Home cooked food delivery business in Dubai

Get a License for Your Home-Cooked Food Delivery Business in UAE

by Jayati Gadamsetty 26, Feb 2024

Do you wish to share home-cooked meals with the world? Your dream can come true in the UAE! Due to the growing food culture and ever-increasing demand for culinary experiences, the time is right to turn your passion into a profitable business. 

Before you start preparing batches of your dishes and sending them out, you must obtain a home-cooked food delivery license. Understanding the target consumers, demand, marketing plan etc, is essential to start your business.

This blog will guide you through how to get a food license in Dubai so you can launch your business successfully.

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How to Obtain a Home-Cooked Food Delivery License?

Home cooks must apply for the required licenses to adhere to the nation's commercial, food, and safety rules. The local government in the Emirate grants licenses for any food-related operations. However, only certain nationalities are eligible for this license. 

Read the steps given below to understand the process of obtaining a home-cooked food delivery license -

  1.  Select a Name and Structure

Select a business name for your food delivery company. Register the name with the Department of Economic Development (DED) in the respective emirate. Next, decide a legal structure for your business. Some of the structures are -

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership etc.
  1. Undergo Food Safety Training

The applicant must join a food safety training program authorised by the local government. This training teaches food safety measures, hygiene practices, etc.

  1. Installation and Inspection of Kitchen

You must install a commercial-grade kitchen that adheres to the UAE’s food safety laws. You must also get in touch with the local municipality or health department for an inspection of the kitchen. 

  1. Obtain the Trade License 

Submit the necessary documents to the DED or appropriate free zone authority. Pay the required fees and obtain the Trade license in UAE.

  1. Apply for Food Handlers Permit

The food handlers permit is proof of completing the food safety training program. The local health department or municipality issues the food handlers permit. 

  1. Follow Packaging Regulations 

Make sure that the product’s label contains warnings and details about ingredients, allergens, expiration date and nutritional content. The packing materials need to meet the standards set by the authorities. 

  1. Secure Relevant Permits

The applicant will have to secure relevant permits based on the location and activity. Some of the permits are - 

  • Outdoor seating permit.
  • Delivery vehicle permit.
  • Signage permit.
  1. Buy Insurance for the Business

Buy an insurance package for your prepared meal delivery services company. Having insurance will shield the business from potential risks. 

Once these steps are completed and approved, the applicant will receive the home-cooked food delivery license.

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Documents Required for a Tiffin Service License in UAE

  • Business plan.
  • Income statements.
  • Insurance certificate.
  • Recipe and menu list.
  • Kitchen’s rent agreement.
  • Health and Safety certificate.
  • Food safety training certificate.
  • Trade License application form.
  • Passport copies of business partners.
  • No objection certificate from the municipality.
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By understanding the licensing process, you have laid the foundation of your prepared meal delivery services in UAE. Keep in mind that this is just the start of your cooking journey. As you go ahead with the home-cooked food delivery process, ensure that you follow the food regulations and hygiene. 

Setting up a company in the UAE can seem slightly daunting, so taking the help of professionals is essential. Commitbiz LLC has served over 150 clients in the UAE and would gladly assist you in your business endeavour. Contact us now. 


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What choices do I have as a non-GCC ex-pat?

While you cannot get a home kitchen approved for ex-pats living in the UAE who are not GCC nationals, they can use the services of a cloud kitchen after acquiring the requisite trade license from an economic department or a free zone.

What are the primary documents required to get an e-commerce permit?

The following should be provided:

  • Copy of passport showing visa page
  • A passport-sized photo
  • A completed application.

What are the baked products that you can make and sell from home?

The products range from bread and cakes to muffins, doughnuts, and other pastries.

Which authority will provide the license for your home-cooked food business?

The Department of Economic Development for the respective Emirate will issue the license.