How to Obtain a Nursery License in Dubai

by Zaara 06, Jan 2020

How to Obtain a Nursery License in Dubai

A nursery is one of the sought-after businesses in the United Arab Emirates. There is a regular increase in the number of new nurseries evolving day by day. Dubai being the busiest city in the UAE; people working there are pre-occupied with official duties. Young parents who cannot hire a maid prefer nursery for babysitting.

Due to this factor, there has been a demand for nursery business registration in Dubai. Now, to obtain the registration certificate, one needs to have a valid license. Opening a nursery requires having a professional license which must be fully owned by a UAE National. The non-national cannot have any shares in the company, but they can be the manager in the business. Dubai Municipality and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) plays an important role is getting a nursery license for your business.

Procedure to Obtain a Nursery License in Dubai

Before diving deep, let us first start with the basics.

  • Activity Code- 801001
  • Activity Group- Nursery
  • License Type- Professional
  • Activity Description- Nursery License in Dubai is allowed to take care of the children in the absence of their parents

Terms and Conditions before Acquiring a Nursery License


  • The nursery must be located in a silent place away from noise and pollution
  • Usage of asbestos are not allowed
  • Broken electrical wires must be changed
  • Do not overload the electrical power socket
  • The wall of nursery building must be concrete, and the use of port cabins or wooden cabins are not allowed
  • Make sure that electric outlets are safe and properly closed
  • Any maintenance work in the nursery must be performed after the working hours

Rooms and Classrooms

  • Ventilation and light must be proper. Walls, Floors, and ceilings must be free of defects
  • Each window in the nursery must have fine wire mesh to prevent bugs
  • Furniture must be in good condition as well as suitable for a child to play around
  • No usage is chalk is permitted
  • The nursery must provide a proper sleeping area for children
  • Children must be separated according to their age

Activity Hall

  • A hall must be provided with suitable toys for the children to play
  • Toys must be large so that it cannot be swallowed
  • The toys must be clean, sterilized, and stored properly
  • One is not allowed to use toys that contain magnet or high level of electromagnetic energy
  • The toys must not be of any risk to the children


  • The playground must be suitable, safe, with proper shade to rest
  • Shrill portions and edges must be enclosed
  • The playground must be clean and sterilized regularly

To get the nursery license, one has to go through the incorporation steps. They are as under-

  1. Get Approval from the Ministry of Education. This shall be done by filling and submitting the application form, attending an initial meeting with the representatives from MoE, submitting the soft copy of a business and academic plan to the Ministry for review, making modifications based on the reviews, and get an initial approval of the building following analysis of the floor plans by a certified fire safety expert (Before signing a lease contract or building a purpose-built nursery)
  2. Get an Approval from Civil Defense and Municipality. Here, you are required to submit the documents as mentioned by the Ministry. The MoE will have a site visit after which you can obtain the final consent for the building. Submit an application for the intended nursery manager for permission, and Obtain approval for nursery manager following MOE interview
  3. Obtain License from the Department of Economic Development. It includes providing the following documents-
    1. Passport copy
    2. Family Book copy (Jinsiya)
    3. Education Certificate of the owner
    4. Police Clearance Certificate
    5. Undertaking letter in Arabic stating that you will appoint a UAE National as Manager
    6. Address of the proposed building
    7. Nursery License Application (available at Ministry on CD) signed by the applicant.
    8. Acquaintance Document/Introductory Statement (if any)

Once you get the license and the final approval, you can officially start your nursery business. Remember a few things like- the nursery director must be appointed, and he/she must have a university degree in early childhood or education or a university degree and professional certificate in early childhood leadership. He/she must also have practical work experience in early childhood or education

Starting a nursery business involves interacting with several governmental agencies and departments for approvals, and it can get daunting for someone who is new to the country. Hence, getting help from a business consultant can be useful during such case. We at Commitbiz can help you get the nursery license and start a business in Dubai. Our advisors are well-versed with the legalities and make the process hassle-free. Contact us today to know more.


To whom should you get approval to open a nursery in Dubai?

You must get approval from the Ministry of Education, Municipality, and Civil Defense before establishing a nursery company in Dubai.

What is the cost of obtaining a nursery license?

It costs approximately around 12000 AED.

Why does the nursery location play an important role in business?

 The nursery’s location plays a vital role in the business’s success because most parents prefer a nursery close to their homes.

What are the various steps to be followed for opening a nursery business in Dubai?

  • Trade name approval

  • Special permits required

  • Approval from the UAE Ministry of Education

  • Obtain a Permit from the Civil Defence and Municipality

  • Secure the License from the Dubai Economy

What regulations should be followed before setting up a nursery?

  • Nursery can’t be established in industrial areas

  • Children below 18 months should be kept on the ground or first floors of the building

  • Every nursery must-have firefighting equipment

Can a foreigner own nursery business in Dubai?

If the foreigner decides to open a business in the freezone, he needs a UAE sponsor as a partner in their business.

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