How to Register an Early Learning Centre in Dubai?

by Zaara 22, Oct 2020

How to Register an Early Learning Centre in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates gives top priority to the welfare of children in the age group of 0 to 8 years. It is planning to implement several initiatives to achieve this. Adding to this, today’s parents are always a way ahead towards facilitating the smartest way of learning for their child. Therefore, to provide children with a safe and nurturing learning environment, Quality Early Learning Center is becoming the best options for all the parents.

Dubai has launched several initiatives for the growing demand of the Early Learning Centre, by granting a specific license to the business owners showing interest in forming this business. Two authorities are responsible for providing licenses, namely the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and the Department of Education. The license from KHDA is for an early learning centre, and the early licensing centre allows you to cater to kids from 3 - 6 years. Just like any other business, you need a well-thought-out business plan for your Early Learning Centre. You would also need consents from the Municipality, Civil Defense, local community and Health Authorities before you can start a Nursery.

Procedure to Open an Early Learning Centre in Dubai

Just like any other business, you need a well-thought-out business plan for your Early Learning Centre. The complete procedure for early learning is divided into three steps as below –

Step One

Apply for registering your Early Childhood Education Centre with the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED).

Step Two

Once you are granted with initial approval from the DED, submit the business plan (Academic Plan) to Dubai KHDA for approval.

What is an Academic Plan?

An academic plan covers the executive summary and other elements such as the strategy and philosophy of the centre, education program, facilities and resources, governance and management, and marketing and financial plan.

  • An executive summary is a summary of the project  indicating why the investor is seeking to establish the Early Learning Center (ELC)
  • A strategy and philosophy is the vision, and mission statement, aims and objective, promise to parents and philosophy and development theory adopted
  • The education program includes educational goals, description of pedagogy and methodology, description of daily program schedule and time table, language support, Arabic language support, policy for individuals and groups meeting, description of children progress evaluation and info for partnership with parents including reporting
  • Facilities and Resources include the number of staff should be appropriate and linked to the number of children in the centre/classrooms as the table below:

Age Group

Staff/Child Ratio

3 to 4 years


4 to 6 years


  • The Financial Plan includes clarity in terms of the following points –
    • Projected Profit & Loss statements for the next three to five years
    • Projected Balance sheet for the next three years
    • Projected cash flow statement for the next five years
    • A detailed breakdown of children per year/Full and Part-time teacher per year/teaching assistant per year/and non-teaching staff per year
    • A detailed breakdown of salaries of staff including teachers
    • Tuition fees per student per year
    • Supplementary fees (Extra-Curricular activities, food, transport)
    • Gross built-up area(in square feet), Net Built-up area(in square feet), Total plot size (In square feet), outdoor play area(in square feet)

Step Three

Under the final step, the business person must ensure the following arrangements for health safety and hygiene to obtain approvals from Dubai Municipality and Civil Defense.

  • Description of health & safety management procedures including qualification of specialized staff, first aid, evacuation and emergency procedures
  • Description of written policies to ensure hygiene in ECEC (Including hand washing, toileting, diaper changing policies, cleaning and disinfection protocols)
  • Description of procedures for arrival and departure of children including transportation arrangements
  • Description of child protection procedures
  • Information regarding supervisory practices, for ensuring children are safe at all times including sleeping times, playtimes and trips

Once KHDA approves from Dubai Municipality and Dubai Civil Defense on early childhood education centre infrastructure will allow you to be fully operational with your activity.

The whole procedure can take less time depending upon successful submission of all the necessary documents with relevant authorities.

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What minimum age is required to enrol a child in an early childhood centre in Dubai?

 The minimum age required to enrol a child in an early childhood centre in Dubai is between 45 days and six years.

Before establishing an early childcare centre, who should you get authorisation from?

Before opening an early childcare centre, you would require permission from the Municipality, Civil Defence, the local community, and the Health Authoriti

How do you establish a daycare centre in Dubai?

  • Make a business strategy

  • Locate an appropriate site

  • Obtain a permit from the authorities

  • Employ qualified staff

  • Market your day-care

Who will provide a license for establishing an Early Learning Centre in Dubai?

The Human Development Authority (KHDA) grants permission to open an Early Learning Centre in Dubai.

What are the infrastructure requirements for starting a play school in Dubai?

  • Away from an industrial area, pollution and noise

  • Standards for safe wiring and electrical installation

  • A sturdy concrete structure is required

  • Classrooms that are well-ventilated and well-lit

  • Sanitary surroundings

  • Qualified staff to provide good care for the children

  • Separate divisions for the kids, categorised by age

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