How to Obtain a Residency Visa in Dubai, UAE? A Complete Guide

by Priyadarshini Balamurugan 02, Jun 2023

“Dubai will never settle for anything less than first place” This saying is the best example to prove that Dubai is the best palace to start a business. It welcomes investors from all over the world by attracting them with its modern infrastructure, spectacular skyscrapers, and high-tech technologies. 

To settle in Dubai and enjoy all its amenities with your own business requires a residency visa, and if you dream of starting a business in Dubai, you’ve landed at the right place. Continue reading to learn all about the UAE Residency Visa in Dubai.

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The Types of Visas as Per the Dubai Company Setup Packages

Dubai visa will always be given based on the purpose of travel. It has 3 different types of visas, such as;

※If you are an investor - Investment Visa

※If you are a dependent of someone who is already doing business - Dependent Visa

※If you wish to work there - An Employment Visa

  • Investment Visa

If you are an investor who wishes to invest in Dubai are eligible to apply for an investor visa in Dubai. The validity of this Visa is Ten years longer than the other residency visas. 

  • Dependant Visa

This visa is also called a family visa; a person who is already a citizen of UAE can sponsor his/her family to bring in there to live with them under a dependent visa. Also, read about how to get a family visa in UAE.

  • Employment Visa

Employment visa in Dubai is for people who are migrating to Dubai for work, and the minimum age limit to obtain this visa is 18.

This visa has three categories such as;

  • A person with a bachelor’s degree.
  • A person with a post-secondary education.
  • A person with a high school diploma.

How to Get a Residency Visa in Dubai - Documents Required

Keep the list of documents given below ready before planning to apply for a UAE residency visa;

  • Copy of a Passport 
  • Passport Size Photo with white background 
  • Active UAE 
  • Address proof

Perks of Getting a Residency Visa in Dubai

Read the points given below and understand the perks one can enjoy by getting a UAE residency visa after a business setup in Dubai;

Enjoy the Freedom of Movement

With the UAE residency visa, you can, you will automatically get hassle-free entry and exit into dubai, and with this, you can also travel anywhere in the UAE.

Residency Vis to Settle Down in UAE

By having a UAE residency visa, one can reside in a part of the UAE legally for a particular period of time. Generally, it’ll be till three years.

Work Opportunity

With this UAE residency visa, you will have the freedom to work anywhere in the UAE and are also eligible to sponsor his/her family.

Immense Number of Business Opportunities

A UAE residency Visa will allow you to set up your business in Dubai hassle-free, and it also comes with certain benefits of the legal framework.

Get Quality Education

UAE residence visa comes with the perks of quality education; people with this visa can get educational benefits in many schools and universities in UAE.

Medical Benefits 

People with UAE residence visas can get high-quality public healthcare benefits.  

To Open a Bank Account

For opening a bank account in UAE, sometimes it is mandatory to have a residency Visa in UAE.

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Who is eligible to apply for a Dubai Residence Visa?

People who want to invest and develop enterprises in Dubai can apply for a Dubai Residence Visa.

What is the minimum age for applying for a Dubai Residence Visa?

To be eligible to apply for a Dubai Residence Visa, a person must be at least 18 years old.

Is it necessary to have medical exams before applying for a resident visa?

Before applying for a residence visa, you must undergo medical exams to demonstrate your fitness.

When can I apply for a residency visa in Dubai?

With an entrance permit, you may apply for a residency permit after arriving in Dubai.

How long does it take to get a Residency Visa?

Depending on the Application, a resident visa takes 10 to 3 weeks to process.