7 Simple Online Business Ideas in 2019 for Your Business in Dubai

by Zaara 01, Mar 2019

7 Simple Online Business Ideas in 2019 for Your Business in Dubai

One of the richest and most diverse countries in the world – boasting minimal crime rate, minimal taxation, a stable national currency, and a strikingly organized infrastructure – the United Arab Emirates presents an entire lifestyle of great prospects and opportunities for the creation and development of successful businesses. Its largest city, Dubai, takes full advantage of being the perfect gateway between the East and the West and is at present the business hub of the Middle East.

While 90% of the region’s population enjoys high-speed and round-the-clock internet connection, e-commerce is one of the most promising business enterprises in the city right now.

For starting an online venture of your own, the biggest backbreaking work is not the planning, but it is choosing that ideal business concept that you will love, and at the same time profit from, for a long time. To help you out, we have listed few such ideas to give you the boost you need.

1. Online Travel Activities Platform

Around the world, local hosts organize exhilarating travel activities and guided tours throughout the year, but many travelers miss out on them just because of the lack of knowledge, or booking inconvenience. With the raving rise of smart devices, 2019 is just the time to move the process up online. Owing to overwhelming support from the government in tourism, Dubai is the model place to commence such a business.

The basic idea is to own an online platform connecting local hosts and travelers. Tourism being a million-dollar industry, you may draw colossal revenue via commission from each booking, along with featured listings, subscription packages, and ads on the page.

2. Online Entertainment Gigs Booking Marketplace

In the busiest, not to mention the most happening city in the world, entertainment is a naturally thriving industry. There is no doubt that event planners and entertainers acquire the most jobs. So, an online gigs-booking marketplace has a huge scope of growth in Dubai.

Profiles of various artists, performers, and entertainers will be listed on your website for event planners to find. You earn from featured members and paid ads, membership fees, and a commission from each confirmed show.

3. Restaurant Reservation Platform

Eating out may be one of the favorite pastimes of Emiratis, but hassling for restaurant reservations surely is not.

What if easy reservations were just one click away? You can start an online marketplace listing restaurants, where visitors pre-book the number of guests, locality, date, time-slot, etc. to reserve tables. You benefit from each reservation, subscription, ad and each featured restaurant.

4. Car Wash Booking Marketplace

In a desert city like Dubai, cars fight with dust and mud every day. In addition, as public car-washing is banned by the government, most Dubai residents are known to have their cars washed, professionally, four times a month, on an average. This clearly makes the car washing industry remarkably profitable in the city.

It would be reasonably convenient if car-owners could simply have locations of the best-rated car washing services in the city from a list that you will provide on your website, choose their cars’ models, a suitable date and time-slot, and prearrange the services! Featured listings, ads, and every buy provide your ROI.

5. Tutoring Marketplace

All parents understand that a quality education is essential for a child. However, even though fierce competition among students has made private tuition one of the biggest players in Dubai business, it’s a long haul spotting the suitable teacher in every subject.

You can eliminate this complication by starting an online marketplace to advertise private tutors, categorized by subjects – together with their detailed profiles, ratings, and reviews. Students will choose the right tutor for them using a teacher-testing system, and you will make money from affirmed matches, subscription packages, ads, and featured tutors.

6. Food Ordering and Delivery Platform

In a city of extreme weather conditions like Dubai, it comes as no surprise when KMPG’s survey says that 3 out of every 4 people order takeout or have food delivered, at least once a week. Evidently, the profits from a food ordering and delivery platform here will only be incremental.

You, the admin of this marketplace, can list the restaurants and gain a commission for successful orders, subscriptions, featured listings of restaurants, ads, and affiliates on your page.

7. Job Search Portal

As thousands of people graduate each year in UAE and look for a job, a job search portal happens to be a highly productive business, even without much effort for marketing.

All you do is categorize jobs based on industry keywords, and list companies and consultancies hiring full-time or part-time workers, or interns. Your income comes from the recruiters for posting as well as managing jobs and applicants, plus their access to applicants’ resumes. You also profit from featured listings, ads, and further from affiliates like resume writers, online educators, etc.

The extensive support from the government to transform Dubai into a diverse and innovative knowledge and service-based economy has made the city heaven for entrepreneurs. With the right idea, careful planning, and a little persistence, your start-up in the city can yield profits in no time.


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