How to Start an Online Business in Dubai?

by Zaara 11, Sep 2019

The United Arab Emirates is at the forefront of digital space and online business. Currently, the retail market in the UAE accounts for an annual sale worth $10 billion, which sets itself among the top-ranked countries in the digital world. 

In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is more famous for online business. A small community is created out of this pro-business attitude of the government. As a result, the online business is increasing yearly and has a further scope in the coming years.

Do you also want to know how to start an online business in Dubai? Read this blog for more information. 

Searching Answers for How to Start an Online Business in Dubai? Know This Before

Dubai provides excellent opportunities for setting up an online business in the area. Some of the things to know before starting an online business in Dubai are:

  • It doesn’t have corporate tax
  • It requires a lower operating income 
  • 100% repatriation of profits and capital
  • No requirement to pay import/export duties
  • 100% ownership of a company
  • No type of currency restrictions

Know-How To Open an Online Business in Dubai

When starting a business in Dubai, you will need to consider a wide range of factors, but first and foremost, you will need to decide what products and services you want to offer to your consumers online. 

This is because buying and selling products and services online is basic e-commerce. And E-commerce business is a competitive world, and an online store without a plan will often fail.

 1. Choose Trade Name

Select the trade name for your business and choose the business activities you plan to proceed with.

 2. Selecting the type of Legal Entity

You must choose the legal entity based on the company’s plans. This is a significant decision as deciding the structure of the company can affect the future of the company very drastically. There are many types of legal entities to choose from. The most common of them available are Limited Liability Company (LLC) and subsidiary company.

 3. Choose the Jurisdiction

There are many regions to choose from for setting up your business. You can always set up your business on the mainland, but you should also look into the available free zones. 

They offer their benefits; some specifically focus on a particular industry. 

 4. Renting an Office

Renting a physical office is optional to start an online business in Dubai. If at you are opting for a physical space, then you need to choose accordingly.

 5. Getting a License

Getting a license is very important for a company to set itself up in the United Arab Emirates. Hence, submit the necessary documents to the chosen free zone authority. 

 6. Opening a Bank Account

After getting a license, you can commence your business. One of the significant things that everyone should do after setting up their business in Dubai is to open up a corporate bank account

A bank account will provide a separate identity to the business and help while filing for taxes or conducting regular audits.

The steps mentioned above should have answered your question on how to start an online business in Dubai. However, we are here to help if you want professional support. contact us


Which freezone is better for online businesses in Dubai?

Dubai Internet City and Dubai CommerCity are some of the best free zones for starting an online business.

Do I need a license to sell via online websites and portals in Dubai?

Yes, you would need a portal license.

What are the documents required for opening an online business in Dubai?

The documents required are

  • Trade name
  • Passport copies of the shareholders
  • Visa
  • Passport-sized photograph

How much does it cost to start an online business in UAE?

It depends on the activity you choose, the location you focus etc. However, it starts from AED 5750