Booming Business Industries in Ajman

Ajman is the smallest emirate in the UAE, with an estimated area of 260 square kilometers. It is geographically squeezed between Dubai and Sharjah. Ajman occupies a small coastal region of the Arabian Gulf, which is why the established infrastructure comprises ports, storage outlets, manufacturing hubs, and several primary business locations. The various economic advantages and demographic features make Ajman the ideal location for business setup in the UAE. This Emirati business region might not be the glistening and glamourous region surrounded by tourist attractions, malls, and flashy tech parks. It is instead a business area that supports many corporate companies and service entities in the UAE.

In terms of viewing revenue prospects of every emirate, Ajman happens to be one of the most underrated of its sibling emirates. Since it is a primary business hub, many raw materials/resources such as construction equipment, infra-tools, base materials are manufactured and transported to different parts of the United Arab Emirates for various use by several industries and corporations. This booming location happens to be a hub for primary businesses such as manufacturing, construction, real estate, industrial logistics, and retail.

Growing Business Industries in Ajman

1. Industrial Logistics

Every business owner in the Arab business market knows that getting raw materials on time is directly proportional to the manufacturing firm's productivity, output, and revenue. Therefore, you get to hear the phrase "Time is Money" in the industrial logistics sector because many companies are dependent on the transportation of goods and materials on time for catering to their clientele and customer base. This Ajman business sector is a significant contributor to companies doing business in Dubai and Sharjah. The logistics network extends to Dubai, Sharjah, and nearing coastal parts of Abu Dhabi.

2. Infrastructure Services and Construction Material

Don’t tell us you didn’t see this coming a mile away. UAE is popularly known as the infrastructure innovation hub of the world. Be it the awe astounding tourist attractions of Dubai, start-up havens in Ras Al Khaimah, or the corporate magnets in the form of industrial parks in Abu Dhabi attracting new businesses every year. UAE has always been a trailblazer in the field of infrastructure. In the coming years, as part of the Vision 2030, the government of Abu Dhabi will be investing in various infrastructure initiatives such as Tech Parks, Start-up accelerators, Tourist Attractions, Conventions, and Exhibitions and Trade Centres to summit the legacy as a top-notch A-list business destination.

Many of these initiatives and projects are dependent on the manufacturing hubs in Ajman for the diligent supply of raw materials, especially when it comes to products such as cement, rubber, steel materials, iron products, etc. All these base materials play a large part in the overall infrastructure sector of the UAE, which is essential for attracting foreign investors and entrepreneurs to set up business in the UAE.

3. Manufacturing Services

Ajman is a mini manufacturing hub for crucial resources such as rubber, plastic, packaged food, beverage, etc. Primary manufacturing services for these raw materials contribute mainly to the various large-scale projects such as infrastructure, product manufacturing, and end-user packaging to be directed for market use and final sales to consumers. Thereby Ajman’s manufacturing sector can be addressed as the backbone for many small and large businesses in the nearing Emirati region. The inventory supply of pre-manufactured materials is acquired through the ports from various trade partners. Similarly, manufactured raw materials are exported to various parts of the gulf region through Ajman.

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