National Agenda - The UAE

by Zaara 11, Aug 2021

A seven-year UAE national strategy led to the UAE Vision 2021, which coincided with the UAE's 50th National Day, was introduced. The UAE National Plan, which was established by more than 300 officials from 90 federal and local government agencies, includes a set of national benchmarks in the fields of education, health care, economics, police and defence, housing, infrastructure and government services.

Excelling beyond its bounds, the zone of the United Arab Emirates is on the way to another landmark by 2021. With a clear vision of being one of the best countries in the world, the UAE has begun its journey by constructing the deep foundations of the country. As a country offers humongous prospects for international investors and industry experts, the region has done well to draw the interest of global investors.

It was launched by H.H. Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister, and King of the UAE, at the 2010 Cabinet Conference. Implementation will fuel the nation's growth as it would open up a range of avenues to start a company in the UAE.

Pillars of National Agenda

The agenda lays out a comprehensive action plan, based on six national priorities, as the core priority of the government policy in the coming years, and 52 National Key Performance Indicators in the education, health care, economics, police and security markets, justice, culture, housing, infrastructure and government services markets. The six national goals are as follows:

1. Cohesive Society And Preserved Identity

The UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda goal is to maintain a united community that is proud of its culture and sense of belonging. It encourages an egalitarian atmosphere that integrates all segments of society while maintaining the distinctive culture, history and values of the UAE and enhances social and family solidarity.

Moreover, the National Agenda aims for the UAE to be the best in the world in the Human Development Index and be happiest of all nations so that citizens feel proud to belong to the UAE. The National Strategy further lays out an ambitious roadmap to improve the successes and medals of the UAE in international athletic competitions and the Olympic Games.

2. Safe Public And Fair Judiciary

The nation of UAE has understood the fact that merely providing the best facilities won’t serve the purpose until and unless they create a safe and stable environment that will enhance the sense of trust in the minds of the peoples. The goal of the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda is to make the UAE the best city in the country. It, therefore, aims to improve the sense of protection of its people and to develop significant positions in the areas of safety, emergency preparedness, the efficiency of police services and road safety. The government takes the judicial process into account to make it one of the most effective in the country. This move would also improve the business establishment areas and provide a healthier market environment for business owners to move forward and invest in.

If you have some concerns that the judicial side of the UAE is a challenging job that you need to deal with when you start your business, then relax. All you need to do is follow the appropriate protocol as described, and you can easily cross the integration process. Furthermore, the National Agenda stresses the value of a fair and active legal system that protects the rights of citizens and enterprises and makes the UAE's justice system, one of the most effective in the country. This task would be much easier if you have a company guide by your hand that will help you complete the legal proceedings.

3. Competitive Knowledge-Economy

The nation's economy is seeing substantial structural shifts in the coming years, and the UAE Vision 2021 national strategy seeks to make the country a major player at the international level.

As a result, it strives to make the UAE economic, tourism and commercial capital for more than two billion people by shifting to a knowledge-based economy, fostering innovation and research and growth, improving the regulatory environment for crucial sectors and supporting high-value-added industries. These would boost the economic climate of the country and enhance its appeal to foreign investment.

The National Agenda also aims at transforming the UAE into one of the best locations in the world in the area of entrepreneurship by exploring the potential of its nationals and making them a driving factor in the economic growth of the UAE through their active involvement in small and medium-sized enterprises in the private sector. Also, the Agenda aims to promote an entrepreneurship community in schools and colleges to foster innovation, innovation, accountability and ambition in the younger generation. It would make it possible for the UAE to be among the best in the world in terms of market convenience, creativity, entrepreneurship and R&D indicators.

The government's goal is not only to gain leadership in global reporting but also to provide a decent life for its people. The National Strategy aims to position the UAE among the top countries in the world in terms of per capita income and to maintain a high degree of national investment in the private sector.

The shift will allow the country to become one of the best when it comes to innovation, market research and development metrics, ease of doing business, etc. At present, the nation is ranked 11th in business ease, which is an open opportunity for company investors to come forward and invest in UAE. Irrespective of you being a newbie in the corporate world, or an accomplished expert, you have an area to play around.

4. First-Rate Education System

Education is a significant factor for the growth of a country and the best investment in its future. For this purpose, the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda stresses the creation of a first-rate education system, which would entail a full overhaul of the existing education system and teaching methods. The goal of the National Strategy is to provide all schools, colleges and students with smart systems and devices as the basis for all teaching strategies, initiatives and research. Significant contributions will also be made to help and improve enrolment in preschools, as this is essential to defining children's identities and their potential.

The National Agenda also aims to encourage students of the UAE to rank the best in the nation in reading, mathematics and science exams, and to have a good knowledge of the Arabic language.

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5. World-Class Healthcare

Health is known to be the most significant asset, and that is what the UAE is focused on delivering the best facilities so that people can excel in their health. The Vision 2021 National Agenda looks forward to developing a world-class healthcare infrastructure by cooperation with health authorities. It will allow both public and private hospitals to gain universal recognition that satisfies quality expectations.

The National Policy stresses the importance of preventive medicine. It aims to eliminate cancer and lifestyle-related disorders such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease to ensure a longer, healthier life for people. Besides, the Agenda seeks to reduce the incidence of smoking and improve the ability of the health care sector to cope with epidemics and health threats. It will result in the UAE becoming one of the strongest countries in the world in terms of standard of healthcare.

The whole aim is to secure a global centre for world-class healthcare facilities, which has already begun to have an impact as the city has drawn numerous visitors to medical tourism. The UAE has provided several services to enhance the medical tourism industry. Expo 2020 is expected to pave the way for several ways to boost medical tourism to the next level. If you're looking to open a clinic in the UAE or invest in hospitals and medical services, it's the best time to get started.

6. Sustainable Environment And Infrastructure

The UAE Government needs to ensure sustainable growth while at the same time protecting the environment and striking a perfect balance between economic and social development.

To do that, the UAE Vision 2021 National Strategy focuses on enhancing the quality of air, protecting water supplies, increasing the contribution of renewable energies and introducing green development strategies.

The National Strategy also emphasises the value of infrastructure. It strives to be the best in the world in terms of the efficiency of airports, ports, road infrastructure, and electricity. Besides, leading telecommunications infrastructure would enable the UAE to become a leader in the provision of smart services.

Finally, to further enhance the quality of life of its residents, the Agenda set the goal of ensuring sufficient accommodation for qualifying UAE nationals within a record timeframe.

National Agenda Objectives

  • Setting expectations for other governments and being the world's largest supplier of smart services.
  • Turn all schools and curricula into smart learning and expand investment in pre-school education.
  • Render the UAE the safest location on Earth and reduce the turnaround time for 911 calls to a record time of four minutes.
  • Increase average per capita income by 65% over the next seven years
  • Become the world's first in-ground, sea and air infrastructure, and the world's first in ease of business.
  • Decrease the eligibility period for accommodation to two years from the date of submission
  • Increase Emiratization in the private sector tenfold. If the incentive is not adequate, the government will introduce new steps to increase the Emiratisation.

In brief, you can see that the nation has taken a range of steps to develop itself as one of the strongest countries to take a holistic view. Some business owners and developers choose to take advantage of these benefits by integrating their business into the UAE. By starting your company in the field, you will end up applying a foreign brand tag to your firm. The government is in the process of creating a country as one of the world's business-friendly countries. It is preferable to go ahead with the advice prescribed by an experienced company analyst.

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What Is Abu Dhabi Vision 2030?

All thanks to all the policies floated by the UAE government for providing world-class infrastructure, incentives & administrative changes UAE has emerged as an international business hub. 

Abu Dhabi government hoping to emulate the same, has launched its initiative known as Abudhabi Vision 2030.

It says that by 2030 Abu Dhabi government will launch policies, and programs, to boost the development of infrastructure, facilities & ease of doing businesses in Abu Dhabi for businesses to flourish. This will help accelerate the economic growth of the country.

What is Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030?

Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 is an initiative by the Abu Dhabi government for skyrocketing UAE’s economy (which includes reduced reliance on petroleum products) with a primary focus on Abu Dhabi.

How Will Businesses Get Benefitted From The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030?

These are the deliverables of Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 for businesses -

  • Nurturing highly skilled & efficient manpower or employees 
  • Improving the existing infrastructure for helping businesses flourish
  • Making it easy for business professionals to get financed from the market itself
  • Creating a financial market that’s immune to inflation

Abu Dhabi's economic vision 2030 aims at boosting UAE’s economy with a primary focus on Abu Dhabi. They’ll achieve this by increasing the ease of doing business for foreigners in terms of operations, distribution, hiring, location, etc.

What Is Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 Master Plan?

Abu Dhabi government is laying out multiple policies & frameworks for developing Abu Dhabi in terms of ease of doing business & standard of living in the coming 20 years. These policies are collectively known as the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 Master Plan. 


What All Is There In Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Vision 2030?

The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Vision is focused on activities that’ll determine the ease of living in Abu Dhabi. It includes -

  • Creation of Smart Cities (brown & greenfield projects)
  • Improving the drainage systems
  • Building more & all vehicle-friendly roads
  • Promoting the use of renewable energy like solar & hydro