How to Start a Poultry Farm in UAE

by Zaara 11, Oct 2021

Do you need to be a university graduate to realize that there is an enormous demand for chickens with so many people eating chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? The Demand is huge, but the supply can hardly be maintained.

Setting up Business in the UAE is simpler than anywhere else in the Middle East. The UAE ranks 31, according to the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business.

UAE has numerous free zones such as the Dubai Free zone. The nation also has excellent infrastructures, zero taxes, low import duties, etc. The location of UAE ranks far ahead of other nations in the Middle East. All these factors facilitate setting up Business in UAE.

Poultry farming is a profitable business in UAE, leading up to Dubai Expo 2020, as the homegrown poultry farming products meet only 50% of the demand. The investors who are willing to make an investment would benefit from maintaining a sustainable business.

Points to Consider for Starting a Poultry Business

In this blog, we will guide you through setting up a poultry business in UAE. Now let us know the key things that you should know before starting a poultry business in UAE.

Learning about Chicken

Consuming chicken and raising them are not similar things. So, if you consider it is as easy as eating a piece of a chicken drumstick, I would say this Business is not for you. First of all, the hens need to eat something, so sanitary measures are a must, or else it will become horrible to think about them.

Learning about chicken means you have to know what they eat, their shelf life, how long they lay eggs, and how to care for them at varying stages of their life. It’s not a bad idea at all if you try raising a few chickens before setting up a farm.

Decide Which Chicken Breed You Want

After having learnt about chicken, give a deep thought on the objectives you have for setting up your Business in UAE. You must ensure that you have the proper chicken breed for your objectives to be met.

Find a Reputable Chicken Supplier

Order your chicken from a well-grounded dealer. You must take into consideration another owner of a chicken farm, and you can ask him that where he gets his chicken from. Getting a second option on such things is good for you and your business.

Plan a Budget for Your Poultry Business

Make all the required calculations and make an estimate of how much it will cost for setting up a poultry farm in UAE. The things you must consider in the estimation are weekly expenses of food for the chicks, water system, heating, etc.

Steps to Start a Poultry Farm in UAE

Following are a few steps to start a poultry business in UAE  Let us have a look in detail:

The Plot Selection

The plot selection is one of the most important aspects of poultry business in UAE. Before selecting a plot for farming, there are many measures to be taken. The poultry farm can be in an urban residential zone or on a public road.

You can rent an experienced person who can assist you in understand the mapping of the plot. After having located the plot on the map, you need to get approval from the municipality’s Environment Department to accept the area for poultry farming.

Trade Name Approval

Once you get the approval for your selected plot, then you need to get further approval for the trade name for the Business from the same jurisdiction and also the activity for "Farming of Poultry."

Inspection From Municipality

After the Plot selection and initial approval of the name are made, you will then inform the municipality. The Municipality team will come and inspect, measuring all the necessities according to the Environment Department to allow to start a poultry business in UAE.

Final Step to Get the License

Once the Municipality allows the farm to start, you can then visit the DED and can obtain the license for business setup in UAE by paying the payment voucher.

The Cost and Charges

There is no extra cost required for municipality approval. The only cost needed will be the normal license cost, which is the same as that of a professional license.


Like any professional license, the owner can be an immigrant with 100% ownership, and the UAE national will prevail as a Local Service agent.

Veterinary Doctor

As per the law of the poultry farm in UAE, you should appoint a veterinary doctor. You should appoint such a doctor who has passed the exam from the Health Authority before practicing in the UAE.

Why us?

We, at Commitbiz, have been one of the business consultant players in the UAE region. We provide services for companies and business people interested in establishing their progress in the UAE. If you have any queries related to establishing your poultry farm, you can contact us.

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What learning is required about chicken for starting a poultry business in the UAE?

You need to know about what they eat, how long they lay eggs, their shelf life, and how to care for them in their various life stages.

Which expenses should be considered while setting up a poultry farm in UAE?

You should estimate your weekly expenses for the water system, food for the chicks, heating, etc.

Which department’s approval is necessary for the plot selection of a UAE poultry business?

The Environment Department of the Municipality.

Which authority issues the license for starting a chicken farm in UAE?

Department of Economic Development.

What should be the eligibility of the appointed veterinary doctor for a UAE poultry farm?

The doctor should have passed the exam from the UAE Health Authority before practicing in the country.