20 Unique Business Ideas in Dubai to Kick-start Your Entrepreneurship Career

by Zaara 28, Feb 2017

20 Unique Business Ideas in Dubai to Kick-start Your Entrepreneurship Career

Dubai is a city of opportunities, it the land of prosperity and it welcomes visitors with open arms. For decades people from all over the world have been visiting Dubai with a hope to make their dreams come true.

From broad diversity in population to a thriving economy, from foreign-friendly culture to relaxed business rules, Dubai has something for everybody.

Dubai is the favourite destination of businessmen from around the world. The government has flexible foreign business setup policies and modern infrastructural facilities. All these factors make Dubai the haven for entrepreneurs-the young and the seasoned.

Gone are the days, when the Middle East, especially, the UAE was all about oil and petrochemical industries. Today there are world-class investment opportunities in Dubai. Starting a venture in the City of Gold can be in any manner. You can have an online business in Dubai or small business in Dubai as a brick and mortar shop.

Today, we take a deep dive into possible areas in to set up your Dubai business, whereas a budding entrepreneur, you can invest time and money to make your business grow.

The list of business opportunities in Dubai are as under -

1. Tourism

Dubai is a global hub for tourism. From the Dubai shopping festival that happens every year to bedazzled markets of gold and international fashion, Dubai is a fashion destination for globetrotters. Tourists love the beaches of Dubai and its dazzling nightlife. You can look into running a travel agency in Dubai to assist travellers with all the formalities like visa, cruise boats, and hospitality.

2. Restaurant Business

Where there is world culture, there is world cuisine. Whether it is the eat streets in Deira or the rooftop dining on Dubai marina, people love every bit of it. It will be a good idea to invest in the restaurant business to tantalize the taste buds.

3. Jewelry Design

Dubai is a world gold destination.  For the upmarket options, there is Dubai Gold and Diamonds Park and then there is the prestigious Gold Souk. You can even start your own line of jewellery brand in Dubai.

4. Retail

Yes, retail is here to stay. Whether it is a small mom and pop store, your own store or running a franchise, with strong economic conditions and fast-moving ex-pat crowd, the retail business is a lucrative option.

5. Recruitment Agency

At any given point in time, the inflow of foreign workers in Dubai is huge. People want to move in here and start working in a number of industries like trading, medicine, tourism, oil, real estate, it would be a good idea to start a recruitment agency and handle manpower recruitment for business based in Dubai.

6. E-Commerce

The wave of e-commerce has spread around the world and has not spared the UAE as well. With a number of online businesses growing, big e-commerce giants operating offshore accounts in Dubai, it would be advised to think about the e-commerce industry in Dubai.

7. Marketing & Advertising

A lot of newly established business firms look for marketing and advertising options both online and offline. Opening up a marketing agency is a viable option for creative minds. Digital marketing, website development, and campaign management are a few types of marketing activities that you can look into as a marketing agency.

8. Consulting

Business consultant in Dubai like Commitbiz guides entrepreneurs from around the world to set base in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. But it is important to have in-depth business expertise and local knowledge to venture into something like this.

9. Education

Dubai international academic city is the world’s largest free zone dedicated to higher education. In case you have an academic background, you can invest in careers education and training.

10. Event Management Company

This is a viable option for being a strong economic hub; there are a lot of business exhibitions, workshops and conferences happening in Dubai all the time. Many private events like weddings, baby showers etc can also come under the scope of an events management company.

11. Health & Fitness

If you are the one into fitness and have the necessary qualifications to run your own fitness centre, then this is a good option. But be ready to work really hard as you will build your clientele, slowly over time. But once it’s done, get ready to mint a lot of money.

12. Nightclubs

Contrary to popular opinion, Dubai has a dazzling nightlife scene. After a long week’s work, everyone likes to relax and unwind at famous nightclubs in Dubai. But be sure that you have the necessary licenses to kick-start your nightclub.

13. Insurance Broking

Did you know that health and car insurance is mandatory in Dubai? This has opened up the space for insurance widely. A number of insurance companies have their branches here. You can register yourself as a broker and/or start your own booking agency and ensure people and their expensive cars.

14. Cake Shop

This requires less capital and more baking expertise. If your heart is into baking and you have necessary academic qualifications, the opening bakery is a great idea. You may even take up the franchise. New Year’s parties or birthday parties or anniversaries, if your cakes are delicious, there is no reason to not open a bakery.

15. Home-Cooked Meals Preparation & Delivery

People working in the 9-5 slots are too many and options for home-cooked food are too less. If you think you can dish out delicious home-cooked meals in a large number then explore this idea. You have your own distribution of collaborating with a distribution agency.

16. Property Management

Did you know Abu Dhabi is the richest city in the world in terms of the people living there? People mainly invest in real estate and need the help of property management firms to take care of their properties and maintain them long term.

17. Cleaning Services

This can be applied to one-time house cleaning or hotel and restaurant cleaning. Depending on your preferred model, you can have your own team of cleaners and set up your cleaning agency.

18. Daycare Center

We all love children but not everyone has the knack for running a daycare centre, it is a highly sensitive job as people entrust you with their children while they are away at work. If you do love kids and know how to manage them and have amicable and homely property, then daycare centre is a fantastic business idea.

19. Telecommunications

TECOM is a Dubai government initiative in the free zone area to empower telecom companies. Prior knowledge, however, is a must.

20. Fashion Boutique

Are you a fashionista with a keen sense of the fashion scene in the Middle East and an entrepreneurial mindset? If yes, then starting your own boutique can transform into a profitable venture. The famous and popular of the UAE love to shop for the latest fashion trends and your boutique can be their one-stop.

The list of investment opportunities in Dubai can go on. What is important is that you realize where your interest lies. Dubai company setup is an easy procedure only if you have the help of business setup consultants.

We at Commitbiz can help with business setup in Dubai in the most cost-efficient manner. We will take care of the procedures and norms to be followed and you can focus on converting your business idea into a profitable venture.

Follow your dreams and put your best foot forward with Commitbiz.

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