Business License in Ajman

Ajman Emirate enjoys many natural perspectives and features, making it one of the most crucial attraction spots in the region, and qualifying it to be a vital hub for investments that can open new horizons in the world of economy, and provide amazing investment opportunities. Ajman offers unmatched road connectivity that makes it easily accessible from different parts of the UAE. It generates its GDP from fisheries, trade, and agriculture and further boasts of a robust industrial area, construction, and commercial activities that facilitate its development and economic growth.

To enjoy the opportunities provided by Ajman to its investors, the business setup in Ajman is the most preferred by entrepreneurs and startups. But, to establish a business in this Emirate, one needs to have a business license.

Procedure to Obtain a Business License in Ajman

The steps to obtain a business license in the Emirate of Ajman are as follows.

1. Selecting Business Activity

Choosing a business activity is the first step towards obtaining a business license. Business activity in Ajman Mainland depends on the type of business venture.

2. Get a Local Sponsor

An ex-pat will require a reliable UAE National as a local partner/sponsor. This individual (or a group of local investors) will own maximum i.e. 51% share ownership of the company. On the other hand, the remaining 49% will go to ex-pat.

3. Trade Name and Initial Approval

The business name must be unique and must not misrepresent the applicant's activity after trade name selection gets initial approval to set up the Ajman business.

4. Get External Approval

External approvals and other required documents will only be required when performing special activities outside of the license. Under this step, obtain all the additional approvals from the Ministry.

5. Rent an Office & Obtain the Ejari Certificate

Companies in Ajman mainland have a minimum office space requirement of 200ft. Once the tenancy contract is signed, the applicant will get an Ejari certificate from the Ajman Department of Land and Real Estate Regulation (Ajman ARRA).

6. Pay Fees and Obtain License

Once the above steps are completed, pay fees to the Ajman DED, and get the license.

Documents Required

  • Trade name reservation
  • Specifying the type of business activity and obtaining the consent of the concerned authority accordingly
  • Inspecting the premises of the business
  • Issuing a preliminary approval
  • Issuing a final approval
  • Paying the fees
  • Ejari Certificate

Advantages of Mainland License in Ajman

  • Affordable & seamless company incorporation
  • Access to developed infrastructure, a wide range of premises, & UAE's resources
  • Access to a growing market for technical services, across the Emirate
  • No fixed limit on employee visas
  • Access to government projects
  • Access to corporate services from specialized agents

How can we help?

One cannot conduct business in Ajman without obtaining a business license. Commitbiz offers complete assistance in obtaining the trade license in whichever way you need. We will also send you timely reminders when the renewal of your license is due. Commitbiz will work with you to handle your business setup in UAE from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more.