How to Get a Trade License in the UAE?

by Zaara 22, Jul 2020

Over the past few years, the UAE market has drastically evolved, resulting in an increase in investment opportunities for many. With such a broad array of facilities available in the market, investing in UAE’s market has become a popular choice for many. Currently, projects in the nation offer a high ROI of over 10 – 11 percent when investing. So, instead of keeping the money in the bank, it's the perfect way to invest it in business because you get a good ROI.

Types of Trading License in the UAE

One of the following three types of licenses is the essential prerequisite for all business operations in Abu Dhabi. 

  • Commercial licenses for all forms of activities. 
  • Licenses for professionals covering artisans, services, and craftsmen. 
  • Industrial licenses for conducting industrial or manufacturing activity.

The Authorities also grant other individual licenses, such as business operation license, entrepreneurial business licenses, and so on.

Advantages of Getting a Trading License in the UAE

Zero Tax or no Corporate or Personal Tax

In UAE, no corporate or personal tax is available for businesses of any kind. A company that is holding a license in UAE doesn't have to pay taxes on profits or income. 

Unlimited Access to Work Permits And Hassle-Free Recruitment

Companies have no work visa restrictions from the Ministry of Labour. The work visa eligibility is dependent on office size and license availability. You will get more visas if you have a larger office. The investor can also sponsor the wife, parents, children, and maid with a visa.

Limited Restriction on Capital Requirement 

The minimum capital requirement is 300,000 AED only, and the bank guarantee is optional. The deposit of the share capital in the bank is not mandatory. Therefore, UAE companies are allowed 100% capital repatriation.

Easy Process

The establishment process in the UAE can be done directly and, if all the documents have been produced, complete the entire process of company incorporation within 3-4 working days. 

Excellent Infrastructural Facilities

Availability of flexible offices for rent with the best infrastructural facilities is a pleasure for

people in business in the UAE. 

Do Business Wherever Possible

A company can operate without restrictions anywhere in UAE.


The cost of business setup in the Emirates is much cheaper than in most countries.

Licensing Stages to Obtain a Trade License in the UAE

Before operating any business in the UAE, it is first necessary to follow the steps outlined below to meet the legal obligations of all the governmental authorities concerned and to guarantee the business owner’s maximum commercial advantage.

  •  Define the category under which the company falls-commercial, industrial, and technical. 
  • Specify all business-related practices to be included in each license (Maximum 10 per license). 
  •  Decide the appropriate legal status of your business in the UAE.
  •  Pick the proper trade name for the company. 
  • Seek initial approval from the Department. 
  • Enter a trading name after you have obtained initial approval (if you haven't already reserved a trading name). 
  • Rent company premises and get the authority's approval.
  • Prepare the appropriate documents, such as a memorandum of association and other applicable government authorities' approvals that may be necessary for each case. 
  • Give the Department a further request to secure the final permit. 
  • Pay the fees which are required.

Why Commitbiz?

One cannot conduct business in the UAE without renewing the Trade License. When it's time for your UAE trade license renewal, you can change your sponsor and business address, if required. Commitbiz offers complete assistance in renewing the trade license in whichever way you need. We will give you reminders in particular periods when your license is due. 

Our experts will work with you from beginning to end to manage your business set up in the UAE or anywhere in the city. We provide strategic feedback, help you analyze and pick the best company form, work with you on your business plan, manage paperwork, and formalities in documents.  In short, we will do whatever you need. Contact us today to facilitate your business journey like a cakewalk.


Which types of businesses require a UAE e trader license?

An e-Trader license is meant for people selling or promoting products/ services through their social media accounts or website.

What is the price of an E-trade license in Dubai?

It is around AED 1070 (USD 291.32)

What are the types of eCommerce licenses in UAE?

There are 3 types of licenses being offered in Dubai (UAE) -

  • E-Trade license
  • Portal License
  • Virtual Company License

What is the maximum number of business activities that can be put under 1 license?

10 business activities. However, all those business activities should be related to each other. For example, Trading in automobiles, car repairing, spare parts, etc.

What is the validity of a UAE Commercial license?

1-year validity, after which it has to be renewed.