The new UAE eCommerce law for entreprenurs

New E-Commerce Law in UAE

by Priyadarshini Balamurugan 13, Feb 2024

The new e commerce law in UAE has been implemented by the government, which is focused on modern technology that focuses on tightening regulations and marketing promotions to reach the top of the global market. 

Under this new law, you need approval from a particular authority to operate your business in the UAE. 

An online shopping environment will be more beneficial; this new law creates a trustworthy and transparent environment for both consumers and business owners.

Perks of New Law on E commerce Business in UAE

Below are the benefits of the new law on ecommerce business in UAE:

  • Confidentiality of Customer's Data

This law brings measures to protect customer's data. It has tightened the law that will keep all the customer data on the online sites safer and confidential. 

The new law has a rule not to share any customer's data with third parties without their consent. 

  • Genuine Competition

The UAE ecommerce law also doesn't encourage any false and misleading advertisements that could have any negative impact on other businesses or any kind of unfair advantage. 

This will increase the fairer competition and increase the chance of putting in more creative thoughts while promoting your online ecommerce business in Dubai. Fair play always builds trust, and trust leads to success.

  • Growth in Business Environment

The new e commerce law in UAE is expected to improve the overall business environment by providing high clarity and trustworthy businesses. 

Now, customers can trust businesses and even online businesses with certainty. This new e commerce law in UAE will help attract more investors and entrepreneurs who can build their business environment in the global market into UAE.    

Highlights of Ecommerce Law have been Implemented

Someone who is in the ecommerce business knows about the prosperity of this ecommerce sector in UAE. It is something that is growing rapidly and unstoppable for eternity, or at least until online businesses are at their peak. 

So, as the number of online shoppers is increasing, this law has been implemented in ecommerce businesses. The highlights of the new law are listed below:

  • To keep the customer's data confidential.
  • To prevent unfair competition among the competitors.
  • To increase consumer protection.
  • To create a sustainable and certain ecommerce business in UAE.
  • The new ecommerce law is compatible with international digital commerce trends that adopt a flexible approach to legislation to streamline businesses.
  • It tightens the authority's responsibility to provide licenses for ecommerce businesses in UAE.
  • The law protects intellectual property rights regarding the purchase of goods and services through modern technology.
  • It makes the trade through modern technology legal as traditional and conventional methods.
  • This new ecommerce law helps solve problems in a much easier way. For example, you can go to court to solve your problem or just talk to the opposite party.
  • Business owners can choose to opt for insurance for any problem from their online business.
  • The authorities in UAE set rules for money transfers, taxes, and confidentiality of customer information.
  • The UAE ecommerce law makes sure that all online businesses run smoothly. 
  • Under this law, you can choose one government authority to handle all your licenses and other approvals.
  • When you plan to buy something through any online platform, it is like a formal contract, and this law makes sure that the contract is genuine and followed by all. Online payment modes are also included in this. 


The new e commerce law in UAE might help many investors and entrepreneurs launch their dream businesses there. If you are someone who wishes to stamp your footprint on the global market, contact Commitbiz to get all kinds of assistance regarding business setup in UAE. Our team of experts will guide you through the process.


What is the new e-commerce law in UAE?

The new UAE e-commerce law protects you while shopping online! It means:

For buyers: Stronger data privacy, no misleading ads, and fair product descriptions.

For businesses: Clearer rules, fairer competition, and optional faster dispute resolution.

Overall, it builds trust and boosts UAE's online shopping scene!


How does the new law impact my e-commerce business in the UAE?

The new law introduces stricter regulations for data sharing, marketing, and product approvals but also aims to create a fairer and more transparent environment for UAE e-commerce businesses. It strengthens consumer protection, reduces unfair competition, and provides clearer guidelines for operating legally.

How does the law affect online marketing in the UAE?

Deceptive or false advertising claims are now illegal, ensuring fairer competition for all e-commerce businesses. You should focus on transparent and accurate marketing practices to build trust with customers.


Do I need special approvals for selling certain products online in the UAE?

Deceptive or false advertising claims are now illegal, ensuring fairer competition for all e-commerce businesses. You should focus on transparent and accurate marketing practices to build trust with customers.

Do I need special approvals for selling certain products online in the UAE?

Yes, specific product categories might require prior approval from UAE authorities before you can sell or ship them. It's crucial to be familiar with these requirements to avoid delays or legal issues.

What are the benefits of the new law for UAE e-commerce businesses?

The law aims to increase consumer confidence in online shopping, potentially leading to higher customer engagement and sales. It also clarifies legal requirements, providing a more stable and predictable business environment.

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