5 Tips to Grow Your Event Management Business in Dubai

by Zaara 09, Sep 2019


Dubai and its tall contrasting structures and heritage describe the tale of its rich culture. Dubai is one of the essential emirates for the growth of the event industry in the Middle East. Over the last decade, the event management industry is at a booming pace. Event management industry plays a crucial role in the building of an economy of a country.

Many events are held in the capital city, Dubai. It is home to around 10 million tourists every year. In the year 2021, it is estimated that Dubai will witness approximately 20 million visitors overnight. Dubai World Trade Centre alone is the major attraction and revenue collector for Dubai. The events held are accounted for AED 12.7 million alone in the Dubai World Trade Centre. For all the emerging entrepreneurs and investors, Dubai is the perfect location to set up their Business.

The global popularity of Dubai has made Dubai one of the most liked tourist destinations. The city welcomes all its visitors with an open heart and gives them a warm feeling of home. With all the upcoming events in Dubai, it has attracted massive attention of entrepreneurs and investors. With many cultural spots and historical sites, it is eye candy for the entire tourist population. For all the investors who wish to invest in the Event Management company in Dubai, this is the most significant opportunity to set up your company.

Know- How’s of the Event Management Business in Dubai

Event management sector brings a massive investment to the country’s economy. Dubai is termed as the event capital of the UAE. Dubai winning the Paris bid to host the Expo 2020, is all set to show the world its art, culture and innovations in technology. Dubai is witnessing a massive growth in the event management sector. Event management business is one of the most prominent business industries of the UAE. Dubai is known as “heaven for entrepreneurs”, so setting up an event management business in Dubai is most profitable.

In Dubai, the event management industry has seen a growth of 25 per cent per annum. And it has been increasing since the year 2013. Dubai hosts around hundreds of events for both corporate and tourist. These events combine all the activities like various seminars, workshops, celebrations, corporate meetings, art and cultural activities, award ceremonies and tech conventions etc.

Event management companies can be set up both in mainland and free zone in Dubai. There are certain advantages and disadvantages for both the locations. You should follow all the procedure for setting up the company and complete all the requisites. An Event Management License should be obtained by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).

Procedure to be Followed while Setting up an Event Management Company

  • Register your event management company
  • Take all the approvals from the Department of Economic Development
  • Obtain an Event Management License for your company license should be issued by the concerned authority
  • The physical office should be established
  • The corporate bank account should be obtained for your company
  • Visa approvals should be taken from the government of Dubai.

Above mentioned are the steps that you have followed while setting up your event management business in Dubai. To obtain the license and set up your Event Management Company is a piece of cake if you have followed all the legalities.

Steps to Grow your Event Management Company

To start your Event Management Company can be easy, but to keep it going, can be a task to be accomplished. After setting up your event management business, the most important thing is to grow your business and attract several clients. It is essential to market your business to improve your client base. Follow these five easy steps to grow your business.


To grow an event management business, the most crucial step is to advertise your business. The more you promote the number of people will get attracted to the company. Advertising can be done through various mediums. Publishing advertisement in a local newspaper or through various leaflets is the best way to advertise a company. Informative brochures can also be given to people so that they may avail your services.

2.Digital Advertisements

Digital advertisements are also viral in today’s period. Digital advertising platform gains the attention of the mass population. Clients are more attracted to a digital ad. Digital advertisements also include social media platforms. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are some of the best ways to attract a large number of clients.


Networking or social connectivity is also an essential aspect of growing any business. Due to networking if people know you and know what services you offer, then they may refer business to you. They can also use your service for themselves. Networking with hotels and caterers can give you a chance to meet some more people and also know some more people whose services may be helpful to your business.

4.Business Card

A business card is a small but highly impactful marketing tool. You can opt for a regular business card or a tri-fold business card.  It is like a summary of your entire business set up. It includes all the information like the name of your business, contact information and details, email, phone number and website address, your name, your logo, and some testimonials from past clients and specializations of your business.

5.Customer Service

The critical aspect that attracts the clients the most is excellent customer service. To make goodwill and attract more customers, you have to give excellent customer service to the clients. Giving customer discounts and various service offers make your clients happy and which may result in strong customer relations.

Starting your event management company is east, but to grow and nurture your business require a lot of effort. We at commitbiz are here to help you not only set up your company but will also advise you how to grow it. Our advisers are here to solve all your doubts as to how to set up your business in Dubai and other such services. Contact us if you need any advice- we are here to help.

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