Business Set Up in Al Mazunah Free Zone

The Sultanate of Oman aims to build the nation as an investment platform by attracting more business investors worldwide and is taking the necessary steps to meet its goal. As stated, the number of investors has been drastically increasing. 

One such effort was starting the Al Mazunah free zone in 1999. Situated in the Dhofar region, in the South-West of Oman, covering an area of 4,500,000 sqm, this free zone attracts millions of ex-pats. The free zone, since its inception, has seen tremendous growth. 

Investment Opportunities in Mazunah Free Zone

As everyone knows, there are 4 free zones in Oman, namely,

  1. Al Mazunah Free Zone
  2. Salalah Free Zone
  3. Sohar Free Zone
  4. Duqm SEZ

While every free zone has several business opportunities, let's discuss Al Mazunah free zone.

  • Commercial Sector: includes storing and trading of goods, cars, spare parts, fruits & vegetables, machine equipment
  • Light Industrial Sector: Foodstuff, Plastic, Clothes, Wood
  • Assistance Service Sector: Transport, Distribution, Clearing, Restaurants, Translation Office, Printing, Fax, etc.

If you are an investor or businessman looking to expand your business in the same industry, you can opt for Al-Mazunah Free Zone.

Benefits of Setting Up a Company in Al-Mazunah

Oman free zone company has several benefits, and in specific, the Al-Mazunah Zone is beneficial in the following ways:

  • A well-built communication network
  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • Initial Tax-Free Zones for around 30 years
  • No minimum capital requirement
  • No Personal Income Tax
  • Yemeni nationals are permitted to work without visas or work permits

Now, let’s head towards the company setup process in Al-Mazunah.

How to Set Up a Company in Al-Mazunah Free Zone?

Company registration in Oman comes with certain systematic procedures. To start a company in Al-Mazunah, free zone, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Submit Application

The first step is to submit an online application regarding company incorporation. All the necessary details can be fetched from the Al-Mazunah Free Zone website. Once submitted, the officials will review the same.

Register at the Chamber of Commerce

After review, for your business in Oman, your next move is to register the business entity at the Chamber of Commerce in Al-Mazunah.

Submit the Documents

You need to provide certain essential documents. Make sure it is foolproof

Register at the Municipality

Once registered with COC, next you need to get the entity registered at the Municipality and obtain the Certificate. 

Documents Required to Set Up a Company in Al-Mazunah

Some of the documents you need to start your business in the Oman Al Mazunah free zone

  1. Detailed Business Plan
  2. Letter of Intent
  3. Company Profile
  4. Company’s Financial Report
  5. Company Registration Document
  6. Tenancy Agreement for Lease of Plot
  7. Industrial and Environmental Approval
  8. Chamber of Commerce Membership Certification
  9. Industry Production Sketch

Let’s have a look at the benefits offered by this Free Zone.

Facilities Provided by Al-Mazunah Freezone

Al-Mazunah offers the following facilities for easy business operations:

  • Commercial Mall
  • Warehouses
  • Administrative Centers
  • Multi-purpose Areas
  • Green Parking Zones etc.

Thus, you can see that the platform provides multiple facilities to attract foreign investors. The setting up process becomes easier if you have a helping hand.

Commitibiz is here to help grow your business. We are a team of experts who aim to serve and help business investors in the company incorporation process. If you plan to set up your business in Al-Mazunah, do contact us today-we’d be glad to assist you.


When was Al Muzunah free zone started?

It was started in the year 1999.

What businesses can be started in Oman Al Muzunah free zone?

You can start business in Commercial Sector, Light Industrial Sector like Foodstuff, Plastic, Clothes, Wood etc and Assistance Service Sector.

What is the minimum required capital to start a business in Muzunah free zone?

The minimum capital is 0.

Is it possible to work without a permit in Al Muzunah?

Yes, if you are a Yemeni citizen, it is possible to work without a permit.

What are the facilities provided by Al Muzuna freezone?

The free zone provides the following facilities

  • Commercial Mall
  • Warehouses
  • Administrative Centers
  • Multi-purpose Areas
  • Green Parking Zones etc.