How to Get UAE Family Visa?

by Zaara 30, Sep 2021

The UAE is considered the land of opportunities in the middle eastern region. The UAE has received this decorative accolade due to the kind of lifestyle, the economy and the corporate environment that employs millions of people from around the globe. Various facilities by the government improve the standard of living of the citizens and also simplify the process of business setup in the UAE.

People from around the world love to visit the UAE with their families, and those who are employed there also love to get their family and children settled in the UAE as it has a lot of attractions and places to visit where people wish and want to visit again and again such as the Miracle Garden, the UAE mall, the Burj Khalifah and various other attractions, gardens and beaches to name a few.

The UAE also gives its residents a lot of facilities with regards to shelter, clothing, schooling, varieties of fruits and vegetables, and goods from around the world. The UAE imports all kinds of essentials and necessities from various countries to suit everyone’s needs and wants. Subsequently, the middle eastern region is known for flocking businesses that wish to set up business in the UAE.

How to get UAE Family Visa

To get a family visa in UAE there are a few easy and important procedures that one has to follow. The visa process in the UAE is managed by Amer services by the general directorate of Residency and Foreigner Affairs [GDRFA]. Amer services are all spread across the Emirates you may also find it in many shopping malls which provide all necessary information. One can also visit its online website which is run by a semi-government organization.

Documents Required

  • Marriage certificate attested by the home country’s ministry of foreign affairs and the UAE’s ministry of foreign affairs if you want to sponsor for your spouse.
  • If the visa is for your children then the original birth certificate of the children is attested by the relevant authorities.
  • Copy of valid passport of family members which must be valid for at least 6 months.
  • Passport-sized photograph in which the background must be white and the ears, forehand to chin has to be completely visible.
  • A copy of a registered tenancy agreement.
  • If the visa is for your parents then you need to have at least a two-bedroom flat and a minimum salary of DH 20,000 per month.
  • If a woman is applying for her husband then her husband’s passport copy will also be required.

You have to visit an Amer service centre with your [sponsor’s] original Emirates ID once you have all the documents ready. 

It usually takes around 48 hours to receive an e-visa once it is processed which will be sent to your registered email address.

Once the e-visa has been processed in three ways one can apply for their family residence visa.

  1. Your family can enter the UAE with an issued e-visa if your family is not in the country.
  2. If the family is already in the UAE on a visit visa or an old residency visa then either they have to exit and re-enter UAE or you can also place a request at the Amer centre for the change of visa without exit.
  3. Once your visa is granted and you have also entered UAE then the next step is to get the medical test done, you can also request an application for the closet health centre near your home at the Amer centre itself.

In DHA Health Center applicants will have to get blood tests done and x-ray done followed by various other tests such as HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis B and in some cases syphilis.

The next step after getting the medical done is to get the Emirates ID which was typed by the Amer centre which is for the people who are above 18 years of age for which one has to provide biometric data like your fingerprint and iris scan.

Health insurance has to be done as it is mandatory in Dubai.

Final step is to stamp your visa on your passport which can also be done in Amer center with the relevant documents.

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What is the minimum salary required to sponsor their families in UAE?

A minimum salary of 4000AED is required to sponsor their family in UAE.

How much will it cost for a family Visa in UAE?

It depends on the number of years your visa is valid.

Can a wife work in UAE through her husband’s Visa?


How many days will it take to process a family visa?

It may take anywhere from 10 to 15 working days.

Can a family visa be renewed?

You will have to have your visa renewed within one month of the expiration of the old visa.