How to Open a Daycare Center in Dubai?

by Zaara 04, Apr 2022

How to Open a Daycare Center in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been continuously booming in different domains. The concept of Emiratization has opened doors for many business activities. Dubai, especially, is a hub for entrepreneurs to set up any business. The attitude of this Emirate is also amicable and business-oriented toward all types of nationalities.

Currently, one crucial business activity that is consistently gaining popularity in Dubai is the daycare centres. Like many of the families in a city, Dubai Emiratis also require daycare centres' services due to their busy daily routine. Most of the expats are residing here in pursuit of better financial position and spouses work together for this purpose. In such a case, it gets difficult for them to take proper care of their children. They have the resources to hire someone who can fulfil all their small children's requirements for a day or some part of it.

This is where daycare business or nursery or babysitting business comes into the picture. Babysitting and Daycare provide the same type of services for taking care of small children. But they are not precisely the same thing. There is a little difference between these two services.

Today we will talk about opening a daycare centre in Dubai and its registration procedure. Keep reading.

Things to Know Before Setting up a Daycare Business in Dubai

Setting up a Dubai business is an easy task, provided you are aware of all the requirements involved in the procedure. If not, business setup consultants in Dubai like Commitbiz are always available for a free consultation.

You will have to do a fair amount of due diligence when looking into how to setup a daycare business in Dubai. Besides that, you will need to get business licenses and fulfil other such requirements, like:

  • Safety and Security measures (baby proofing the daycare space)
  • Secure and safe building
  • Qualified Administration
  • Essential equipment
  • An excellent and transparent relationship with the parents.

These measures will make sure that your facility aligns with the UAE's health and safety codes.

Steps to Open a Daycare Business in Dubai

Here are the seven steps needed to open a business in Dubai -

1. Decide on the Type of Daycare Business Setup

Before you even think about drawing up a business plan, you need to decide what kind of daycare centre you wish to own? Look into whether you want a home-based daycare or do you want a separate space for it. You might need to decide on the age group you wish to cater to. Consider all of these points before making any decisions.

2. Draft a Business Plan

A business plan is an integral part of the whole procedure. You have to decide on a facility location, the area you would be targeting, marketing strategy, business documents, educational structure, medical facilities, and much more things.

3. Obtain a License and Certifications

To open a daycare business in Dubai, you may not need a master's in child care, but you most certainly need a business license. The UAE offers several business licenses based on the nature of the business. For opening a daycare centre in Dubai, the UAE Government issues an exclusive license to operate as a separate entity. Other than that, necessary certifications from Directorate of Civil Defence, Dubai Municipality, and the Public Health Department are required to start a daycare business in Dubai.

4. Finding a Daycare Facility

The Dubai DED and Municipality require the daycare business to show that it is safe for children before issuing a license or registering the business. Whether you choose to start a daycare business from your home or buy or lease a new property, make sure that your chosen location meets health, safety, zoning and hazard laws laid out by the authorities.

In Dubai, you have multiple options- such as Free Zone, Mainland and Offshore– to choose from on which you can establish your daycare business.

5. Get Insured

Being a business owner of a daycare business, it is your responsibility to provide utmost childcare to the children. Therefore to ensure this, it is good to get insured against all the possible risk factors.

Documents Required to Setup a Daycare Business in the UAE

  • Educational profile and attested degrees of the entrepreneur
  • Passport copy of the owner and Emirati partner
  • Appointment letter of a UAE or GCC National as the daycare manager
  • Police clearance certificate
  • The location and drawing for the proposed daycare centre
  • Municipality and Civil Defence Approval
  • Photos of the business owner

Running a daycare business is incredibly rewarding. Just be sure that you have taken all the necessary steps to make your business setup in Dubai legal and operate smoothly. So, your charges and their parents can thank you for all your hard work. Our consultants will guide you from start to finish. Get in touch with us today!

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