Why You Must Invest in Sharjah?

by Zaara 05, Aug 2019

From the past few years, Sharjah has grown into a centre for arts and culture as well as a prominent industrial hub. The Emirates take a holistic and balanced move toward to economic and social well-being by creating human-centric expertise in conjunction with the development of physical assets and infrastructure. Sharjah is not just a business hub- it is ideal city in the United Arab Emirates for families looking for affordable accommodation or a home in a less hectic environment. Furthermore, the country has a well thought-out transportation and communications network that makes the commute to Dubai easy, albeit time-consuming. Structures such as the Sharjah Heritage Museum, Sharjah Calligraphy Museum, Heart of Sharjah and Al Hisn Fort Museum are all excellent reminiscences of the UAE’s past.

Sharjah- A Cultural Capital of the Arab World

Sharjah has not just been a business hub for a very long time, but also a cultural capital. The country is a home to the largest number of educational institutes in the country and possesses vibrant communities and a rich heritage. Sharjah is awash with sumptuous mosques, wonderful waterfront hotels and selection of souks. It is also celebrated for its historical beauty, flaunting a number of museums to start a journey of discovery into its rich and colorful past.

Industries Available for Investment in Sharjah

There are many industrial opportunities for an individual investment in Sharjah. They are as follows:

1.Travel and Leisure

With Emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Sharjah too has booming travel and leisure sector which offers ample range of investment opportunities including hotels, restaurants and travel. Due to having various locations to visit, the tourists flock the place with every coming day. Hence, this sector has a lot to offer if invested properly.

2.Transport and Logistics

As the legitimate centre for trade, commerce, and industrial hub of the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah offers a wide range of investment opportunities. The logistics market in Sharjah remains strong as the country has retained its position as one of the best globally and regionally as the emerging markets in logistics.


Sharjah offers an abundance of investment opportunities in its healthcare sector to fulfill the medical needs of the emirate’s population. A soaring population combined with an aging demographic pattern has added pressures to existing healthcare services. As there are currently no specialized medical centres in Sharjah, opportunities exist for highly functional oncology hospitals, and for specialty clinics for diabetes treatment and pediatrics.


With new environmental protection legislation creating the need for environmental products and services, Sharjah is looking to attract investments in this sector with more and more investors.


Sharjah is a key center of higher education in the region. The education sector offers significant investment opportunity. The government will continue to invest in developing itself into a knowledge-based economy; education remains a top priority among its sustainable development goals and has taken several initiatives to establish the sector at par with the global standards. 

6.Trade and Commerce

The Emirate of Sharjah is a prominent centre for trade both domestically and internationally. It serves as a gateway to the northern emirates, while globally it enjoys a strategic location between Europe and far East, providing access to key emerging markets.

Sharjah in Glance

With more and more sectors booming in the Sharjah market, investors at one point can get confused about where to invest. Here Sharjah at glance for you to make things easier for you.

  • Sharjah is the industrial hub of the UAE
  • It is naturally diverse with striking landscape and wildlife
  • It has state-of-art world class infrastructure
  • Third largest in terms of population in the UAE
  • It has one of the most diversified economies in the region with no sector contributing  for more than 20% of GDP
  • It has politically stable and a pro-business government who provides incentives to start ups
  • It is also known as the cultural and Islamic capital of Sharjah
  • It has two coastlines- Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf

If these points are driving you to invest in Sharjah, then you are on the right path. So, what are you waiting for? Take business insights from our expert consultants at Commitbiz, pertinent to your business aspirations. Commitbiz provides investors with business setup services. Contact us today- we’d be happy to help you.