. In the case of private individuals, if you do well, they will always recommend you and your company with relatives as well as friends.

Dynamic Industry

Event management is a sector wherein there is an effective rate of growth. Dubai being a country having major top-class events, requires new, emerging talented event management companies to serve the needs of the growing developed city. A good event management company can always seek out significant individuals for the events. People get emotional and physically involved in such events. It just requires is a reasonable team effort from the side of the company. The results are always rewarding, wherein you are engaged in interacting with people.

Plenty of Visa Options

The flexible visa options available in Dubai, which can be easily afforded by the event management licenses is one of the major factors for the popularity of the said business. The entrepreneurs can quickly obtain their visa as well as they have the opportunity to apply for more as per their business growth and the requirements. Hence, the event management business owners can apply for n number of visas.

Multiple Shareholders

Regardless of whether you want to set up an event management company in a free zone or mainland, you have the option of various shareholders in your company.  Both individuals, as well as corporate entities, have the authority to set up the business with more than one shareholders in Dubai.

Starting your event management business in Dubai

Event management business is one of the most popular businesses in Dubai. It goes without saying that, only the best and most talented, as well as dedicated entrepreneurs need, applies when it comes to launching event business in Dubai as well as the UAE. To set up an event management business in Dubai, one has to have approvals and licenses which are tricky. Hence it is advisable to appoint an expert who can handle all your legal and technical needs. We at Commitbiz are working to provide our clients with a smooth registration and setup process. In case of any query for setting up an event management business. Contact us. We would be happy to help.

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