How to Do International Business in Dubai

by Zaara 29, Aug 2016

Being one of the most business-friendly cities in the world, Dubai is the destination of choice for entrepreneurs globally. Considering the tax-friendly nature of government, some of the best-located seaports and airports in the world, and the strategic location of the city connecting Asia with the rest of the world,  it provides a great platform for entrepreneurship growth. Business people from all over the world converge in Dubai on a regular basis to conduct international trade.

The Emirati government also has trade agreements with several countries which results in ease of doing business with them. This is enabled by the Mirsal 2 system put in place by the Dubai Customs department. The services enable doing international trade very easy by putting most of the processes online.

The Dubai Customers office is also the custodian of the list of items that are permitted or prohibited for import and export into UAE. The customs office has collaborated with DP world to create the Dubai Trade portal that contains information on import/export and trade-related information.

There can be several of the following scenarios you would come up with while trading in the Emirates.

  • Import
  • Import for re-export
  • Temporary admission
  • Export
  • Temporary export

While these may seem simple enough to understand, there are intricacies that you need to be careful of while conducting trade. Non-compliance can land you in a legal soup, which may lead to unnecessary complications.

For more information and detailed guidance on how to go about setting up and carrying out international trade in Dubai, do contact us. We'd be glad to assist.


Which is the best location for opening a Manufacturing company in Dubai?

Dubai Industrial City (DIC) Free zone & Dubai Airport Free zone Authority.

Which is the best location for setting up a Logistics Company in Dubai UAE?

Dubai Logistics City (DLC) Free zone. It was created for enabling the development of all logistics-based businesses in Dubai.

Which are the Top Logistics companies in Dubai?

Here are the best 7 best logistics companies in Dubai -

  • Al Futtaim Logistics

  • Global Shipping And Logistics

  • RAK Logistics

  • Mac World Logistics LLC

  • Emirates Logistics LLC

  • CEVA Logistics

  • Verks Global Logistics LLC

Is it possible to do business in Dubai without having office space?

International Freezone Authority Dubai (IFZA) is a place where it’s not mandatory to have a physical office for doing business.

Which are the most booming industries in Dubai?

  • Construction and its related businesses
  • Information Technology
  • Security Services
  • Restaurant business
  • Healthcare