Private Clinic License in Dubai

It is said that Dubai has the least physician ratio, so the healthcare and medicine industry has a lot of options for growth. The well-established network of Dubai has stimulated rapid growth in the medical sector, making it the best place to start offering medical services and facilities in the United Arab Emirates. 

Healthcare City is home to more than 120 medical facilities and private hospitals; therefore, you need to obtain a private clinic license in Dubai to start your own business. More than 4,000 licensed professionals, 120 medical centers, and diagnostic laboratories. 

DHCC provides many opportunities in its Education and Research divisions for many young doctors. The investment division of DHCC is a one-stop destination for investors around the globe to avail of the free-zone benefits. 

The Centre for Healthcare Planning and Quality (CPQ) is an independent regulatory body that manages all the licensing of professionals and medical centers and maintains best practices in healthcare delivery in Dubai Healthcare City.

Permits for a Medical Centre in Dubai

It should be understood that the medical profession and healthcare facilities are heavily regulated and that the company's owner must have sufficient credentials for the profession recognized in the UAE. The country allows medical centers to treat or sell Allopathy, Siddha, Unani, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and other approved medical procedures.

According to the procedure, special permits from the Dubai Healthcare Authority must be obtained by the business owner by complying with all the laws, regulations, and enforcement laid down by government authorities and agencies overseeing the following medical services in Dubai:

  • Opening a Private Clinic/Medical Center/Facility/Hospital specifications
  • Starting procedure for a private clinic/medical center/facility/hospital
  • Opening a private clinic/medical center/facility/hospital Documents
  • Medical Center/Facility/Hospital Operating Fees.

Requirements for Registering your New Medical Centre, Dubai

Before setting up a clinic or medical center in Dubai, you should know the necessary conditions you need to follow before moving on. As the healthcare sector is highly regulated in Dubai, separate licenses and approvals are obtained from the government for all organizations involved in starting a healthcare facility, a treatment center, or a private hospital. 

Further down the track, you need to know about the DHA's standards and procedures that allow only trained professional workers to apply for licensing and start a healthcare sector nationwide.

Individual Requirements

A potential business investor must have a legitimate medical degree and be accredited by international medical organizations or the UAE Healthcare Authority, which performs medical practitioner tests to determine their skills and review their qualifications. 

You should select a director for your business entity who meets the requirements for clients who do not have legal or medical degrees and certifications. In turn, operating a medical facility has its requirements according to the type of operation. 

Space Requirements

There are specific requirements for creating clinics, medical offices, centers, and hospitals, as far as the spaces are concerned. The strict restrictions of the authorities shall define the size of patient rooms, waiting halls, finishing, service areas, equipment, and specifications for protection, lighting, and electrification regulations.

How To Open a Private Clinic in Dubai?

An international diploma or degree isn’t sufficient to open a private hospital in Dubai and is subject to the certification procedure in the UAE. All the personnel must be fully certified at all levels by the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA). 

Besides, knowing the English language (reading as well as writing) is a mandatory condition. The steps to obtain a license and start your medical business setup in Dubai are as follows:


1. Reserve a Trade Name

Registering a trading name is the first and foremost step for any investor willing to open a clinic and obtain a license. The investor must fill out an online application and submit it to the Department of Economic Development (DED) for trade name reservation. 

After the trade name is registered, one can set up a clinic in Dubai.

2. Obtain Initial Approval from the DED

After acquiring a trading name from the DED, the investor needs to file one more application with the DED to get initial approval from the authorities. One must apply with the necessary documents and a passport photocopy. 

Approval from the Dubai Municipality for the layout plan of the clinic is also mandatory.

3. Obtain Approval from the DHA

The 3rd step will be getting approval from the Department of Healthcare Authority. As the DHA is the main authority controlling the healthcare services in Dubai, their approval matters the most. 

The initial approval might take 10 days. The requirements for a new facility application for initial approval are:

  • Passport and Visa copies of the owner and partners
  • Emirates ID of the owner and partners
  • Layout/floor plan for the facility, duly approved by the municipality
  • Proposal letter from the owner/partners or whoever has the power of attorney
  • Affection plan from Ejari or Dubai Municipality
  • Copy of the facility’s trade name reservation letter from the DED or free zone
  • DHA undertaking letter, signed by the owner/partners or whoever has a power of attorney.

4. Submit the Documents

The investor or owner will have to provide all the documents, like the Memorandum of Association (MOA), lease agreement, etc., to propose the registration of a private clinic.

5. Get Final Approval from the DED

The owner should submit all the executed documents, a photocopy of the initial approval, and the registration fee, along with:

  • No objection certificate (NOC) from the owner to assign a Medical Director (MD)
  • Final trade license issued by the DED or free zone authority
  • List of the medical director and healthcare professionals
  • A valid building contract
  • List of the medical director and healthcare professionals.

6. Get a License from the DHA

The final step would be creating an account in the DHA portal to get the DHA license. The owner needs to submit the details of all the medical professionals and consultants working in the clinic. 

Then the DHA will verify all the documents and provide a license to start a private hospital or clinic. You can also open your dental clinic; you must obtain a dental clinic license in Dubai.

The Dubai government is taking major steps in providing the best healthcare facilities and striving to make Dubai Healthcare City the healthcare hub of the world. Its commitment to providing its residents with the best medical centers and public and private hospitals is commendable. 

So, if you want to set up a private clinic or hospital in Asia, Dubai is the place to be. You can contact us for any assistance or advice.