Why Business Setup Cost in Dubai Favourable for Newbies?

by Zaara 18, Mar 2020

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you will never want to risk your hard-earned money in a place that's not ideal and favourable for business. Investing in a new business is risky until you know the parameters or find the relevant answers to severe queries.

Dubai, the heart of the United Arab Emirates, ranks 1st in the Global Entrepreneurship Index 2022, climbing three spots compared to last year. Today, the destination serves as an incubator spot for new and experienced entrepreneurs attracting leading global projects.

The question of setting up a business in any destination might ponder your mind with multiple questions like:

  • How much do I need to invest?
  • Where should I invest?
  • How much tax do I need to pay?

Apart from the above queries, there are numerous parameters right, from selecting the right location to allotting the finances accordingly.

Cost of Doing Business in Dubai

Dubai is a heaven for those who want to make quick money in their early careers. Starting from nothing, you can build a massive legacy here. Moreover, Dubai has everything to attract investors making this one of the best places for your investments.

Although the costs are higher than in many countries, the costs of starting a business in Dubai are lower than you might expect, and the benefits of entering the UAE market can be well worth it

When it comes to the cost or investment, it differs based on the locations one chooses to proceed ahead.

Mainland Company Incorporation

Dubai Mainland is one of the most preferred destinations by established business entities. Mainland businesses also rope in the tax scenario and the requirement of a local sponsor who holds almost 51% of the business shareholding.

Mainland Activity


Dubai Mainland Company Incorporation

AED 18,000

Have a look at our latest guide on  The Requirements for Business Setup in Dubai Mainland, which will help you to fetch more insights about the same.

Freezone Company Incorporation

Free zones are the dedicated business platforms that the UAE Government has created to focus on different trading activities.

Dubai has more than 30+ Free Zones that are widely preferred by business entrepreneurs and newbies planning to incorporate a business in Dubai.

Freezone Activity


Dubai Free Zone Company Incorporation

AED 5,000

Offshore Company Incorporation

Last but not least, the Emirati government is also keen on inviting investors who plan to save taxes in the long run.

Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) is one of the most targeted offshore destinations preferred by the global audience.

To know more, have a look at our latest guide on JAFZA Offshore Company Formation

Deciding on the pricing plays a significant role in the company setup. However, investing the hard-earned savings is not an easy task as it seems it involves high risk.

Thus, having clarity about the zone and its relevant price can help an investor finalize the destination in a much easier way.

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When deciding who to outsource your setup process to, it's worth striking a balance between price and quality. While hiring a low-cost firm may be tempting, remember that not all low costs are created equal.

Make sure to proceed ahead with a firm that holds a higher reputation in the market as you can be relaxed as the requirements will be met on time.

The team at Commitbiz Management Consultants understands the financial and legal implications of conducting business abroad. As a guide, we take you through the entire process of doing business in the Middle East with ease.

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