How to Start a Business in Al-Mazunah Free Zone?

How to Start a Business in Al-Mazunah Free Zone?

by Zaara 11, Jun 2021

Located in the Dhofar area of 4,500,000 sqm in the south-west of Oman, Al-Mazunah transforms out to be one of Oman's free zones, hosting millions of expats who want to open a business in Oman. This FZ was launched in 1999 and has seen considerable growth in its business establishments until today. The area draws investors from business people that deal with commerce, light industry, etc. This post will provide you a complete insight into what the site is all about.

Recently, Al Mazunah has seen a bustling operation, commanding far more investment from foreign investors than in previous years. Unlike the rest of Oman, where 30 percent of workers must be Omani citizens, only 10 percent of locals can be employed by any organization in Al Mazunah. For a Yemeni resident employed in the Al Mazunah Free Zone, another additional bonus being that they do not need working visas to work in this free zone.

By attracting more business investments worldwide, the Sultanate of Oman intends to develop Oman as an investment forum and is taking the requisite steps to achieve its target. As mentioned, the number of investors has increased dramatically; let’s start with the numerous investment grounds in this area, followed by the region’s benefits.

Investment Opportunities in Al-Mazunah

Al-Mazunah offers the following businesses with investment opportunities:

  • Industrial sector: storage and exchange of commodities, trucks, spare parts, fruits and vegetables, equipment for machinery
  • Industrial Light Sector: Food, Plastic, Clothes, Wood
  • Assistance Service Sector: Transport, Delivery, and Clearing, Restaurants, Copying, Fax, etc.

If you are a company owner or a shareholder seeking to expand your business in the same sector, you can opt for Al-Mazunah Free Zone.

Advantages of Setting Up a Company in Al-Mazunah

Some of the advantages that you can make use of by setting up a business in the Al-Mazunah Region are:

  • A well-built network for contact
  • Foreign Ownership at 100%
  • For about 30 years, Original Tax-Free Zones.
  • No minimum requisite capital
  • No tax on individual income
  • Yemeni nationals can work without work permits or visas.

Now, let's proceed to the company setup process in Al-Mazunah.

How to Establish a Company in Al-Mazunah?

When starting a company in Oman, there are many opportunities available. It usually depends on the scale of the organization and the individual conditions of the individuals concerned. The incorporation procedure can be complicated in Oman, and you must get it right from the start.  A company will need a significant amount of essential documentation to establish. But in setting up a company in the free trade zone, the steps and the documents are comparatively less. Here’s a guide on how to establish a business in Al Mazunah free-trade region.

  1. Send an online application form by filling out all the information you need. You can find the registration form on the official website of the free trade zone of Al Mazunah.
  2. After you have sent the submission, the officials of the free zone will check the same.
  3. If the application is approved, the next move is to register with the Chamber of Commerce in Al Mazunah.
  4. Once the necessary documents are sent to register your company at the Chamber of Commerce, you must complete a lease contract to rent a land plot.
  5. The next essential step is to register at the Municipality and to receive the license. The documents required for the same are as follows:
  • Detailed business plan or proposed operations of the business
  • Letter of Intent
  • Company profile
  • Company’s latest annual financial report or audited report if available
  • Commercial registration document
  • Initial Industrial approval (industry)
  • Initial environmental approval (industry)
  • Chamber of Commerce membership certification
  • Business feasibility study
  • Production sketch (industry)
  • Any other relevant information to support the application, e.g., referral letters
  1. You may subsequently declare your business with the Ministries,
  2. The last and significant move is to grant your license for the free zone. You will have to request all the documentation listed in this phase, and you will be issued with the required license after a thorough examination.

You will be able to open your business in the free trade zone of Al Mazunah after taking all these


 Facilities Provided By Al-Mazunah

 The following facilities that are unique to the Al Mazunah Free Zone will help investors:

  • A well-connected communication network
  • A robust and high level of isolation facility for veterinary & agricultural testing of all consumer products
  • Supporting service offices for smooth and quick connectivity in the free zone
  • Provided with professional industrial protection & security  to the free zone
  • Issuance of a certificate of origin (including free zone products) or a foreign product by administering the open area.
  • The Free Zone factories will earn the Global Certificate of Origin (CO) for their products.
  • Provision of official residence cards for free zone workers and re-entry exit visas to non-Omanis
  • Enabling the operating company to set up a representative office within the customs area of Oman
  • A company gets registered under the relevant Omani Commercial Registry Rule.

Thus, you can see that the platform offers many services to draw international investors. When you have a helping hand, the setup process gets simpler. Commitibiz is here to help the company grow. We are a team of professionals that, along with other resources such as accounting, legal, payroll, visa, etc., seek to represent and assist business investors in the process of company incorporation. If you are planning to establish your Al-Mazunah business, please contact us today — we will be pleased to support you.

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