6 Things You Need to Know About E-Commerce Business Setup in the UAE

by Zaara 08, Aug 2018

6 Things You Need to Know About E-Commerce Business Setup in the UAE

Online shopping has become an easy way of conducting business and just like everywhere else, online shopping is growing rapidly in the United Arab Emirates. E-commerce in the Middle Eastern region is of great importance people are now moving to online shopping from traditional shopping modes. We have composed a list of 6 things that we think you should know about e-commerce business setup in UAE.

1. Import and Export

Import and export is a very important aspect of your trade that depends on the business activity you will be perusing. You need to acquire the appropriate license for conducting any kind of business. There are many types of products that you can deal with, such as consumer goods, Branded, Digital, Unbranded, Deals, etc. You can contact any business setup services to get help and have a hassle-free licensing procedure.

2. Launch and Marketing

Once you launch your business and product management and supply chain management start to run smoothly, you will enter a crucial part of the world of business. Whatever you do, marketing still remains to be a major factor in a successful business launch. You should align your market strategies with the interests of the local people that you intend to target.

3. Website Development

Probably the most important and crucial part for your e-commerce business is to have a website which is stable, user-friendly and has an outstanding user interface and user experience. For that, you need to register a unique domain name for your website. You can set up a Shopify store, or you can consult an agency that will offer e-commerce website design.

4. Logistics and Delivery

The logistics and support system mainly support e-commerce business. If you do not have appropriate logistics strategy, your e-commerce business can come to a stop. In Dubai, you have the option where you can go for third party logistics support partner or build your own logistics. Depending upon costs that the business can burn, as a business owner, you must make the decision whether you need to do in-house logistics or you want to outsource.

5. Warehousing and Storage

If you are conducting business for consumer goods, warehousing is an important aspect of an e-commerce business. You can choose to obtain space form a warehouse on leave, or you can own one on your own.

6. Loyal Customers

After you have set up your e-commerce business successfully in Dubai, you need to focus on customer acquisition which is usually the most intense yet fruit-bearing activity of a company set up. Your business’ future largely depends upon the number of loyal customers you have acquired in the beginning phases of your business.

Building your e-commerce business is a demanding and challenging task. From choosing a product to launching and growing sales, each and every step will need a lot of effort and determination. You need to keep all these points in mind, and hopefully, you will get the hang of everything.

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