Want to Build a Successful Startup? Build a Safety Net Before Starting a Business

by Zaara 18, May 2021

A startup business is an organizational project that acts as the ultimate symbol of an entrepreneur's committed efforts. The company's success depends on how the company handles its customers and how it serves them. Ultimately, the business develops through the many adversities that the market throws at it, which raises many concerns about how the business entity achieved stability. Stability guarantees sustainability in the business sector as it culminates not only in the profits that the company receives but also in the quantity of market share it wins. Revenue is the financial contributions the company receives in exchange for its product, the excess of which yields profits. On the other hand, market share is the cumulative indicator of the company's entire target segment in terms of both the demographic population and the geographic location where the company is established.

Critical Success Factors for Startups?

Gone are the days when ambitious business owners will barge into the market without proper industry requirements and customer preference being analyzed. In an era in which business companies are more data-driven on a day-to-day basis, so are the pioneers who integrate them. New business owners or entrepreneurs have become fond of a revised approach to launch their businesses. The crux of this updated approach is to collect data, research the market, establish an entry, and then integrate the company to start operations when a specific market entry opportunity is spotted. A new practice often grasped by entrepreneurs is to evaluate the main growth drivers of the business so that they can draw on those elements to become competitive in the present and live through ever-changing volatile fluctuations in the market. Therefore, keeping these factors in mind, the main success factor for every business are -

Understand and Cope with Market Demands

A startup's fascinating appeal is that it undergoes versatile improvements and customizations after gaining customer reviews and industry demands. Startups must undertake a pilot project in their early stages, supplying a test audience for their product or service to receive input and make improvements. Test markets often range from 500 to 1000 citizens. Such customers' suggestions and reviews are considered to make essential improvements to the product/service or the way it is applied or run. This strategy helps the startup plan for a stable market entry before incorporation. They have a furnished product that will make customers feel important to the business and the brand-appropriate. In this way, startups that fulfill business expectations and customer input have a more significant success rate than those who do not consider their customers' needs.

Create a Flexible Fund Allocation Plan

Funding is the keyword most applicable to business professionals associating with startups. Finance is the lifeblood of a startup, and a sufficient fund allows the company to deliver quality goods and invest in marketing to draw interest from customers. In the modern business environment, investors of regional industries often migrate to appealing and realistic business ideas to hedge their investments. These investors are -

  • Angel Investors
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Startup Boosters
  • Private Incubators
  • In-house Promoters
  • Family Investors
  • General Public


When these investors are in touch, potential startups are introduced to a range of funding plans and investment benefit options. Today, it is the top management 's duty to determine its most strategically specific investment choice. Senior managers must agree on the correct, careful distribution of these funds from the different assets added to the company's wealth. The allocation format includes the following -


  • Deciding a departmental funding strategy to ensure that all agencies are given sufficient resources to function
  • List the fixed and variable costs and allocate appropriations accordingly.
  • Plan future cost management measures beforehand
  • Establish a reserve fund for disaster scenarios
  • Establish exit plans and return policies to repay investors if the venture does not succeed during the allotted period.

Create a Phase-wise Implementation Plan

A strategic plan provides guidance to new business owners on the path to setting up the business and how to expand the market over time. A simple phase-wise strategy will consist of five years of foresight into the future of the company.  A phase-wise plan guides the decision-maker of the company towards -

  • Knowing when to invest and divest
  • Planning helps decide whether to expand the company or interrupt other transactions
  • The plan offers the client insight into how to decide on brand building and marketing
  • Planning lets the organization determine whether it can cooperate or create new collaborations with other businesses.

Network and Consult with Professionals

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How to Build a Safety Net Before Starting a Business?

Would you want to be your boss and start up your own business? However, it's not rocket science; you need to prepare correctly and take the right steps to succeed. Although arranging finance is not the only major challenge to start a company and other factors that weigh heavily on the business model. To prevent significant errors and losses, below are only a few safety measures to protect you before starting a business.

Hire an Expert

An expert advisor helps you take charge of your company's progress, hiring a consultant would save not only costs but also the time you spend on tasks that are not your core capabilities. Dealing with professionals can help you prevent costly business mistakes that can not be corrected all the time so you can take care of all your complicated tasks quickly and save yourself from the agony of going through repetitive and pointless rites. A professional advisor can help achieve effective time management that will be an advantage for result-orienting processes. You can see the significant distinction in how professional advisory is a legitimate business lifeline. It costs you a bit at the initial level, but it is considered an investment.

Testing/ Prototyping

Before starting the business, it is advisable to do a market test. Whether it's a real product, then you can make samples or prototypes and send your input to the people. From this point, start reaching out to people other than family and friends to provide feedback that will help you improve the product or service before you launch into the market. They can outline aspects you may not have seen and start sharing ideas and thoughts that can help you grow business.

Funds from Family and Friends

For entrepreneurs, borrowing money from friends or families is complete support. It can be challenging to secure loans from banks and investors due to enforcement and other legal formalities, while family and friends trust in your dreams and can help you with startups with no or low-interest rates.

Locate trusted partners and outsource work

It is suggested that you initially outsource the job to your associates who will reduce the various fixed costs. When you have a strong customer base or generate enough sales, you can gradually start growing your company.

Backup Funds

You should always have emergency funds backup when starting a company. The profits may not start from the company's first month, but in the initial months, there will be ample funding to help you. In the initial process, your savings will matter a lot.

Business Partnership

Marketing expenses consume the bulk of finance capital but play a significant role in generating revenue. Alternatively, Referral attracts real clients who are more likely to make use of our deals, enabling companies to see a rise in sales over a longer span and a very cost-effective launch. Statistically, in the last two years, businesses with good referral collaboration have seen revenue growth of 86 percent.

Having a new idea is the first step towards a successful venture. Still, you do need to invest in building a real vision for your company and, first and foremost, protecting yourself before taking the plunge.

Final Insights

The ability to fail can be a double-edged sword that can alleviate tension in tough times and give one the courage to make brave decisions that lead to success. Still, it can also cause some lethargy when trouble occurs, not pushing them enough to do whatever they can to fix situations. It depends on your morality and how you are coping with stress. We at Commitbiz are a company and will help you build successful startups and a safety net before starting a business. Our services include business consulting services, visa and tax services, PRO services, and other advisory services. If you would like more facts, contact us today.