How to Start a Playschool in Dubai?

by Zaara 18, Dec 2020

How to Start a Playschool in Dubai?

Dubai is considered the liveliest city in the United Arab Emirates. The city is filled with people hustling about doing their work. It is home to parents who are wrapped up in their professional responsibilities and hence are not at home most of the time. These parents are not able to hire a maid and prefer a nursery for babysitting. Nursery or playschool typically translates into receiving and taking care of children between forty-five days to a maximum of four-year-olds. One of the essential features of the nursery is to impart easy to understand educational activities.

To set up a playschool in Dubai, UAE, an essential requirement is to be a UAE national. This rule applies to those entrepreneurs who wish to establish a nursery in the Dubai mainland. If you want to set up a playschool in any of the Dubai free zones, then a partner has to a UAE national. You must know that in Dubai, you need to get in touch with two authorities to get these licenses from; one is the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and the second is the Department of Education.

Requirements to Setup a Playschool in Dubai

Here is the list of terms and conditions that you should consider before setting up a nursery in Dubai.


  • The nursery must be built in a quiet and calm place away from all the noise and pollution
  • No asbestos should be on the grounds
  • Wrecked electrical wires and sockets must be changed
  • Do not exceed the electrical power sockets
  • The walls of the building that is going to serve as a nursery must be of concrete, and the use of wooden cabins or portable cabins is forbidden
  • The nursery must be child-proof and safe
  • Any maintenance work in the playschool must be performed after the working hours

Rooms and Classrooms

  • The classrooms and other places must be sufficiently ventilated and should be well-lit. Floors, Walls, and Ceilings must be clean and defect-free
  • Each window in the nursery must be tailored with fine wire mesh to avoid bugs
  • Furniture must be in proper shape and condition as well as fit for a child to play around
  • No usage of chalk is allowed in the classes. Use whiteboards and markers in the classes
  • The nursery must offer appropriate sleeping space for children
  • Children must be grouped based on their age to decrease the chances of bullying and other such inconveniences

Activity Hall

  • A hall with suitable toys for the children to play must be provided in the premises
  • Toys must be properly sized so that it will not be swallowed and be dangerous for the children
  • The toys must be cleaned, sterilized, disinfected, and stored correctly
  • Dubai’s child care laws ban the use of toys that contain magnets or high levels of electromagnetic energy
  • The toys must be of the top-most quality


  • The playground must be safe, with appropriate shade where the child could relax
  • Any sharp edges and hard areas must be enclosed
  • The playground must be cleaned and sterilized frequently

Steps to Open a Nursery in Dubai

Here are the steps required to set up a nursery/playschool in Dubai –

  1. Submit a duly filled application form to get approval from the Ministry of Education
  2. Submit a copy of your nursery business plan and academic plan to the Ministry for review and make changes wherever needed
  3. While you are completing the first step, get the location of playschool certified from the safety experts before signing a lease
  4. Get approval from KHDA and Dubai Municipality to open the nursery
  5. Get additional approval from Civil Defense and Municipality by submitting the required paperwork specified by the Ministry
  6. The Ministry will conduct an on-site visit after they have given their consent. You can sign a lease for your preferred location
  7. Get consent and approval from the Education Ministry to appoint a nursery manager
  8. Get a license from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED)

The documents required to complete the process are –

  • A passport copy
  • A Family Book copy 
  • Education Certificate of the owner
  • Certificate of Police Clearance
  • An agreement was written in Arabic stating that you will appoint a UAE National as Manager to make sure this is error-free get legal translation services in Dubai
  • Address of your chosen location
  • Nursery License Application signed by the applicant
  • Acquaintance Document/Introductory Statement (if any)

Note that your nursery director must be shortlisted and ready to start work as soon as your final approval is granted. The director must have a university degree in early childhood or education or early childhood leadership as well as some professional certificate.

Opening a nursery business contains communicating and interacting with many departments and government agencies for approvals. And it is safe to say that the process for business setup in Dubai can get a little intimidating for someone new to the country. Therefore, getting help from a business setup consultant can be useful for entrepreneurs during such a situation.

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