Simple Online Business Idea in Dubai

by Zaara 01, Mar 2019

online business ideas in uae

Imagine your business with limited inventory and the possibility of shipping across the planet while sitting in any part of the world that has access to the Internet.

This guide will highlight various online business ideas you can start in Dubai. Let's have a look!

Online Business in Dubai Without Investment

The most backbreaking task is not deciding to launch an online company of your own but choosing the perfect business model that you will enjoy for a long time and benefit from it at the same time. 

1. Create a Digital Product or Service

The world of the Internet is not limited to just avail of services. One can take a step further, create a digital product or service, and deliver it to the right audience.

A digital product can be explained as an intangible asset or a piece of media that can be easily distributed online and downloadable or streamable. 

2. Make a YouTube Channel

It's pretty clear that Google favours YouTube content in the search results, and it can be a valuable tool to help market your product or service.

If used effectively, these videos can provide insight into what makes your business unique.

3. Learn Digital Advertising

Another segment that online entrepreneurs can target is starting digital advertising. This turns out to be seamless, quick, and profitable.

Digital marketing is essential because it connects a business with its customers when they are online & is effective in all industries. 

4. Become an Affiliate Marketer

The next thriving segment you can focus on when online marketing is becoming an affiliate marketer, which is a must for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Intelligent e-commerce entrepreneurs have been using it for years to turn their businesses into money-making machines that generate cash 24/7.

5. Launch an Online Book

Brainstorm and develop unique content for your e-book that you can launch online. Make sure to understand the online persona and create a niche topic for your audience. 

You can easily contribute online to online magazines and platforms to launch your writeups if you wish.

6. Drive as a Freelancer

Freelancing is a perfect way to deal with small projects and earn a handsome income, which has constantly contributed to the freelancing industry.

7. Go Blogging

All information you find online is a blend of creativity and data that has made this industry one of the most driven in today's time.

Content that educates and informs or even entertains people is in great demand; thus, this can be one of the most significant sources of income you can start with.

8. Start Your Ecommerce Store

Another segment that you can focus on is starting an online store. And when you make it easy for your customers, it will be much more likely that they'll buy. 

Creating a proper marketing strategy is the only thing more important than choosing the right technology. Business investors need to hold an e-commerce license in Dubai to proceed with this process.

9. Online Travel Activities Platform

With the exponential growth of smart devices and due to the government’s enormous support for tourism, there are many ideal locations to commence such a business.

You may gain enormous revenue through a commission from each reservation and outlined listings, subscription packages, and advertisements on the website.

10. Online Entertainment Gigs Booking Platform

An online gigs-booking platform has enormous growth potential in the world. Profiles of various artists, performers, and entertainers will be mentioned on your website for event organizers to find. 

You gain from featured members, paid ads, membership fees, and a commission from each broadcast.

11. Car Wash Booking Platform

Cars struggle with dirt and gravel every day in a desert city. Also, on average, most citizens have their vehicles washed professionally four times a month, as the government prohibits public car washing. 

From a list you will provide on your website, choose their car’s model, a suitable date, and a time slot, and prearrange the services. Featured listings, ads, and every buy provide your ROI.

12. Tutoring Platform

You can start an online platform to offer private tutors, classified by subjects – along with their complete profiles, ratings, and feedback. 

Students will select the best tutor for them using a teacher-testing method, and you will make a profit from approved matches, subscription packages, ads, and featured tutors.

13. Food Ordering and Delivery and Reservation Platform  

You, the operator of this platform, can display the restaurants and gain a profit from successful orders, subscriptions, featured listings of restaurants, ads, and affiliates on your website. 

you can also use it as a platform where the customers pre-book the tables at the restaurants at a set date and time.

14. Job Search Platform

You categorize work based on the industry’s keywords and list companies and consulting firms that recruit or intern full-time or part-time employees. Your revenue comes from hiring recruiters and handling positions and candidates, plus their access to candidates’ resumes. 

You can benefit from featured listings, commercials, and affiliates, such as resume authors, internet educators, etc.

There are multiple free zones in Dubai for setting up an e-commerce business that you can start.

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What are the benefits of setting up an online business in Dubai?

  • Lucrative tax regulations

  • Full ownership

  • Low entrance threshold

What are the documents required for opening an online business in Dubai?

  • Trade name

  • Passport copies of the shareholders

  • Visa

  • Passport-sized photograph

What is the growth rate of e-commerce buyers in Dubai?


What is the growth rate of the digital advertising market in Dubai?

23.8% in 2021.

Who can apply for a freelance permit in Dubai?

  • Education

  • Media

  • Tech

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