Why Must You Take Help from a Consultant to Start Your Abu Dhabi Business?

by Zaara 29, Apr 2020

Why Must You Take Help from a Consultant to Start Your Abu Dhabi Business?

Setting up a business in Abu Dhabi in recent times has turned out to be a wise decision. Business is prospering in the United Arab Emirates, with more and more enterprises mushrooming all across the region. Besides registering a company in Abu Dhabi is simple and straight-forward with less bureaucratic red tape.

You must have meticulously researched the business environment in the UAE and the legalities involved in the setup procedure. However, it is easier said and done as establishing a business in Abu Dhabi requires a business plan, a proper understanding of the market conditions, and the know-how about the type of business license needed for your business activity.

Hence, we suggest hiring a business setup consultant, who is well-versed with the legalities of the procedure in Abu Dhabi and make your business setup process hassle-free.

5 Reasons to Take Help from a Business Setup Consultant in Abu Dhabi

Choosing to get help from a professional business setup consultancy in UAE helps in making an informed decision in setting up the correct business entity and, meeting all the legal compliance requirements. Here are the reasons why –

1.Choosing the Right Jurisdiction

While setting up a company in the UAE, the first barrier to be crossed is choosing the correct jurisdiction for your business. Just like other Emirate, Abu Dhabi, as well as three jurisdictions, mainland, free zone, and offshore. Each jurisdiction has the advantage and disadvantage of its own. A consultant knows the business environment of these jurisdictions, hence can suggest the correct place for setting up your business.

2.Choosing the Right Business Activity

The selection of business activity is also an overwhelming task due to which a business person can get confused. Furthermore, the business activities in Abu Dhabi are classified by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED). This classification is done according to business activity, and it also states the scope and permissions needed by the business. A business consultant will help you in making an informed decision instead of making a hasty one that you will regret later.

3.Saving Time, Money, Avoiding Frustration

While you might think that completing the process on your own will cost you less than hiring a consultant, you tend to ignore the fact that the business expert is not just simply there to register your business and do the job. A consultant has hands-on experience knowing how, when, where, and with whom to deal with. Not only that, a Business Consultancy firm in Abu Dhabi often goes a step beyond and offers the additional value add services or clients. This all will help you not only save time and cost but also a lot of trouble and frustration should you end up doing something wrong in the process.


Networking and getting to know the right people for guaranteeing steady growth of your business can take time. Specific government departments, insurance companies, and banks need guarantees from third parties and local sponsors that show that you are trustworthy. To build these connections, you will have to approach the correct person, then speak to them and gain their trust. This, of course, does not happen overnight. A business consultant will get you the right start by letting you know the best people in the industry.

5.Ensure Smooth Business Incorporation

One of the most important benefits of hiring a business consultant for the company incorporation in Abu Dhabi is that it will keep the investors away from all of going through the company incorporation process. The consultant hired will have years of experience of registering a business for clients, which allows easy setup of business without any difficulties.

With these and many more such benefits, hiring a business setup consultants can be vital in the UAE. And what’s more, while the experts handle the setup procedure, you can concentrate on kick-starting your business operations.

Now that you know the advantages of hiring a business expert, the big question is whom to hire? While there are loads of consultants out there, we at Commitbiz are one of the leading experts in the UAE. With 13+ years of experience in the management consultancy field, we have experts who can make your setup procedure hassle-free.

In case you need our help, do contact us. We’d be happy to assist you.

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