All about PRO Services in Abu Dhabi

by Vishakha Agarwal 15, Dec 2023

The Middle East has steadily transformed itself into a magnet for entrepreneurs and businesspeople worldwide. This has resulted in a significant expansion in the UAE’s expatriate population. With the growing number of ex-pats and foreigners comes the issue of comprehending and adhering to the country’s norms and regulations. A foreign business person must follow a particular procedure and prepare specific documents when coming to the country. PRO services in Abu Dhabi ensure that expatriates have no difficulties filling out paperwork.

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What are PRO Services in Abu Dhabi?

PRO services in Abu Dhabi provide efficient document clearing. These documents are issued by the government and the ministry, which are required to establish a business in the UAE.

Managing the application processing and paperwork may be time-consuming for a company organisation. On the other hand, this is one of the most essential functions for creating a strong company. 

It might be challenging for business owners to manage all requirements effectively and within the appropriate timescales. Government liaison officer (PRO) services are required to register a corporation in Abu Dhabi. 

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Uses of PRO Services Company in Abu Dhabi

Understanding the importance of PRO services in Abu Dhabi and how helpful they can be is beneficial for a company. The uses are as follows –

  1. They help open a corporate bank account.
  2. They guide in the process of visa clearance.
  3. They are helpful in the registration of the copyright and trademark of the company.
  4. They update and renew the licenses and other permits.
  5. They help obtain approval for a trade license and renew it.
  6. They also assist in obtaining immigration and labour cards.
  7. They take care in obtaining a no-objection certificate.
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Benefits of Utilizing PRO Services in Abu Dhabi 

There are various benefits of contacting a PRO service company in Abu Dhabi. They provide services and help with the functioning of the business. The advantages of utilising their services are explained below – 

i) Compliance: 

Foreigners may have difficulty in identifying and dealing with local legislation. They will need assistance in recording the paperwork correctly. UAE has strict laws, and it may appear unjust to the country’s ex-pats, and that’s when reaching out to a PRO services company is beneficial to them.

ii) Easy Access:

PRO services in Abu Dhabi facilitate quick access to key government agencies such as The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), The Chamber of Commerce, and other local services.

iii) Efficiency:

Using a PRO services company to help your business set up in Abu Dhabi or elsewhere in the UAE will save time. When you use PRO services, the steps of forming your company will be simplified gradually, allowing you to focus on other business operations.

iv) Helps in Budgeting:

You may have budget shortfalls without PRO services that consume more of your budget than anticipated. Contacting a dependable PRO partner can give you practical direction on using equipment in the early stages if you are attempting to cut losses. Your business and personal stay in the nation will be protected in the long term if you work with a reputable PRO supplier.

v) Provides Reliability:

Implementing PRO services will provide peace of mind to the company’s management. The administration may be comfortable with the service provider handling all the details, allowing them to focus on other important matters.

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PRO Services in Abu Dhabi

There are various PRO services, and understanding each is essential because it helps in utilising them as and when required for business activities. Some of the PRO services that Commitbiz provides are –

  • Company Setup.
  • Trademark /Copyright Registration.
  • Company Liquidation /De-Registration of Companies.
  • Opening a Business Bank Account.
  • Partner/Investor Visa Processing.
  • Visa Cancellation and Visa Renewal.
  • Family Visa Sponsorship.
  • VIP Medical Chaperoned Services.
  • Emirates ID Service.
  • Establishment Card Processing.
  • MOL Card Processing.
  • Government Approvals & NOCs from Government Ministries.
  • Legal Translation Services.
  • Legal Attestation of Corporate Documents at the Court / Public Notary.

Commitbiz provides efficient and cost-effective PRO services in the UAE for small and medium-sized enterprises and MNEs. 

We have built a strong relationship with key Government bodies through our experience, enabling us to provide our clients with an active process. 

Our experts will sit with you and address your needs and demands. Afterward, we will give you the best bespoke plan that specifies your requirements. This allows minimum extraneous expenses and maximises your resources. Contact us today for more details.

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What is the full form of PRO services?

The full form is Public Relationship Officer Services

Can a pro services company help in opening a corporate bank account?

Yes, a pro services company can assist you.

Why to use pro services?

It becomes complicated for individuals to understand laws, policies, documentation, etc. hence, a pro services company would be of great help.

Can pro services company help in family visa sponsorship?

Yes, a pro services company can help you.

What are some of the uses of pro services company?

A pro services company can be used to

  • open a corporate bank account
  • visa clearance
  • For copyright and trademark registration
  • Approval and renewal of trade license
  • To obtain No-Objection Certificate and many more